The quest for the Lifstone

The dark depths of the dragons lair, the ever winter snowflake, the cloak of every mage, I have seen them all but I am going to face the hardest challenge that I had ever faced... The race before death takes me forever....

PLEASE note: some the events in here are through my eyes while I was getting my second heart transplant and are real only portrayed differently to match the book.

(Participated in NANo 2014)


8. chapter 8

I looked up and didn’t realize how much walking we actually did while the sun was setting to the right. We had already gotten a map from the guard tower where the nearest town was and to send word out if there was any Lifstones in the lands that had been found.

“We better make camp.” Bill chimed and I didn’t blame him at all. The fact that we had been walking off towards Disastarprone since we had left was starting to get to me as well. I start to close my eyes for just a moment just to hear for Dragons in the aria because they do not like to be quiet most of the time. 

“This would be a good spot.” I chimed and Bill smiled as I set my bag down. “I will get us some grub while you set up camp.” I start to walk off to do what I said but Bill grasped my arm and I glared at him in wonder.

“I’ll get the meal for tonight.” He insisted but I saw it as him seeing me a week.

“Why? I should be getting some of the food besides I had been in the woods before!” I yelled and pulled my arm away from his grasp. Bill’s eyes opened wide in shock that I had did that.

“Because I know that it would not be immediate but you are going to get tired easily.” Bill chimed. I took at a way of him judging me since I was denying once again that I was sick.

“How... how do you know that?” I questioned, amazed that he knew that much about my condition or at least what is down the road.

“I learned from your mentor, I had to do something since you were basically not talking at all.”  Bill chimed and I tilted my head thinking that he does have a point.

“But that doesn’t give you permission to call me week!” I yelled.

“At least I am giving you the job of setting up camp.” Bill called back.

“Very well since I can see how that could be curtail thing.” I sighed as I got start and as soon as I did I heard footsteps running out of camp. I glanced up immediately noticing that Bill was gone. I sighed thinking he would abandon me for a while. I thought that I might as well get started as I started searching in my bag for something but I am not sure what.

I suddenly spot the death clock and grasped the item. I saw the black soot that was inside I tried to flip it over again but only gave me the same result as before. I tried this again and again getting infuriated each time I try to change it.

“It is no use I can’t run from it.” I sighed and threw the death clock to the ground. I immediately rushed back and got it back in my arm regretting what I had done. I could see another speck fall down to the bottom of the glass. I glanced up wondering the why me question but I pushed it aside thinking that that isn’t what I was going for, sorrow, agony that I might not come back.

I still stared at the Death clock but there was something else that dwelled in my mind I could see the sand swell in front of me. I wanted to take my eyes away while the sand contorted itself into someone from the past that I regret losing so much.  I could see his face and the complete elven years would always make him so ballistic that it would tarries the entire mission. However, the spellbound was the closest thing that I had to loving someone.

“Come with me!” I thought I heard it say but I wasn’t sure if it was true. I stared at the glass baffled that the past was talking to me. The head did not go down at all instead to be staring at me with the same kind eyes that I remember.

“Why?” I chimed as I was confused but at the same time very satisfied at him visiting me from the beyond. It was like it was like an old friend that was here with me.

“Because I want you to come with me, no strings attached Mist.” The face chimed and it settled me even more by hearing my name mentioned the way the face did. The face inside the glass made the sand form an arm slowly by putting each grain together like it was a picture being painted with dots.

“Come along now there is no doubt that you need rest and you can sleep forever here. I bet my old mentor would not think of anything if his favorite Myter disappeared.” The voice said and it threw me into a fit. I was starting to question the vision that was put in front of me. I glanced around wondering if Bill was coming back anytime soon and it was looking like a no so I went back to the conversation.

 I was still confused on this version of my old friend while his hand seemed to tap on the glass barrier that must be keeping our apart for the time being until I decide to brake it myself because I know better than to question whether or not Gragan put a protection spell on it. I looked around for one more time and still no Bill. I started to grab my sword just in case this started to get worse. 

“Why do want me so bad? And don’t say that you are lonely.” I chimed as the face started to change a little and a dark bird landed near me. I glared at it for just a moment as all I knew I needed to do was touch the hand but that would mean that I would fail on my quest for something that I think would be a devastating for more than just to the land of Kegraw.

“Because you are the only thing that would make this place brighter.” He commented and I noticed that the face was not a friend anymore but was a foe. The Elf like years became a sinister beast that had pointed teeth that seemed to cover the warmth that I had originally thought.  The eyes now had a touch of red instead of the sanded black.

I grasped the hour glass and held it up to my face to see all of the details that this demon that had almost convinced me that he was my old friend from long ago. I moved my face and hand closer and closer till the hand mover passed the glass like it was a hidden plane. The barrier broke around the hand that slowly rose from the glass. I was compelled by this gesture and I was close to grasping the hand that I knew would be a mistake if I took it for what it promised will come true.

“No.” I said and got my head back into the strong mentality that I had in the begging. The face turned into a dark red with anger and started to growl at me, losing all of the presence of my past and now had become a demon.

“What do you mean no?” The voice from the glass boomed of depth and darkness that sent a blast of cold over my body like a door opening to the cold.

“I mean I can see the fraud.” I said and tossed the death clock to the side as I heard it bounce on the grassy ground. I crawled over to make sure I didn’t break it since that hourglass is the only item that I have that would tell me where I stand on the quest.  I noticed that the death clock was still in tacked and it relieved me a little that it didn’t break at all.

I got up from the ground still having that image and death clock on my mind. I still had to keep moving forward despite the incident. I made a tent out of some twigs and long branches that I layered each one strategically in order to keep the rain out.  Each branch was held together by some vines and string that I had found on the way.

After the while I had a grand placement together for the two of us. “Bill?” I called out since it was almost sundown. I waited a little bit in worry for him to call back.

“Bill!” I called out louder thinking that something happened to him. “BILL!”  Suddenly, after calling him for a while I hear ruckus in the brush.  I thought that it was an animal that would eat me but I noticed that my death clock was not on the final drops of my life going away so that calmed me.

“What? I’m coming Mistele!” Bill’s voice rang in the air. I ran to the voice and felt every single branch whack my legs though I didn’t mind while the both of us collided with a thud. I never felt so alone in my life for that few seconds before I found him. I tried to keep myself busy with making the camp but like most things they didn’t last as long as I hoped in pushing my fear aside since I know that I am stronger than to show my fears of dying but at the same time I am torn between the part that I should talk about it with Bill. Though he knows what is going on but at the same time he doesn’t and might judge me for saying things.

I finally ran into Bill as he caught me into his arms. I fell with him to the ground and I lost every sense of dignity at that moment. I started to tear up thinking that I need to start being strong. I quickly did what I normally did whenever I knew I was supposed to be strong and that is to bite my lip with all the force that I could muster to remind myself to stay strong.

“Are you ok?” Bill chimed as he cuddled with me in his arms.  The just small bit of someone cutting me made the world stop revolving around me. I snuggled into him wishing that this would not stop. The sounds of trees seem to magically diminish to silence.

“Don’t leave me alone for a moment I’m… Unsure.” I chimed as I was insecure what to do because I was the strong person in the beginning and now I am acting like a spineless crybaby.

“Unsure of what?” Bill asked as he held me closer. I felt lovely when he wiped an escaped tear off my face. I was so worried that I was not going to make it through the night for some reason. That weird feeling that something was looming over me.

“That the darkness was going to find me” I admitted but it was more than that it was like someone from my past was trying to take me away to their realm forever since I know once you leave than you cannot come back.

“Well we better get back to the camp and I will be with you every step of the way.” Bill said and I for once felt safe enough that the rest of the night felt normal because Bill was there not for a love standpoint but just someone that was there as a friend.

“Don’t leave me.”  I chimed as we walked back to camp together.

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