She's The One

You know how the things you still have are not very important to you that much. But once that something, gets taken away from you, you'll do anything just to get it back. So long story short, I was the girl he used to own.


15. Chapter 13- Introducing Ruth & Lolly

~Cat's POV~

"Yo Cat! Ruth is coming over!" Calum yells from upstairs.

"Who's Ruth!" I yell back.

"My Girl friend!"

Oooooo, finally!

"She's coming over in an hour" He runs down the stair case with his hair spiked up.

"I thought you liked Amberly" I throw a grape into my mouth.

"Yeah but shes just too hard to get. I mean I tried to ask her out but she totally just said 'I need to use the toilet to throw up'" He furrows his eyes.

"Really? You want me to bash her up?" I ask trying to sound like him.

"No!" He glares at me before running back up stairs with my bowl of grapes.

"Hey!" I pout. Suddenly my phone started beeping. I stared at the text ID.


Whose LollyPop? Oh wait...

I squint my eyes at her text.

'I'm back from Queensland dude!!! Can I come over??'

Wait... Its Lolly! Shes my first girl best friend and she went to Queensland for a year and we kinda lost touch but now shes back!!

'Sure!" I text back.

"Hey Cal! I'm having a visitor too!" I yell running up the stairs.

"Is it Luke?" He asks walking out of his room.

"Nope... Its Lolly!" I squeal.

"Lolly?" He chuckles.

"Shut up! Your just mad cause she can make more comebacks than you" I furrow my eyes at him.

"Thats one reason but this time I'm prepared for ownage time" He cracks his knuckles.

"In your dreams" I roll my eyes.

After an hour, Ruth finally came.

She was very pretty with long straight brunette hair with a small bow near her fringe. She had emerald green eyes and olive tanned skin.

"Hey you must be Ruth" I extend my hand for her to take.

"Yeah! And your Cat!" She gives me a hug instead of a hand shake. I'm already loving this girl! Shes crazy, quirky and wild in a good way just by the looks of it.

"Yeah, how did you know" I chuckle.

"You, Ashton and Luke are like the main top gossip in school. So whose the lucky man. Is it Luke or Ashton?" She winks.

"Well.... Don't tell anyone though" I give her a serious look as she pretends to zip her mouth and threw away a invisible key. "Luke" I whisper as she squeals.

"Thats so romantic!" She smiles crazily, ok shes now one of my favourite people in the world.

"Hello! I'm right here" Calum waves a hand.

"Whatever" I roll my eyes at him as the doorbell rings.

"Oo Thats Lolly" I run over to the door. I open it to see my good ol Best friend.

"Cat!!" She squeals.

"Lol!" I squeal as I pull her in for a hug.

Lolly is my best friend other than Ash. Shes very pretty with long black slightly wavy hair and stunning hazel eyes. Sometimes I get jealous of her way better looks than me.

"So vas happening?" She pulls away as I gesture for her to come in.

"Great but Calum finally has a girl friend" I point at Ruth and Calum who were talking and giggling at the kitchen.

"Really? Thats hard to believe" She smirks.

"Cal! Lolly is here" I interrupt their conversation.

"Oh hey!!!" Ruth waves a hand at Lolly.

"Hey Ruth" Lolly smiles at her.

"You guys know each other?" Me and Calum ask at the same time.

"Yeah, we met at Queensland"


"I'll be right back, I just need to use the bath room" Ruth says walking away.

Suddenly my phone started ringing.

Luke The Penguin 💕

"Excuse me, I need to take this" I walk away.


~Lolly's POV~

Once Ruth and Cat walk out of the kitchen, Calum smirks at me.

"So hows life Lollipop, are you still a total bitch?" He asks smirking.

"Thanks for the compliment Calum and my life is going out well" I smile.

He stands there not saying one word. His probably thinking of a insult...

"Why do you even wear a bra? Theres no use for it" He chuckles.

"Than why do you wear a underwear?" I smirk.

"Fuck you" He glares down at me.

"No thanks! I don't want herpes" I smirk crossing my arms.

"Argghhh" He pulls his hair irritatedly.

"Whats going on?" Ruth comes in.

"Nothing." I grin a mischievous grin.

"Hey Lol, wanna go out?" Cat asks walking back into the kitchen.

"Sure, I don't wanna be here when Calum's time of the month comes" I smirk following Cat as we head out.

"Arghhhh!!!! I hate that person!!" I hear Calum yell before I left the house. I put a smirk on my face, full of proudness.

"You really like pissing Calum off" Cat chuckles as we hop into Calum's car.

"Yep" I grin putting on my seat belt.

Just to let you know, me and Calum were childhood enemies since I was 12. Thats why I love pissing him off. He used to embarrass me so much but now its my turn.. Mwahahahah... Yep.

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