She's The One

You know how the things you still have are not very important to you that much. But once that something, gets taken away from you, you'll do anything just to get it back. So long story short, I was the girl he used to own.


17. Chapter 15- POV Special

~Cat's POV~

Todays Monday the worst day of the week for me, one thing is that Ruth and Lolly were acting really weird today.

"Lolly, can I speak to you immediately please" Ruth walks up to me and Lolly.

"Sure" Lolly walks away giving me a shrug before leaving.

"Cat! I saw... I saw!!! Oh my glob I think I'm about to pass out" Michael runs up to me.

"What? Whats wrong?"

"The new girl! There! There she is!" He pulls me behind a bush pointing at a very pretty girl with brunette hair, I couldn't see her properly cause were shes freaking 9 metres away....

"So?" I raise an eye brow up at him.

"I think that.... She's the one" He grins goofily.

"You got that from Luke didn't you" I chuckle as he gives me a serious look.

"Fine. Why are you telling me this?" I cross my arms.

"Cause shes my first actual crush-crush. But I'm a loser, I can never impress her" He looks down.

"C'mon, when I first met you I thought that you were pretty cute." I try to reassure him.

"Really? I'm glad that you were my first girlfriend" He smiles.

"Don't you dare mention that with the others, that was in Year 8" I give him a tough look.

"Fine I won't. Anyway Luke and Ash would kill me if I do tell" He raises his arms.

"Good, so what can I do to help?" I ask, I know that I'm going to regret this.

"Hmmmmm" He pats his chin. Great.. What did I get myself into.

~Ruth's POV~

"So I searched up on the year 2005. It was about Catarina Jones' death. I'm serious, its either that, that website is totally messed up or Cat magically turned back to life" I tell Lolly.

"Part of what you said is true but part of it isn't" She says.

"Can you tell me now. I'm going to die if I don't find out, its like your leaving me hanging on a cliff and you end the whole chapter there not knowing if I fell or not" I plead.

"Look, this is the school's girls bathroom. There could be gossip bloggers listening right now. If Cat finds out....." She looks down. "Her problem will take over her body" She mutters the last part.

"What?" My eyes widen.

"Nothing, I'm just worried and nervous about Cat. What if it all comes back" She says pacing back and forth.

"You know. This is what I hate, you keep saying confusing things and I would appreciate it if you FUCKING TELL ME!" I yell the last part as she raised her hands in surrender.

"I'll tell you later. Come to my place at 5:30" She says walking away before I could reply.

Once I walked out I heard faint talking in the old science lab. I walked closer to it and pressed my ear against the door.

"She can do anything, I'm really worried about her" I hear Ashton's voice.

"Just act normal and nothing will happen" I hear Luke's voice.

"It was all my fault, if I didn't push her she would've lost her entire problem. Its all my fault, we were so close to figuring it all out" Ashton says with a guilty voice. I hear footsteps coming closer to the door. I ran as far as I could....

Another thing to find out. What 'Problem' are they talking about, does Cat have a problem? A family problem? A friendship problem? I don't know. Lolly has plenty of explaining to do...


~Alyssa's POV~ (For a change)

I lean my elbows on my desk. I really hate Primary school. I wish I could just graduate already.

"Can someone tell me, what is the sum of 10 and 9?" Mrs De'geest AKA Mrs De' Bitch asks scanning the whole room.

Sum means addition so its 10 plus 9, easy.

"Ms Hemming's! Answer my question" Mrs De'Bitch yells at me.


"Whats the sum of 10 and 9?" She asks again. This class is boring, its need more Hemming's action to it.

"Tweeenty one" I smirk. Everyone started laughing ignoring the glares Mrs De'Bitch is giving us.

"Shush every single one of you!" She hits her long ruler onto my desk as everyone became quiet. She than points the ruler at me.

"At the end of this ruler is a complete idiot" She smirks at me. I than give her a innocent smile.

"Which end?" I grin.

"Ooo kill em" People chanted silently.

"Arghhh! Out of my class!" She yells at me.

Well thats my daily life, embarrassing teachers in front of their students. Now back to my brother!

~Luke's POV~

"What! Again! You can't be serious! Fine I'll come get her... Where? Oh at the Principals office.... obviously" I place my phone back into my pocket as I drove off.

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