Who Am I?

Inspired by the Maze-runner.


5. Chapter Five

I am stronger. I feel my body becoming harder and my muscles becoming  bigger.

 I am Strength.

I repeat those words to myself over and over again as I continue my exercises.

I am Strength. I am Strength. I am Strength.



Lately I've felt not only my body changing, but also my mind. I have begun thinking more. About new things. About hard things. About Life, not Despair.

My mind feels like it has stretched, filling my head to the utmost limit.

I physically feel smarter. Also clever.

I have also started to work my brain more. Doing problems in my head while I work out. Also trying out plans to escape in my head.

So far, I've come up with nothing.

But who ever let a little failure stop them.



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