Simple. | Luke Hemmings

Adelaide Bryn Irwin. Nothing important about her. Lucas Robert Hemmings. Nothing important about him. Simple


1. Prologue

"Ash, I want to come! Being stuck here with mum isn't the best way to spend the first night of summer! Please?" Addy whined trying to get her brother to give in. She just became a senior, her brother just graduated. Ashton didn't mind his sister coming with him every now and then, but now she acts like she can go wherever. "It's exactly like carpooling! Please?" Ash felt a small pressure to say yes because what she was saying is true, and his friends loved saying hi to Addy. "Fine, but we're leaving when I say so. Okay, Adelaide?"

"That's fine by me! Thank you!" Addy shouted before running up the stairs to dress in her already laid out outfit. She knew Ashton would say yes. In less than twenty minutes, Addy was dressed, had her makeup on well, and had fixed her ombré hair. As she walked down the stairs, laughter was coming from the living room. Ashton giggled with his mates before hearing his sister's steps down the stairs. "Let's get going."

As she walked down the stairs, Addy fixed her cropped sweater that had small holes in it. Ashton stared at his sister, boys are going to be all over her. The other boys all had their jaws dropped, having never seen Ash's sister like this.Except Luke didn't drop his jaw. Instead, Luke but his lip ring flirtatiously and winked at Addy, or Adley as he called her. Addy winked back shamelessly before turning towards the door. "While I would love for you lot to stare at me all night, I've got places to be, people to see."

"Adley, boys are going to be all over you. I'm not comfortable with that." Luke told her as he caught up to her fast pace towards the car. "Luke, Tyler is going to be with me, so if anyone tries to touch this, I will kick them in the balls."

Luke rolled his eyes at the mention of Tyler. Instead, he put a hand on the back of her waist, helping her into the car. Ashton drove them to where the party was. None of them knew whose house it was- it was just a damn celebration party. As they neared the house, Ad saw Tyler waiting- as he had promised. Ashton unlocked the doors, and Addy ran out as fast as she could in her shoes to Tyler. "Ty!"

"Ad! You look even more beautiful than you did in my dreams!" Tyler screamed out hugging me tightly. He was so over dramatic sometimes. As he pulled back, he placed a small kiss on the corner of her lip. Ad blushed lightly before thinking of the party itself. "Let's go get some drinks, yea?"

"You read my mind." Tyler responded before leading her through the horny, drunk graduates. The two walked over to the bar, quickly turning into stumbling messes. They danced close to the other, moving along to the music. If you saw them from far, you would think that they were a couple. "Are you sober?"

"I'm sober. You?" Ty asked back to her. Addy nodded her head, then stopped due to the pain. Ty stopped walking, as well as Addy. She looked up at him concerned. "You alright?" Ty took a deep breath before words began to pour out of his mouth. "I want to tell you something, and please don't say anything, and don't let this change us."

"You're worrying me." Addy said but quickly agreed to listen. Ty's shaky hands led Addy closer to him. "I've always felt something by you. I didn't know what, but it was something. Simply hugging you, makes something in me want to break down. Addy this is the hardest thing that I've had to tell anyone, so I'll just say it. Adelaide Bryn Irwin, I am massively in love with you. I've fallen for you, and this hole just keeps digging deeper. I jus-"

Addy interrupted him by placing her lips onto his softly. Tyler stood there for a second, confused, then kissed back just as soft. His hands trailed down to her hips, gripping them softly. They both smiled through the kiss, feeling some type of high. "I'm in love with you too. I can't believe those words came out of your mouth."

"I can't believe those words came out of your mouth. Does this make you my girlfriend?" Tyler mumbled against her lips as they continued their small make out session. "Of course it does! But it's pretty late, Ashton is home, and he is probably worried sick."

"I'll walk you home, Addy. C'mon." Tyler said detaching their lips, taking her hand instead. Both were as happy as ever, just crossing the street- after looking both ways but of course. Tyler took the last step to her porch, sighing dramatically. "Until next time my love." Addy smiled and played along, "I love you my dear."

"I love you more." Tyler responded before beginning to walk backwards. Addy blushed, but continued their game. "I love you most." Tyler shrugged a his shoulders before winking at her, "Impossible. I love you."

Adelaide sighed before smiling sweetly at him. Ty raised his eyebrows waiting for her to say it back, "I love you too, and I'm not taking my eyes off you until you're at your door." Tyler rolled his eyes before continuing to walk backwards.

Everything happened so quick. Two high pitched screams, bright lights, more screams. Addy stood by her door with gears streaming down her face before she finally screamed for help. Ashton walked out mumbling curse words, Addy ran to Tyler cradling his bloody head carefully. There was a deep gash on the side of it, his whole body had scratches and bruises on it. Ash finally saw what happened, "Adelaide, I-I'm going t-to call the am-mbulance. Don't move." Tyler moved his head slightly to face Ad. She shhed him, patting his hair softly. "Don't move. Ash is calling to paramedics."

"I'm so in love with you, Addy." He whispered as his smiled almost tipsily. Addy held his cheek, "I'm in love with you too. Please, just keep your eyes open. I can hear the sirens." Tyler brought his hand to Addy's cheek before whispering to her softly, "I'll always be in love with you. Promise the same?"

"I promise to stay in love with you. No matter what- Tyler! Ty!" Adsy screamed the last part due to Tyler's limp hand and his closed eyes. Ashton ran out of the house, stopping abruptly as he noticed the scene before his eyes. He couldn't believe it. Tyler's parent's were always out of town- coincidentally they were this week. The paramedics gently took Tyler from Addy's tight grip, making her sob. Ashton held his sister, despite her bloody attire. Addy shoved her head into Ashton's chest feeling a roller coaster of emotions. "Ma'am, can you tell us what happened exactly. There is no car here."

"Wha-" Addy said abruptly noticing that there was in fact no car. She closed her eyes, trying to control her voice. Ashton swooped in noticing her shaking shoulders. He glared at the policeman immediately, "Can we do this some other time. She's obviously not in the right state." The policeman nodded his head sheepishly, apologizing for his heartless appeal. Addy had just lost the next big thing in her life. The most important person. She lost it.

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