The quest for the Lifstone

The dark depths of the dragons lair, the ever winter snowflake, the cloak of every mage, I have seen them all but I am going to face the hardest challenge that I had ever faced... The race before death takes me forever....

PLEASE note: some the events in here are through my eyes while I was getting my second heart transplant and are real only portrayed differently to match the book.

(Participated in NANo 2014)


9. chapter 9

I didn’t sleep at all that night and the moment haunted me for several days along my quest. It had been about two weeks since we started and I was starting to think that it was odd that Disastraprone would be that far.  Every day I was starting to think I was taking way too long to get to a spot but it was just me and telling myself that I was no use. I could hear something in the distance and the first thing I did was look to the clouds. My first test that I need this stone other than Gragan saying it and it is staring at me from the clouds as a long multicolored dragon that had streaks of gold around its front that trailed along the other tips. It was full of fire and had ice in it as well as I thought that I would be able to easily take this type down.

I got my sword out but Bill tried to pull me away. The look that was in his eyes was full of sorrow that I shouldn’t even try. I pulled my arm from his grasp and got into position saying that I want a fight with this dragon.

“Hey!” I yelled knowing that was a bad move and the dragon circled around me. I thought that this was going to be my greatest triumph in this fight but instead I was met with a blast of fire that had me run into the woods for a bit. I wanted the creature to land but it still spat fire at me wherever I went. The drastic heat scorched the aria but I soon found out that it was practically angry as the dragon growled harshly at me. I could hear the crackling of the flames around me and each one was like a fire cracker going off to where it made me wonder if I had done wrong.

I got out once more with sword in hand and Bill nowhere in sight. I was hoping that he would be out and fighting beside me though I don’t blame him for wanting to take care of my mess. I started to swing my sword around as a taunt while the dragon floated around telling me it has multiple powers it was till then that I realized my mistake.  I was not like I was just like Gragan said I was. It had taken me till now to realize that I had become slow and tired in something that I used to do a lot of fighting of whatever came my way but this time I am not up to par like I was.

I could see the light glimmer from the dragon told me that I had bit off more than I could chew. “I am not tired, I am not tired.” I reminded myself knowing that it was the only thing I could say at a moment like this where I couldn’t waste getting tired.

I got my sword at the ready and the dragon landed in front of me. I stared right in its eyes as I saw myself. My face had lost all color in it and my eyes had dropped dramatically. I didn’t know how to make with myself as I put my sword in front of me thinking that I should strike at this beast.

Next thing I know I felt dizzy. The world spun around me as I felt like I was getting very sick. I start to sit down while the dragon or I think it is still a dragon, started at me with those death filled eyes. I could feel myself getting warmer to where I was inside the flames that crackled and sputtered behind me.

I was thinking that the dragon was wise so I shouldn’t be afraid for my life but I was thinking that this dragon was bigger than me, stronger as well. I start to desperately look around for Bill. Everywhere I looked was just a mass of swirling colors dancing around me faster and faster until I couldn’t even stand. I sat down on the ground and accepted that I had done wring and the defeat that will come soon enough. The dragon swooped around me slowly like I was easy prey.  I saw the blackness in his eyes that sounded out the hunger that death wanted for me.

Suddenly a light flashed around me and I moved my gaze up by me to see Bill using a protection spell to project a portal and a shield around us. The clear barrier glowed a bright blue color with small bits of purple. The portal felt like it was tugging on me and I let it pill me inside with Bill keeping control Winded diced through me while the lights of the transport flashed in many images but I was still able to see bill clearly other than these specks.

I enjoyed the cold that the wind gave us while we went along this portal ride. I started to feel better during this time as time passed by us and I managed to see that another grain of sand had fell to the bottom of the hourglass. The sand was silent but it might as well be a fireball that had struck a cave opening. The silent drop was something that I did not need to see but the picture was short lived because we came to the end of the portal.

We rolled on the ground as I could feel every small blade of grass scratch onto my skin. The pricks were needles that would drain my life away. I felt the ground stop underneath me as I slowly regained my barring. I got up and looked at bill that was lying against a tree. His legs was sprawled out and looked asleep. I started to panic as my mind became fogged with ways that I could possibly use some of my Manna to save him. “Healmera.” I chimed and a green light flew from my palm in streams that trended into a yellowish gold that landed right into Bill’s chest. He started to show signs that he was waking up.

“Why in all the gods did you think you could take on a dragon in your condition?” Bill yelled at me his face was red with anger and I thought that I was going to be dead.

“I just wanted to prove something.” I mumbled feeling like I had done wrong. The sadness ate inside me like a starved animal. I started to question myself as all I did was make Bill even more ferocious at me than ever before.  He jumped up with his hands clenched tight to where his white skin was starting to turn red. Bill’s feet were more like a small earthquake that was happening with every step he took. I backed up quickly knowing that I had done wrong.

“Prove what? That this is all a dream? Do you want to wake up because you can’t! Mistele you had become this way because you got hurt now you must be way more careful than just running into danger you have to be smarter.” Bill was sounding like Gragan and my own conscience.

“That I am not ill ok? I had been sick before but never to this extreme.” I cried. I never felt so lonely and so worthless with one moment. The anger made me feel like I was only a foot tall as I leaned up against a tree. A tight tug in my chest was smaller than I had in the past but it was still painful. The pain was like a small fireball that was flashing up a little and then it would fade to restart itself once more. I tried to ignore the sign of my body saying stop while I kept mentally stating to keep going.

“Listen to yourself Mistelle. You need to get a hold of yourself.” Bill yelled and he was right that I was being foolish for doing such a thing. I had no right to buddy up with a dragon since I had gotten much slower since we had started.

“Your right… how much longer do we have?” I chimed thinking that I didn’t want the attention that I was getting at the moment as I started walking in a different direction.

“I don’t know. They say that a portal escape could make your journey longer but then again I can’t say anything for curtain. Can you toss me a map charm?” He said and I curried into my bag for one. I found one that looked like a flattened compass with a world crystal in the center. The bars of the directions were painted gold while the outside rim was a dark green.

“Dririghten de Distastaprone.” I hear Bill say to the crystal and then a projection of the map showed on the ground. I didn’t care that Bill was trying to find us directions but I wanted to keep moving. “Uh Mistele?” I hear Bill sigh a bit as if he realized something.

“What?” I snapped not willing to say that I knew I possibly messed up again.

“You are going the wrong way… Disastraprone is this way…” Bill said and then he started walking but he didn’t realize there was a web in the trees. He ran right into the almost invisible web. He moved his body in a crazy fashion that all I could do was laugh at his silly dance. It looked like a monkey after the music started on his little box while Bill turned round and round rubbing off as much as he could.

“Not funny.” He grumbled and I smiled widely thinking that it felt oh so good to laugh again, like it was a burden lifting off of my shoulders once more to just be placed on a unstable shelf to fall right back into my lap.

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