She's The One

You know how the things you still have are not very important to you that much. But once that something, gets taken away from you, you'll do anything just to get it back. So long story short, I was the girl he used to own.


13. Chapter 12- Introducing Alyssa

~Cat's POV~

"So where are we heading first?" I ask Luke as he hands me a helmet.

"Is it ok if we drop by to my place first?" He asks playing with his keys.

"Of course anyway I'd like to meet your family " I smile as he chuckles.

"Your lucky, my dad won't be home as always but my sister and my mom are. So you'll only be meeting them" He jumps onto his motor bike and starts the engine as I sit behind him. I wrap my arms around his waist as he drives off.

Luke's house was bigger compared to mine. It was a red-bricked double story house with a porch at the front.

Once we entered the first thing that I noticed was the amount of The Walking Dead merchandise on some of their shelves.

"You like The Walking Dead?" I ask pointing at the shelf filled with merchandise.

"Nope" He says popping the 'P'.

"Luke!! Wheres my pocket knife and my lighter!" A little girl yells with her arms crossed walking down the stair case.

"Alyssa piss off!" Luke yells.

"Where are they Luke! Oh, And hi stranger" She glares at Luke than she gives me a wide smile showing off her deep dimples kinda like Luke's ones. She had shoulder length blonde hair with light brown streaks, not to sound weird but she has the most cutest face I've ever seen in my life. From what I'm seeing, she looks like a girl version of Luke with the same bright sea blue eyes and some other same features.

"Hey there, I'm Cat" I kneel down with one knee to level my height with hers.

"I'm Alyssa, I'm also Luke's fabulously majestically little sister" She grins.

"Fabulously majestically little sister does not make sense and sounds retarded" Luke snickers.

"I think your talking about your face!" She yells at him. Woah, how did she get the comeback language??

Luke glares at her and Alyssa glares back as I hold in my laughter.

"It seems like your a very good example, huh Luke" I cross my arms.

"I know right, but some words are from the action movies I let her watch since she was 5" He smiles.

"Yeah, but action movies are old. Horror movies are the best. Oh did you watch The Exorcist!" She jumps up and down as I give Luke a 'What the heck' look.

"Anyway.. Wheres mom?" Luke asks scanning the whole place.

"Oh she went shopping.." She cringes.

"Wait. So she left you here home alone?" Luke raises an eye brow.

"Luke. My brother. I'm 7 years old and I know how to use a shot gun, I can handle everything" She leans her elbow on a small shelf.

"Luke?" I furrow my eyes at him as he shrugs.

"Anyway, I'm gonna finish up the last few episodes of The Walking Dead" She yawns.

"Wait! How come that Dylan boy came here this morning?" Luke crosses his arms at Alyssa.

"Don't need to be so protective big bro. He just came by to play " She winks.

"Woah what?" My eyes widen.

"Uh Alyssa! Don't use those.... dirty winks" Luke places his hands on his waists.

"I can do whatever I want. So you better shut up before I punch your face, and you wouldn't want to use a tampon for your nose again" She smirks.

"Alyssa!" Luke yells.

"Luke!" She mimics him.

"Shut up faggot!"

"You shut up A-Hole"

"You look like shit!" Luke yells.

"You must be mistaking yourself with the shit in between mah ass cheeks!" Alyssa slaps her ass. Now I know how Alyssa picks up these words. Shes freaking 7 years old.

"You mean the green shit hanging off your nose, I took a picture and I will show it to Dylan boy" Luke smirks.

"You wouldn't dare you homo sexual fag" She stomps on the floor.

"Oh yes I will, until you admit that you look like a Llama"

"No Llama's are ugly!"

"No they aren't" I but in as the two of them stare at me.

"Anyway.... Your face is ugly!" Alyssa continues on.

"Like your mom!" Luke yells.

"Yeah, that'd be your mom to moron" Alyssa rolls her eyes running up the stairs.

I place my hands on my waist as Luke gives me a simple shrug.

"Uh kids these days with... The technology and internet" He chuckles a bit.

"Uh huh"

"Uh anyway, let me just get the movie tickets" He runs up the stairs.

While he was up stairs I looked through some of their pictures.

One of them was Luke when he was younger holding Alyssa when she was a baby. Another was a picture of Luke when he was also a kid and this other girl that looked slightly the same age as him and the girl looked a lot like Alyssa but older....

"That was Alyssa" I hear Luke's voice from behind me. I jump slightly turning around to face him.

"Alyssa? But she looks the same age as you in this picture" I point to the second picture. He looks down.

"That was.... The first Alyssa. She died 9 months before little Alyssa was born. Thats the reason why Dad is rarely home, he doesn't want to come home and remember those bad memories. One time he nearly killed my mom, now they don't even sleep in the same room but they haven't divorced yet cause of us" His eyes started to water.

"I'm so sorry" I bring him in for a hug.

"Its alright. Anyway lets go" He pulls away and holds onto my hand. Suddenly a photo falls out of his pocket. I kneel down to pick it up.

"Uh Luke, you dropped this" I look at the picture of 3 toddlers in it. Two boys and one girl... It looks strangely familiar...

My head started aching again as Luke snatches it away from me.

"Are you alright? Do you need water? I can get you a hot pack" He asks sounding nervous and worried.

"No its alright lets go" I give him a small smile.

"Ok" He mutters.

First we went to this huge cinema where the chairs are very comfortable and you get delicious candy with a huge screen. We ended up watching The Fault In Our Stars. Luke ended up nearly crying when the movie finished.

"That was the most saddest movies I I- I've ever seen" He pretends to wipe of a tear from under his eye.

"Really? I nearly cried but it just didn't hit me" I snicker.

"Whatever, anyway lets go theres one more place I want to take you to" He grabs hold of my hand.


"Somewhere" He smirks.

We ended up at the Pier in the beach. There were couples walking around hand in hand.

"C'mon lets get some I.C" He points to a Ice Cream cart with a guy ringing a bell.

We walked to the cart as we stared at the flavours.

"Uh can we get two strawberry ice creams in a cone" Luke orders.

"Sure" The dude smiles scooping up some ice cream from the containers.

"You like strawberry?" I snicker.

"Yeah, it brings back childhood memories" He grins. "Doesn't it?" He smirks.

"Really? Thats weird, its my childhood favourite as well"

"I know.. I mean woah thats a coincidence" He chuckles.

"Here are your Ice Creams" The dude hands our I.C.


Once Luke dropped me back home the sun has already set and my eyes were getting tired.

"So. I'm still waiting for your answer on being my girl friend" He smirks.

"Hmmmm" I tap my chin. "Yep"

"Really?! Finally!! Thank you!!" He yells jumping around.

"Calm down" I giggle.

"Thanks Cat" He brings me in for a long tight hug.

Once he pulled away fire works started lighting up in the sky.

"Woah, whats the occasion?"

"I think its just something random and something for the the day you said yes to me" He smiles up at the show in the sky.

"Cat!! Mom and Dad want to talk to you!" Calum yells from the porch of our house holding out his phone.

"Well I gotta go. Good night Luke" I give him a quick peck on the cheek as I run over to the porch.

"I'll be waiting for that kiss next time Cat!" Luke yells.

"Yo! I'm right here!" Calum furrows his eyes as I just roll my eyes.


mrsHemmings01 as Alyssa

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