The quest for the Lifstone

The dark depths of the dragons lair, the ever winter snowflake, the cloak of every mage, I have seen them all but I am going to face the hardest challenge that I had ever faced... The race before death takes me forever....

PLEASE note: some the events in here are through my eyes while I was getting my second heart transplant and are real only portrayed differently to match the book.

(Participated in NANo 2014)


29. chapter 29

I woke in the bed again but this time it was still night. The two dreams seemed to go together for me as I couldn’t believe what I had experienced. The darkest moment of my life was about to happen and I could feel it.

I glanced around and knew if I was supposed to die both those times I had lasted because of pure fate. I wished that I could talk more about this to Bill though I didn’t want to frighten him more than what I had. 

I went to the water room and splashed myself with the liquid that was in a fountain that presented itself as a fish. I knew what I had to do this night as I grasped my cape that hung on one of the hooks that was on the wall. I placed my sword on my hip. I glanced back at Bill knowing this is extreme measures but I noticed that Bill was missing.

“He didn’t do the same thing that I was thinking.” I said to myself as I went out the door.

The night was breezy and there weren’t any stars, just the candle lit lamps lighting my path to the castle. I stopped right there knowing that I would be banned from Disastraprone altogether if I was spotted inside. The moat that surrounded the place was filled with water. I placed my sword inside and tried to arouse anything that was inside.

Thankfully nothing came up at me so I figured that I was safe unless there was a spell placed on the water for it to only corrode skin or make me sick.

“There has to be a way around this other than jumping into it.” I said to myself and could see that this was a basic castle design to where if I wanted in I could go through by the under tunnels. I walked around the castle to the end of the moat where it became a stream that was only trickling small traces of water. I liked the calming sound of the water that was by since it kept my head in check. I spot something to the left of me and a smile greased across my face since it is not a sewer aria that I knew of in this land. I hopped over the stream to the lower aria to see bars crossing the hole meaning this was a prison grate.  I stood up and raised my hand to point my Manna to the hole.

“Oprana se sell.” I murmured and it turned the bars just so that a screech played out throughout the land.  I looked around quickly to see that the coast was still clear. I lifted the gate and slid in. The air diced through my body before quietly landing in a lunge position that turned into a tumble roll.  I smiled at what I had done so far.

I hear the soft his of me pulling my sword out of its holster out of caution than anything since I am now inside. The whispers of the wind were the only thing that I could hear at the moment while I felt around the cold and damp penitentiary compartment till I found bars. I let the darkness become my guide for a while since I couldn’t hear anything till I almost used another spell to open the door.

“Mistele is going to love this when I get back to the room.” I can hear and I swore that I heard Bill’s voice and I quickly flattened myself against the side walls that was opposite of where Bill’s voice was coming from.

I glanced around in the darkness but could see nothing but a small firelight palm that I knew would mean four things, an Elder leader, a wizard, a different Spellbound, or Bill. I didn’t have to wait long at all to get my answer since I was slow at getting into cover.

“Mistele is that you?”

“Bill?” I questioned and was ready to fight but it was Bill that was connected to the voice. His face was lit by the flames that were dancing in his palm. The wideness of his eyes told me that I was not the only one that didn’t plan this far. I was in complete astonishment l that he was here but I was still questioning why.

“Yes?” He asked this time in a slow draw like a kid waiting for his parent to yell at him fallowed by a punishment of some sort.

“What in the world are you doing here?” I asked knowing quite well why.

“I thought I would steal the Cove of Fortune for you.”  He said and it felt cowardly romantic to me that he would risk his life in order to make sure that we have something for me to live longer. Sadly, I knew what it meant and instead of him trying to talk me out of grabbing the Clove I had to talk HIM out.

“That is sweet and all but we can’t.” I explained in a rush. “We have to think about the people of Disastraprone and is that worth more than one life.”

“No,” He sighed but then he looked like something sparked in his mind and the flame burned brighter than he ever had before.  I backed up a smidge to get away from the heat as he was rambling as much as me. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t barrow it till something happens.” Bill was right we could do that and I liked it a lot.

I fallowed Bill down the halls and it seemed like he was using one of my favorite charms, the locator charm. He would look in the gemmed center and seemed confident where we were heading.

“This is becoming too easy.” I was thinking out loud and Bill agreed. We turned a corner and I heard something come over. The happy sounds of knighted boots coming to us as we quickly found ourselves a hiding hole that was very close together.  I could feel the heat off of Bill as he could possibly feel mine. Bill looked at me dead in the eyes and reached for my hand that was empty while he blew out his flame in an instant putting us back into darkness.

“Who goes there?” I hear the knight call out into the halls but we were silent as a mouse while the mettle boots became louder and louder. With each step I was readying myself for battle while I wasn’t sure who was holding the other’s the tightest.  “Hello?”

“Go away, go away.” Was all I could think about since the last thing I wanted was Disastraprone blood on my hands. The knight came inches from us with a torch in hand since most knights do not have any Mana other than what they had found in fighting styles.

Soon the clinging of the boots started to go the other way in a huff which I felt relieved about. I looked up at Bill as he lit his flame once more in his palm. I can read the close call having a forever impact on him as long as he would live.

“This is definitely something that I will never forget.” He chimed and I tilted my head a little while he turned up the charm factor about him. “The way you look is once that is scared but in love with danger.  I get it because I like it as well.” Bill chimed and then he started to get closer to me as if he was trying to kiss since the flame was low.

“Well get ready to get more excited since we can kiss after this succeeds.” I teased and pulled the both of us out of the spot.

We made our way through the halls without many issues which once again I did not like at all.  We did have to hide once in a while but there wasn’t any bloodshed, only close calls of being captured. Soon a grand locked door that reminded me of the one that the King had in Kegraw for his best treasures.

“This must be their main vault. The Clove has to be in here.” I exclaimed and never felt happier in my life as a wave of relief washed over me thinking that this quest is going to end very soon. 

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