She's The One

You know how the things you still have are not very important to you that much. But once that something, gets taken away from you, you'll do anything just to get it back. So long story short, I was the girl he used to own.


11. Chapter 11- 9 Years ago?

~Cat's POV~

After 3rd period it was finally Lunch time. I sat down on our usual spot as I wait for the others.

"Hey Cat" Michael greets with a huge smile sitting down opposite of me.

"Hey Mikey"

"So I heard that you and Luke are going out" He lifts his eye brows up and down.

"Were not official yet though" I take a bite of my sandwich.

"Hey Cat" Luke appears from behind me and takes a seat next to me.

"Hey Lover boy" Michael winks.

"You know Michael sometimes I think your homo. I can't believe that we actually da..." I widen my eyes noticing what i was about to say.

"Uh what?" Luke lifts an eye brow at me.

"Nothing!" Michael yells.

"Hey guys" Ashton takes a seat next to Michael. Thanks Ash.

"Sup Ash, wheres your lady?" Michael asks.

"We... Broke up 3 days ago" Ashton clears his throat. What?! How come I didn't know about this.

"How come you didn't tell me?" I give him a sympathetic look.

"Doesn't really matter" He shrugs.

"What a bummer" Luke lifts his metal fork in front of his face while smiling at the reflection of his face.

"So Luke, hows your relationship with my best friend" Ashton's eyes lay on me.

"Great, were actually gonna go on a date tonight" Luke wraps an arm around me.

"Fabulous" Ashton smiles taking a sip of his coke.

"Who says fabulous?" Michael snickers.

"Shut up Michael, Pewdiepie does" Ashton gives Michael a quick glare before turning his attention back to us.

"So Caty Vas Happening?" Ashton gives me his award winning smile. Caty is his nickname for me, I don't know how he got it but I like it kinda. Oh and its pronounced 'Katie' not 'Cat-e'

"Thats a cool nickname, I wonder where you got it from" Luke's fists clench from under the table. Whys he angry? Maybe his just irritated from the heat.

"I thought of it long time ago" Ashton grins.

"Oh really. Or was it from 9 years ago" Luke smirks as Ashton's eyes widen slowly.

"9 years ago?" I lift up my eye brows.

"Yeah Caty, 9 years ago" Luke gives me a worried/ nervous look for some reason. My head started throbbing as he said Caty.

"Stop it. Shes having a head ache" Ashton glares at Luke.

"Oh and your the one whose worried.... you Killer" Luke smirks.

My head stopped aching but Ashton looked as if he was gonna rip the balls off a gorilla any minute now.

Suddenly the bell rang.

"Well lunch was awkward" Michael mutters.

I stare as Luke walks further away from me as Ashton follows behind him before they turn the corner. I hope they won't fight again...

~Luke's POV~

I walk into the empty Science room as I wait for Ashton to come in. Once he got in he pinned me to the wall with his hands grasped onto my collar.

"Whats wrong Ashton, afraid of what Cat's gonna say when I tell her that-" He cuts me off.

"Why?! Why didn't you tell me!" He yells.

"Cause. I find it amusing with you trying to find out. I guess your not the only secret keeper anymore" I chuckle.

"Shut up! If you say one word I swear"

"What?! Huh, its your fault! I sacrificed my only happiness and now I'm never gonna let go of it anymore!" I yell shoving him off of me.

"It wasn't my fault" He looks down.

"Than who? If it wasn't than how come she has no idea? Cause. Its. Your. Fucking. Fault" I say.

He became speechless again. I begin to walk away.

"Why? Your different now. Your personality, hair, looks everything. What happened Lucas?" He suddenly asks.

"The only person in the world that has the right to call me that name is Cat not you" I say before leaving the room.

After 4th period, I ran into the gym where no one usually is at.

I sit down at one of the bleachers. I take out a old picture, my eyes started to water. I held the picture to my chest as tears fell onto my lap.

"I won't let you go.... Now you know... I-I've been crazy for you all this time" I sing some of the lyrics that reminded me of those happy times.

My phone started beeping. I took it out and read the message Cat sent me.

'R you alright Luke? Where r u?'

From Caty...

Tears started forming even more.

Its my turn now... I won't let my happiness go...

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