The quest for the Lifstone

The dark depths of the dragons lair, the ever winter snowflake, the cloak of every mage, I have seen them all but I am going to face the hardest challenge that I had ever faced... The race before death takes me forever....

PLEASE note: some the events in here are through my eyes while I was getting my second heart transplant and are real only portrayed differently to match the book.

(Participated in NANo 2014)


24. chapter 24

Days had passed but there hadn’t been much luck with the Lifstone. It seemed like I had been looking around for nothing though I knew it would turn out ok. I had started to get anxious and had been hinting the fact that I wouldn’t mind trying Disasterprone again.

“I am not sure Mistele, we had been banned from the place.” Bill tried to explain to me but I wasn’t listening once more since there was still a chance that we missed a Lifstone.

“And it had been a while. They might change their minds, besides I don’t want to speak to the queen.”

“But Mistele this place is full of young there has to be something for you!” He tried to convince me but I knew I couldn’t wait here since Disastraprone is finally looking like a city.

“Bill that is the point! It doesn’t! Since I can see the others living their own lives and I feel like I am watching a movie around me. Every person looks so well and here I am, hidden in the crowd other than the fact that I know better than to say I am exactly like them” I explained and he looked ashamed that we are going back though he could try to convince me some more though he could see where I am coming from.

I was missing my old life of being active, going on quests nonstop and loving every minute of peaking around the corner to see something grand to fight, dodge or what I am on the quest for. Here it is a game of patients and not letting the realm of darkness hold me back. I could see though Bill that he was concerned that we were going back but I had already given up here to where I know one thing that Disastraprone can’t live without, it’s clove of fortune.  A plan hit me perfectly to where I knew exactly what to do. Steal the clove.

“Mistelle what are you thinking?” Bill questioned while I was smiling widely. He knew that sometimes my smile holds something very dark.

“Steel the clove, just enough for it to be standing upright after the disaster itself.” I explained a bit too loud. I quickly backpedaled my thoughts thinking that I was rambling out loud and it was true.

Bill looked astonished that I had said that and he quickly looked around for anything that would hush our voices for at least a few munities. He tried to find someplace quiet to where none could hear me, even if I got loud because of excitement. Instead he grabbed my hand and ran inside an abandoned building.

“Are you mad? That might kill so many instead of placing a Lifstone in your hands!” Bill tried to reason with me while his face was full of him being scared and unsure because of pass events that had hindered my mind to possibly mark me as insane.

“That is what I am willing to do, this place is nice yes but nothing dangerous happens here by the time disaster strikes, there is nothing left for me to look at other there the fact that there was my chance.” I yelled and Bill shook his head knowing that this was not the Mistele that started the journey.

“OK, though I hope that you had looked over this carefully.” Bill sighed and I knew he is just fallowing me now to make sure that I don’t go insane. I went forth and we were dead silent. Bill looked around and acted strange as if he was the one with the death clock look staring at his face instead of me.

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