The quest for the Lifstone

The dark depths of the dragons lair, the ever winter snowflake, the cloak of every mage, I have seen them all but I am going to face the hardest challenge that I had ever faced... The race before death takes me forever....

PLEASE note: some the events in here are through my eyes while I was getting my second heart transplant and are real only portrayed differently to match the book.

(Participated in NANo 2014)


4. chapter 4

I awoke in the same bed that I had been in for a few days as I am entertained by the constant banging of Bill trying to find his footing at times. I got up out of bed and came over to him and held out my hand in a gesture.

“Need help?” I asked and he grasped it calmly.

“Thanks, it seems like your Master had cleaned his place again.” HE laughed and I tilted my head as I noticed that his shoes were not the type for slick stone floors.

“It might help if you have different shoes.” I chimed and he started to laugh like I just told him a joke that was hilarious instead of a suggestion.

“It would but I have nothing on my name except what I have.” Bill sighed and I thought that Spellbouds were like wizards in a way. Both have unlimited magic that they could tap into so they don’t need any potions or using to many at once so they don’t get tired very easily.

“Well I will make sure that you will have at least something to your name.” I chimed Thinking of the eyesore of the empty Spellbound hut that hunts me since everyone that I had dies with me on a journey and they all lived in that house.

“Will you now Mistele?” Grag chimed holding a bag of something and an hourglass with a filter in it. I never had him look as unsure of himself as he set the two items onto the table.

“Yes Grag, I will make sure of it. Now what is this that you are coming up with?” I hissed at him as he glared at me with daggers in his eyes.

“It is an hourglass of timestamp. I am going to bind it to you that way we know exactly how long we have to find the Lifstone.” Gragan explained like I was supposed to know this wizard talk of what was supposed to happen. Sometimes I have to remind him that I am not a mind decoder.

“So what tis this Lifstone exactly?” I chimed and Gragon flashed new life in his eyes. He started to travel around the place with a newfound step as he scanned the shelves for something that was on this topic that I need to get.

“The Lifstone, is the most powerful stone that is known in the world. It is very rare because it is born out of the life of the earth itself to where it is blessed and carved by the gods and the several lives that the destruction taken when it had swept over the aria. The stone could take millions of years to make but when it does it as a small rose inside flames that is inside the crystals in a shape of a heart.” Gragan explained and I was mystified about what he said. However, something confused me and that was the part that he said that the Lifstone takes that long to regenerate or even expose itself that might mean that there isn’t many left.

“So where do I get my hands on one of these?” I chimed as I made myself at home by leaning on the desk that was behind me. I figured this was when the exclamation goes from bad to worse because Grag’s face started to slowly loose it’s color with every word I said.

“Well, um that might be the problem.” He chimed and I sighed thinking that this had to be the obvious part that the conversation held.

“What problem?” I hissed not wanting any more roadblocks than what I already have.

“Well, um there hasn’t been a natural disaster in many years.” Gragan chimed and I slammed my fist in amazement with a bit of disgust that nothing had happened in years.

“Why is that? There has to be something somewhere where a Lifstone is created! Could there be one in Disastarprone?” I rambled thinking that there has to be one there because of the reputation.

“Not since we gave them the clove of fortune.” Gragon sighed and I rolled my eyes thinking that we just had to save them from their cursed place.

“So, how are we supposed to find one now?” I sassed thinking that there has to be a way to get a Lifstone.

“Well there is the quest aspect for you. You always liked an adventure.”  Gragon chimed.

“Sweet an adventure for the two of us!” Bill hollered while he looked like he had won something grand by the way he jumped with glee.

“WE are not going on an adventure only me!” I was furious now and thinking that I was going to waste moments of my life trying to plan this out when most of my quests didn’t have a plan anyway. I went over and grasped my sword and tied it onto the belt that I was wearing. 

“I rather him go with you.” Grag sighed and looked away like he knew he was saying the one thing that I did not want to hear.

“Why? I can take care of myself!” I called as I looked back to see Bill about to cry while Grag looked me straight in the eyes which meant he was serious about something.

“I rather him go with you… just for my sake I can’t think of you doing this alone Mistele especially in your, well, condition.” He explained and I knew I wasn’t going to win with this fight so I agreed.

“Really, I get to go on a quest with the best Myter that is in the lands? This is an honor mam. Sir, you will not be disappointed since her life is in good hands.” Bill exclaimed brightly as his face was full of excitement that made me gag inside.

“Anyway, there is a way that you can see how much longer you have to live. “ HE said as he placed the last piece of the hour glass figure together. The red beams held the two blown glass cones together by binding sap and vines that were cut thin like a cage.

“A death clock?” I asked thinking that this has to be the weirdest thing that Grag had given me. 

“It’s better than nothing, Mistele.”He hissed and I started to take the hourglass but Grag stopped me. “It still needs to be bounded to you or else it might as well be a sundial.”

I set the hourglass down on the table and stepped away slowly. “What is needed to be done?” I asked thinking that I should have known better. Gragan started to rush as he grabbed several items from the shelf that included, Black sand that was pre mages so it would be easier for spells to conjure to whatever the caster wants, and some binding potions into a glass over a small burner.

“Just something that is part of your pure compounds.” Gram chimed.

“Oh I got this for you Gagan!” Bill chimed and tried to snatch a peace of my hair but it immediately turned into a dance of me trying to doge his grasp. I knew he was trying to help but this was going the wrong way at getting my one of the three pure compounds for the bond.

“I’ll agree to it! Which version would you need, blood, hair or spit?” I asked and Bill looked away with his arms crossing his chest. His eyes turned into daggers while I shrugged my shoulders, ignoring the threat.

“Well I prefer blood, but this time I think our easiest item to do is hair.” Gragan explained.

 I nodded as I wrapped my fingers around a small strand of hair. I tried to yank it out but I must have had a light grip since it slipped out of my hand. I tried again and had only gotten the same result. I tried again and again but without any luck.

“Do you need some help?” Bill asked with the widest smile that I had ever seen.

“Sure.” I said and let him pull one piece of hair off of my head in one pull that I couldn’t do in three.

He placed the peace of the hair into the mixture and a blast of light filled the room as Gragan started to say the curse.  Red lights flowed from the mixture and swirled around me in a blanketed format that even Bill had to move away that way he did not get wrapped up into the bond and mess with the outcome.

I started to see a smaller life that is in front of me play out as a smaller me started to play with the light as she started to dance around me making the bonding experience a bit more enjoyable though that was about to change very quickly. I felt my chest start to tighten once more but it wasn’t’ like before where it was where I was practically paralyzed it was light to where I could still enjoy the colors that I could feel flow though my fingers and give me a sense that it is running smoothly. I felt calm as my breath slowly released from my lungs and moved the colors in a wonderful formation of self-play and manipulation.

Suddenly, something changed the colors went from nice and warm reds, yellows and oranges that tuned into blacks, blues, and uncannily images that plagued me over the years as I stood against them as the darkness reached out slowly to grasp my limbs. Each one was turned blacker and blacker and then sadly the black dimed to where I started to wonder if I was going to pass away right now.

“Mistele. Keep calm!” Bill called as a reminder for me to do just that and I glared at him since I only had been in this dark part on the bound for only a few minutes. I was calm during this since it wasn’t my first time doing this as each piece of the darkened dust became light once more before the final blast that blinded me to where I collapsed on the floor for only a second.

“That was amazing!” Bill shouted as I got up quickly.

“That wasn’t my first bounding experience.” I huffed still trying to comprehend that it was over. Gragon smiled with glee that I was still here and the spirits with the houses of the gods didn’t take me. “But I don’t understand Grag, Why do I feel weaker than what I normally do afterwards?”  I asked and he looked away while Bill quickly gave me a chair to sit in.

“You will be like this or maybe worse till you find the Stone.” He sighed as he fastened the hourglass. I noticed that the black sand had seeped to the bottom of the glass telling me that the tiny pile at the top was all I the time I had to live.

“Not much.” I sighed as I grabbed the hourglass to examine it. The black powder was mostly on the bottom and at least an inch was on the top that let a small flake drop to the bottom half. The flake was going to turn into regular sand like the rest that was on the bottom of the glass. I could see a small thread of my life get thinner while the speck sounded off in a sonic boom that would strike the hour of the greatest defeat.

“Sorry about the bad news but the glass doesn’t lie.” Grag sighed as he seemed like he couldn’t even look at me as he put the Ingredients back on the shelves. His movements were slow like mine should be soon.

“I understand.” I said. I start to go outside thinking that that hourglass is going to be gone quicker than I ever thought it would.

“Wait! I better say a few things before you go on the quest.” Gragan yelled and I stopped once more to listen thinking that another drop of sand could drop while we are talking.

“Make it quick Grag,” I huffed knowing that he is just trying to take care of me and to go through the normal routine.

“Just make sure you stop at the prayer hall for your blessing. And make sure you stock up…” Grag started to ramble while I opened the door thinking that he is overdoing the guardian thing again.

“Grag, It is not the first quest that I had been on when lived are at stake. I should be absolutely fine.” I said and he brought me closer to him for a hug. I could hear a soft muffle out of him as I could tell that he was trying his best not to see me as a statue or a lost angel.

“I just can’t believe that you are so young but…” Grag chimed and I could see after the hug that he didn’t understand the face that I rather try and accept my fate than stay here and wait for something to happen.

“I am stronger than I look Grag and you of all people should know that.” I sighed as I made my way to the door. I took the longest look that I had of this castle thinking that I had spent my years here and to think that I might never come again.

I start making my way out with a heavy heart as I can only think of what the people of the kingdom would say when they hear that I had went on a journey that I have a very fuzzy future ahead. I never knew that staring death in the face would enlighten me in this new adventure but also a weary feeling since you had heard stories of people not making it past the starting gates.

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