She's The One

You know how the things you still have are not very important to you that much. But once that something, gets taken away from you, you'll do anything just to get it back. So long story short, I was the girl he used to own.


10. Chapter 10- The Start Ash Vs Luke

~Luke's POV~

I drive over to Cat's house with my newly repaired motor bike. I knock on the door to reveal Calum with a different hairstyle with blonde streaks.

"Woah, cool hair cut dude" I give him a big smile.

"I know right, I was actually planning on shaving the sides of my head and to do a lightning cut on it but Cat was being a tool" He shrugs.

"Do that and Amberly will never like you" Cat appears from behind Calum.

"Shut up faggot" Calum rolls his eyes.

"Ooo you like Amberly" I lift my eye brows up and down.

"Say that again and I'll rip your balls off" He takes a step closer towards me as I take a small step back.

"So... What are you doing here?" Cat asks.

"I'm here to bring my girl friend to school" I smirk as Calum's eyes widened.

"Girl friend? Who?" He asks sternly.

"Um look at the time, lets go Cat" I grab her arm and pulled her with me.

"Oh your dead Hemming's!" Calum yells as Cat lets out a small giggle.

"Will he really kill me?"

"Nah he just wants to act tough" She rolls her eyes.

"Good" I smirk.



I wrap my arms around Cat as we enter the school building. Everyone was staring at us. Some of them were whispering amongst each other but I didn't care.

"Uh Luke, I think we shouldn't show our relationship yet" Cat pushes my arm away from her.


"Its just that, were not even officially together yet. And plenty of girls like you and I feel hate going around already" She looks down.

"Well I don't care what they think. Your mine and I don't like anyone else other than you" I lift her chin up. "Haters are gonna hate... So just shake it off" I smirk.

"Wow, I wonder where you got that from" She says sarcastically.

"Taylor Swift FTW" I wrap my arm around her again but this time she didn't push it off.

"Hey Cat..... And Luke" Ashton greets. His gaze fell upon my arm that was around Cat's waist.

"Hey Ash, sorry but I have to go now" Cat waves at the two of us before walking away.

"Hey there Irwin" I lift my eyebrows up at him.

"What do you want?" He rolls his eyes.

"Oh nothing." I look around to see people staring at us.

"Just pretend were getting along" I say with gritted teeth.


"For Cat's sake" I roll my eyes while leaning my elbow on his shoulder.

"Fine" He says with a smile as people started minding their own business.

"I just wanted you to know. If you do anything stupid to Cat again....Your dead, not only to Calum but to me as well" I whisper.

"Oh I'm scared" He rolls his eyes.

"I just wanted you to know... Cat's mine now" I begin to walk away.

"Shes not yours" He says, I stop in my tracks.

"Worry about your own relationship" I tell him before starting to walk away again.

"I don't have a relationship anymore!" He shouts.

"And whys that?" I turn around to face him.

"Because...." He looks down.

"Cause your a jerk. Not only a jerk, a selfish jerk who wants everything to himself" I cross my arms.

He became speechless.

"It feels great to know that I won. I won on stealing your own childhood best friend from you. Now thats a huge achievement. So I don't want you ruining anything anymore. Cat's mine, only mine so back off Irwin" I walk away leaving him speechless.

I kinda feel bad and good at the same time. Whats gotten into me, I'm just trying to make Cat happy but in the same time fighting with her best friend.... All I want is Cat right now, so I don't care of how much of a jerk I am now...

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