The quest for the Lifstone

The dark depths of the dragons lair, the ever winter snowflake, the cloak of every mage, I have seen them all but I am going to face the hardest challenge that I had ever faced... The race before death takes me forever....

PLEASE note: some the events in here are through my eyes while I was getting my second heart transplant and are real only portrayed differently to match the book.

(Participated in NANo 2014)


31. chapter 31

“Bill!” I called and set the Clove of fortune in his lap. He started to cough a bit and opened his eyes just a little to see me. He looked beaten to a pulp with every single scratch that is left on his body. I knew he was living by a strand of life while I showed what I had found.

“You should have not done that Mistele.” His voice came down to a whisper that was very week and hard to hear. He looked amazed that he was seeing the same thing as I was since tears were starting to conjure up in his eyes and I wasn’t sure if it was from pain or just the same excitement that I was feeling.  However, when I thought about what Bill had said I was horrified.

The thought that rushed through my head was why in the world would he want to die? Living is the greatest gift that someone could give you. Besides, I could wait since I am not as injured as Bill is right now. But the question still rang in my head to where it came out of my mouth. “Why?”

“Because, I was going to die anyway.”  He chimed and I was dumfounded by his answer. He quietly grabbed my hand and placed it in his. I felt my throat swell up with tears and he wiped them away with his other hand.  I didn’t want to him to go and here I am thinking of ways to save him though the people of Disastraprone possibly wouldn’t help us out at all.

“You can’t.” I finally say thinking that there is only one more shot that I have left in my bag of tricks since I felt life just being here through a plant instead of being physically in the real world with me.  Now I am thinking of using the stone on him since I can’t bear the look on his weary face and I knew that this was hurting him more than me.

“Look at me Mistelle! I was there for the Clove, for you. I’ve done my part!” He yelled and it made me think that I had to say it to him that I could wait. I felt fine other than a little bit of pain that was surging through me through the effort of pushing back the emotions than anything.

“But you had been my rock through all of this.” I said and that was the last straw for my effort of holding back. A bit of anger raged through my body, every emotion from the happiness to seeing my good friend dying in front of me was more than enough for the waterfall to start again.

“And I will continue that job.” Bill chimed as his eyes went to the Lifstone.  The one thing of life that was between the both of us. The flames were still pure and the rose was still closed inside it, ready for use. I went over and placed my arms around it thinking that I can use whatever little Manna I have left. 

“You will.” I chimed knowing that this would save him. I started to say the spell as the stone glowed in my hands. The warmth of life was something that I had never felt before thinking that the stone was calming me down a bit since it became security for me that Bill was going to continue this Quest with me.

Suddenly, in the middle of it the spell I felt tired and the Stone stopped glowing. I felt ashamed that I could not use the stone. Ashamed, I knew that I had failed Bill as more weight fell on top of my shoulders. I started hitting my legs in pure misery.  I felt worthless that I knew that this was the only thing to get Bill well and both of us back searching for another. This time it would be for

“Let me.” I hear out of his mouth. I felt like I had failed as I handed over the Lifstone but just before I did I reared back thinking that he was going to just use it on me.

“No, I am not going to just let you go.” I cried and Bill looked at me with saddened eyes. It felt horrible that he could be the one that could use it while I am sitting here letting him dwindle away.

“Mistele, look at the two of us.  You have so much more ahead then me.” He said and I was starting to see things his way thinking that I should just let things be. That shred of doubt of him portraying me started to fade and I started to clench the Lifstone for the last time. Who was I to doubt the person that had been through so much with me?

“Use this on yourself. Remember I am fine with waiting.” I sighed as I felt the stone slowly slide out of my hands and into his. I knew that he was up to something as he maneuvered the stone to get a better grip on the cooling stone and become very distant in his eyes.

“Arcrin vu Lifstone whov lif has en.” Bill started to say the spell which sounded more like a prayer than anything the words are that of an accent book from long ago that most Spellbounds find in a wizard’s archive. “Trasven tis lif ti ani whom nom I nime. For tis lif has en an redom vu renew.”

Suddenly, I started to have second thoughts but I knew it was too late. I had already given him the stone and the spell is already being stated to where there is no turning back now. I felt the warmth of a renewed life the want of me living longer was finally going to happen. My hands started to glow a little while dust surrounded my body while Bill kept going. Then I remembered one thing that I wanted to say to Bill for a long time.

“Bill wait!” I called thinking that he would stop the spell just for this sentence. The rush of this one sentence trying its hardest to make it out of my mouth as I felt my throat dry up and a rush of sleep washed over me.

“For tis Lifstone es thear.” Bill continued now louder than when he started and trying to spit every word out of his mouth. I wanted to stop him but the want to falter for the spell was starting to become harder for me to handle but I kept fighting it just to get this last sentence that would mean a world of peace for at least me if the spell doesn’t work at all.

“Bill, think about what you are doing by trying to block me out!” I called knowing now he doesn’t understand what I was trying to make him listen to. The spell was just about over now and I have one last shot. All I could think about was him and that last thing that I needed to say. However, I couldn’t while I hear my name chime out of his mouth as a blast of triumph for the spell to work and take over me once and for all.


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