Who Am I?

Inspired by the Maze-runner.


4. Chapter Four

I fall on the floor, shaking and  shuddering. I am so weak. I never really thought about strength before. It seems like an alien concept. I have never known anything but weakness.

This is so hard.... Should I just give up? Is it really worth this much pain?

No. I refuse to give up, I have to keep going.

I have to.

I get back up, and continue my routine.

Jump. Crouch. Plank. Push-up. Plank. Crouch. Jump.

Again, and again and again and again.....



The guard looks through the bars of my cell with the prisoner's food tray. He looks surprised, if not astonished.

This girl, who just the other day had been a weak creature on the verge of death, had somehow got the strength to fight for her life.

He couldn't believe it. Where had she found this will power? This need to survive?

He shakes the look off of his face, and bangs the door to wake her up.

She is startled awake. As she walks over, the guard notices a more vibrant look in her face, a stronger spring in her step, a stonier glare in her eyes.

He watches her eat, and eat, and eat more. Before she had barely consumed anything, a few bites at most. Now she is eating as if it's her last meal. He remembered when this change first occurred, she attempted to finish her whole tray of food and puked it all up a minute later. She got smarter after that. Started eating just a little more every day until she could eat the whole thing with ease.

She slides the tray back to him, he grabs it, having been startled out of his thoughts.

As he slams the bolt on the big metal door, he wonders why she hasn't died like all of the others.

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