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Adelaide Bryn Irwin. Nothing important about her. Lucas Robert Hemmings. Nothing important about him. Simple


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"Ashton just get me to the bloody hospital. He's awake." I moaned exasperated. It's been a month of Tyler being in a coma, and he just woke up. His parents want me to go in and see him. I'm probably going to spend the rest of my summer taking care of him, forget all the parties we had planned, or the places we were going to go. Forget them. Ashton sighed, throwing his keys over at me, "Just take my car, I'm walking to Luke's if you need me."

"You're trusting me with your Range Rover?" I asked completely baffled. Ash doesn't even let Mum use it! He sighed as he slipped his shoes on, "Don't make me change my mind." I immediately shook my had before running into his car. It smelt like McDonalds. Not that I'm complaining. I sat in the car staring at my face, it's the first time in a month that I've put makeup on. I even brushed through my brown-blonde hair. I reversed out of our driveway, feeling the nerves. Ty's parents are going to be there. Last time I properly met them was when I was nine. Six years ago. I took a sip of the frappe that I had brought with me. It isn't very smart, I mean coffee totally calms my nerves. Totally.

As I pulled into the hospital driveway, I immediately ran inside. Tyler's mum was waiting by the main entrance as promised. "Lily. How is he doing?" I asked immediately engulfing her in a hug. Her tired eyes stared back at me, her hand cupping my cheek. "He's holding up. Can't eat solid food for a week, but he's well." I sighed, felling small tears run down my face. I smiled wildly, sniffing, "Well we should go check on him."

"Of course dear. It's level 5, room 1110. I'm going to get some coffee." Lily told me, almost shoving me into the elevator. I hugged her once more before stepping into the crowded area. Multiple people gave me looks, probably wondering why I'm so dressed up. I clicked on the number five, feeling some pats on the back. An old lady smiled at me, with pity. I guess it's the critical condition area. The doors opened to level five, leaving me to figure out which way is 1110. "Excuse me, which way is room 1110? Sorry to be a bother." I asked a nurse. She smiled at me before pointing right, the opposite direction I was going to turn. "Right down there. He's doing good." I thanked her before walking down the long hallway. As his door came face to face with me, I just stood there looking at it.

They told me he was fine. He probably is. If I stand out here, it may be a while before he- there's no excuse to not go in.bI fixed my hair really quick before opening the door quite loudly. Jonah looked away from his son for a split second- smiling sadly at me. He patted Ty's knee before coming to peck my cheek. I hugged him tightly- enjoying the smell of cologne him. Tyler's arms attempted to reach the curtains so that he could see who was walking in, "Nursey, I don't want my medicine. We made a deal that you'd come at five! It's 3!"

"It's me." I whispered softly as I came into view. A small smile rose onto Ty's face, making me want to squish him in a hug. "Are you a new nurse? The therapist?" He asked me making my heart begin beating louder, "Ty stop. That isn't funny." He stared at me confused, "No one calls me Ty. Who are you?"

"It's me. Addy." I responded hearing my voice crack. He shook his head, and tears began rolling down my face. His hand touched my arm in comfort, "Are you in the right room? Do you want me to call my nursey?" I smiled, almost painfully, before ripping my arm from his grip. I was hyperventilating. Something I haven't done since I was young. He pressed his pager button, making me groan. "I'm your bestfriend! You told me last night that you wouldn't stop loving me! Ty."

The nurse walked in noticing my hysterical state. She knew it wasn't because of his appearance, he only had a broken ankle and a sprained wrist. Her arm slid around my shoulders gently, "What's wrong?" Everything. Every damn thing is wrong! "I'm his bestfriend! Of nine years, and he got hit by that car the night he told me how he actually felt for me. And of course I return those feelings."

"I'm going to call the doctor in here, and you can go find his pa-" Just then, Lily and Jonah barged in. With the doctor. They lay out an X-Ray, showing pictures of his brain. "See here? This is the piece of memory he is missing. Small things like friends, and everyday routines are lost here. Now they can be gained back, but with much time." I shook my head before walking out of the room, turning to go downstairs. Lily ran up to me, pulling me back into her arms. I began hysterically sobbing, gasping for air that I couldn't seen to reach. She tried calming down, with little avail. "Addy, he'll remember you. Give it time."

"He's been out for six weeks, Lily! Six fucking weeks... I just- I can't be dropped like a hot potato! I need to go home before I do who knows what. I will talk to you about Ty later." I responded pulling back, feeling the drenched mascara on my cheeks. Lily looked down at me compassionately, "He will remember you. I'm sure of it. Be safe when you drive okay, I don't need the both of you in here." I nodded my head before stepping into the now empty elevator. Sliding down the wall, I just let it take me wherever it pleased until I reached the main entrance which I came through. As I sat in Ashton's car, I couldn't resist the urge to hit the steering wheel harshly, screaming incoherent things out. I stepped on the gas, ignoring all the driving rules that I should've followed. I reached home in three minutes. It's normally a ten minute drive. I stepped out of the car, throwing the keys down on the driveway. At this point, I don't care who's here. Just as I stepped one foot into the house, four boys crowded me. "Adley! How is he?" Luke screamed making my eyes water again. He stopped before he could mutter another word, noticing my runny makeup. "What happened?"

"Forget about it." I said too harsh. Luke flinched back, and the boys moved out of the way. I kept my head down, walking up the stairs. My facade went down with each step I took. I finally reached my room, slamming the door shut, storming into the bathroom. I locked the door, sliding down it.

In all honesty, I don't feel like anyone. I just want to sit down all day, and not talk to one person. My head rolled to the side, the sink drawers standing out for some reason. Immediately, I turned away mentally cursing myself. I can't go back into that. Bangs on the door startled me, "Adelaide? Get the fuck out of there." I opened the door after standing up, letting Ashton fall flat on his face. He groaned staring up at me, then stood up. Rolling my eyes, I lifted my sleeves up, showing him my wrists. Only the old scars were there. He sighed, running his large hand over his face, "Addy you have no idea how much I want to know what's making you feel this way."

I sighed, climbing into my bathtub, patting the spot next to me for Ash to sit. He complied, then turned to me expectedly. I sighed heavily, "Tyler's doing well, he should be out within a week." I responded quietly, "But he also lost his memory. To be specific me. Everything about me."

"Addy.." Ash trailed off. Shrugging my shoulders, I turned away from him. He grabbed my shoulders though, turning me to face him again. "Why aren't you there with him right now? He won't forget you forever, and if he did, he'd fall right back in love with you."

Sitting in silence, I thought about what just came out of Ash's mouth. If he did really love me before, why couldn't he do it all over again? Ty was just a black haired, oblivious, boy right now. Nodding my head, I turned to Ash, "Mind if I borrow your car once more?" He shook his head, pecking my head softly. "Text me, and be safe. I love you, Adelaide."

"I love you too, Ashton." I responded before getting up. I washed my face, throwing my glasses on before retrieving the car keys from the ground. Sighing, I stared down at them. I really hope something goes right. I reversed out the driveway, once again, but this time was much different. I reached the parking lot once again, feeling just as nervous as I did earlier. Walking inside was the same too. Just thinking about Ty's confused blue eyes makes me feel frustrated. As I stepped I to his room again, no one was there. His head whipped towards me, "Alison."

"Adelaide, you call me Ad." I responded, trying not to let a simple thing like a nickname hurt me. It still hurt. His eyes shone with guilt. I shrugged my shoulders before taking the chair, dragging it closer to his bed. Taking a seat, I pursed my lips up at him. This awkward silence isn't going to be us, with memory or without. "Want to hear some funny stories?"

Walking down this street was torture. Ty and I had our heads down in shame. Maybe we shouldn't of thrown water balloons at our parents. Or make them spicy food. Or trick them into watching a scary YouTube video. Ty glanced over at me, his shaggy hair covering part of his eye, "This sucks ass." He simple said. I nodded my head agreeing, we were twelve, and we weren't supposed to be cursing. "You do too." He shoved me into a man walking down the street, cracking himself up. The mans eyes widened, and he quickly walked away, shaking his head.

"Mum! Isn't this punishment over now?" I asked her. We were wearing matching tee shirts that said 'let me buy your kids' and a number was written on the back. I can't believe this is funny, let alone a good punishment to them. Yet, it caused utter embarrassment. We didn't even know these people! We're not anywhere near home. Anne laughed at my expression as my mother shook her head, "You aren't done for another two minutes."

"Wai- Adelaide and Tyler? Is that you?" Someone asked from behind us. She must've somehow recognized us, Tyler and I shared a look before running past out parents, and around the block. Which also happened to be away from whoever was calling us. Tyler hugged me tightly, randomly, his arms around my waist. I hugged back, used to this kind of behavior.

Tyler was laughing loudly at the memory, a few tears running down his face. He couldn't seem to catch my breath, making me begin laughing. We sat there for about five minutes, just laughing at the two of us. He smiled in content as we calmed down, looking at me before asking a question, "Can I kiss you?" I blinked, shocked. He said it so fearlessly, as if it was nothing. I opened my mouth I say something, but nothing came out. "You told the nurse that we were in love, so I just want to see."

"What is this going to prove?" I asked, obliging to his requests. He shrugged his shoulders, sitting himself up as I sat down right by him. His hand took mine softly, playing with my fingers. His eyes looked up at me with some recognition, "This feels normal." I said nothing, letting his mind do whatever it was doing. My heart began beating faster as his hand pulled my face closer to his. He stared at my lips, his thumb tracing over it softly, making me giggle softly. Ty finally place his lips on mine. I softly kissed back, not wanting to speed anything up. His arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me flush against him. Looks like he wants to though. Ty smiled through the kiss, causing me to. I finally pulled away, only for him to peck my lips once more. He sighed, playing with my blue hair. "That felt like a memory. We've done that before haven't we?"

"We kissed right before the car hit you." I said softly, noticing him flinch at the thought. I ruffled his hair before standing up from the bed. I grabbed my phone, noticing that it had been a while since I left. I quickly composed a text, I'm at the hospital talking to Ty. Won't be home until late, and don't wait up. :) love you bro.

I focused my attention on Ty again, ignoring Ashton's text of approval. Ty kept a tight hold on my hand, smiling softly. "You said I used to call you Ad?" I nodded my head, "Okay, Ad. Introduce me to yourself."

I laughed, rolling my eyes. "Hey Ty. My name is Ad, and I'm your girlfriend." I responded mentally face palming as I noticed what I called myself. "Well then, hey Ad. My name is Ty, and I'm your boyfriend."

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