Tainted Kingdoms

Asarza as heir to her kingdom has to complete a number of certain tasks set before her by her father to be able to claim the throne. In order to complete these difficult trials Asarza must let her other half take control but her other half is darker and harder to control than she could ever have imagined.


1. The Trials are Given


“My lady Asarza…” said a timid voice from behind the large oak doors. The soft voice couldn’t have come from anyone other than my skin and bones handmaiden Forza. She spoke again through the small cracks in the wood, “I ...I have set up your meeting with the sword master for tomorrow evening…is that fitting to your schedule?” Her mere presence was enough to boil me over the edge, I was simply done. “I have had enough! I do remember stating clearly that I was to be left alone!” I roared. The sound of my reprimand echoed through the large bedroom reaching the doors, it was loud enough to even startle me. I cursed for good measure.

It took a matter of seconds to hear the stumbling of Forza as she hastened to reach the stairs. Every number of the staff in my household knew better than to cross me in one of my moods. I have been sour since morning; I can still hear my father’s deep petrifying voice in my ear.

“My lovely daughter Asarza, I do hope that you have thought over my generous proposal. It is quite the opportunity for you just as it is quite the opportunity for our family. You will do well to expand our royal name across the country enough to make every man; woman and child proud to be born within the Tainted Kingdoms walls!” I shivered. I could still feel his deep throaty laugh reverberating through the marrow of my bones.

“Asarza Mora…” I whispered into the cold empty room. “Arrghh!” I kicked into the open air and mentally berated myself as my foot connected with a heavy chair. It knocked over in a loud echoing crash. “Curse this wretched family! Curse this ‘expansion of name’! And curse …my sad measly existence.” It’s very depressing that I have to feel sorry for myself but if I didn’t do it no one would. Even now I can feel the immense responsibility for my kingdom weighing down on me. Of course the large jewel encrusted crown on my head didn’t help things. “No, I am next in line to rule.” I whispered softly to myself. “I as heir have a duty to fulfill, one that I have trained for my entire life …”

I kept whispering soft comforting things into the air as I padded quietly to the floor length window across my room. Just as always, I caught my breath. My city, no matter what happened in the past or the dark rumors that are still spread across the country till this day could wipe away such dazzling beauty. Spiraling towers each as tall as mountains spread evenly across the city, dark buildings with unique glass works on their roofs signaling which household lived within. Even the tiled roads glistened with the fading light of the afternoon showing off the delicacy which is our road system, the most advanced in the country.

The view of my city gave me my resolve. “This is what the heir must protect! This is what I was born for!” I screamed into the fading sunlight. “I will add on to my kingdoms history!” my voice continued to bellow out into the roads below. “And I will make a name for myself, greater than any past ruler or ruler to come!” the sounds of my voice echoed hollowly from my room and out the window just as I felt a wetness slide down my cheeks. Good. Those were the last tears I would ever allow to slip from my eyes showing any kind of weakness is unforgivable so from this day forward they were to be as arid as deserts.

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