The quest for the Lifstone

The dark depths of the dragons lair, the ever winter snowflake, the cloak of every mage, I have seen them all but I am going to face the hardest challenge that I had ever faced... The race before death takes me forever....

PLEASE note: some the events in here are through my eyes while I was getting my second heart transplant and are real only portrayed differently to match the book.

(Participated in NANo 2014)


30. chapter 30

We looked at each other in temptation to open it. I smiled from ear to ear knowing that this has to be the place.  I placed my hands on the door and knew that I was walking into danger. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open to see that there was a dark room with many treasures around.

“I never knew Disastraprone was this rich since we had given them the clove.” I chimed looking at everything that was around us. The litters of gold and the stash of the Lifstones were perfect examples of how it had gotten along with the times. The metals shimmered with what little light was around and items were on pedestals that were gifts for various resins.

“I first noticed during the festival.” Bill chimed. Then something large landed behind us in a big thump that made the room shake and a few items fall to the floor. I turned around slowly just enough time to see that there was a pair of dark glowing blue eyes.  I wasn’t sure what it was thinking that death was after me again as those eyes reminded me of the nightmare.  I knew better to show fear to whatever was in front of me because it would only become more problems than what it should.

“Bill, don’t move. I can’t tell if these are sirens or dwarves dragons.” I whispered and moved my fingers just so I could light a flame.  I moved the flame slowly upwards to see what it was. I could see the light sectors of what was a siren with many different eyes.  Her hair was a deep red and brown like the royal colors of Disastraprone while her body looked like she had been here for centuries as the chains finally caught up to her and they clattered loudly, making me jump and become defensive. She stared into my eyes as if to read what I was doing here in the treasure room as I wondered what she was going to do. Her eyes were saddened as if she was reading me perfectly as if I wanted to barrow something or I just got lost.

“Mistele, I have the clove there was a…” Bill chimed happily and the Siren screamed at my face showing her sharp fangs and shaking the castle like it was on a fault line for an earthquake.  My heart jumped a little as my reaction was a swift sword to the head letting my blade slashes through her soul.  I was stunned but I should have known better that this beast was more than just a siren; it was a banshee, a bounded ghost that can summon powers like no other. This time was an alarm to where all I could think of was that I am out of options other than run.

“No time Bill, we have to get out of here!” I said and grabbed his hand to run to the drain.  I could see the monster behind us while several guards were joining the chase. I didn’t want any more blood on my hands so I was using every spell that I could think of to stun the guards then to hurt them with permeate affects. I felt my mind spin faster on the route that we took to get back to the drain.

Every turn that we took was starting to feel like a marathon as I wanted to find that cell faster. It seemed like every turn was not worth it but finding more and more guards or that ghost in our way. The Banshee started to form ball of some sort of powerful substance. The orb of purple flames grew bigger and bigger before it let it go. I thought quickly as the orb whizzed past us and I could feel the heat from the orb as Bill yelped in pain.

“What’s wrong?”  I called and he just handed me the Clove. I could see in his eyes that I was supposed to have this and I knew what he was doing now, saving me. I felt my mind race on things to say but Bill beat me to it.

“Go! Leave me!” Bill called out in the darkness since my flame had run out when I was given the Clove. I couldn’t leave him it was bad enough that I had one follower die I was not going to let him go. I tried to help him up but he was refusing while another powerful orb was coming right toward us. I stood in front of it letting it come closer and closer without fear if I would die. I felt the sweet gather in my palm while waiting for the orb to be in a perfect position for me to cut it in half.

I timed my sword just right and slashed the orb in a block that swished past both of us. I felt the power that I never felt against my sword before that was full of anger and sadness. I lifted my block to see the two halves disappear behind me in puffs of smoke. I let my hand out to Bill and this time he took it without question possibly noticing that I wasn’t messing around.

We started back at our escape though the dungeon.  Bill was slower than normal but I didn’t know the seriousness of his injury as we finally found the grated roof.  I could see the moon now though the starless night signaling the upcoming dawn.

I glanced at Bill and he looked like he was fading, fast with blood coming from behind his leg and back. I knew that we would have to climb our way up though I wasn’t sure how without leaving more evidence than what we had. I set Bill down and noticed that he had a charm that looked different to me. I felt tired though the adrenaline was pumping through my veins as I snatched the charm from him leaving the clove in its place for now.

“It’s a rope charm.”   Bill explained and I smiled thinking that this is exactly what we need. I could see the darkening of blood that was on the ground and I thought for sure that we would be caught.

“I would have to use the rest of my manna for this.” I said and Bill nodded.

“Go, save yourself.” He said though I knew better as I could feel the heat of the Banshee’s orb go pass our hiding spot. He breathed as if death was going to take him from me. I said the spell letting the charm fall to the ground to control the rope’s accent to the grate.

I maneuvered it with my free hand to wrap itself around me and Bill. I saw the astonishment on his face when he was lifted to the service. I kept my eyes on the ground bellow while only looking up to see my landing.

I saw the glow come through the wall and it didn’t take the monster long to realize that we were escaping. It showed its teeth and screeched a horrible screech that made my ears shatter a bit though it wasn’t the screech that worried me most. The scent of smoke started to fill the air leaving me to think that Disastraprone was more cursed than anything else.

 I could see bits of ash dust the sky like snow which only meant one thing, an eruption was about to happen from one of the volcanos that line the outside of the kingdom. I knew what I had to do while little meteors started to spew everywhere. Little rocks became pure fiery bullets that rain on top of us with intention to kill while the Banshee was throwing another orb at us that was the same intensity of what I could see above us.

I landed on my feet while Bill wasn’t as lucky as the orb grassed his back as he fell from the rope as if he never jumped and let the rope take him as high as the Banshee would let him before the rope would dissolve way from the heat. Down he went, looking limp as ever but still holding the same Clove of Fortune that I was wondering how much more he could take before the Clove gives up on him.  I caught him just before he fell back to the hell battle that was going on below while another orb just missed the both of us as I got us both out of the fire path landing in the grass that was nearby shielding Bill from the blast.

I can see that Bill’s eyes were closed but he was still with me for the moment. I could see that he needed the Clove as I rushed over where it landed when I protected Bill and grabbed it just to try to see if Bill would talk to me. As I grasped my hands around the plant pot I spotted something that was valuable for the both of us right now. A Lifstone was sitting right next to the Clove.

I felt wonderful that we had found a Lifstone. A swell of excitement filled me while I was examining the stone thinking that it was over. I felt all the stress fall off knowing that we are both are going to be saved since this had shown just in time to be used. I could feel the smile and excitement swell up while I could not believe what was right in front of me while my mind raced a mile a minute on what to say and do.

The blue flames looked dim enough that I could touch it while the rose inside was bright and colorful like it was young and just on the cuff of blooming into something wonderful instead of falling apart. The perfect one but whose death would be my burden? I wouldn't know. I just knew that I couldn’t take this for myself, there was someone that needed it much more than me.

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