The quest for the Lifstone

The dark depths of the dragons lair, the ever winter snowflake, the cloak of every mage, I have seen them all but I am going to face the hardest challenge that I had ever faced... The race before death takes me forever....

PLEASE note: some the events in here are through my eyes while I was getting my second heart transplant and are real only portrayed differently to match the book.

(Participated in NANo 2014)


23. chapter 23

I stared at it, unknowing all of a sudden what to do. It was a beautiful bright blue and purple with gas like flames that surrounded a beautiful partly opened rose. I grasped the Lifstone in my hands and it felt right for it to be mine.

“Bill I found it!” I called out and Bill rushed over and stared at it. I flashed a smile that was full of relief and ready to get this part over with while Bill was stone faced as something was about to happen.

“It’s about to dim.” He sighed and I glared at him sternly. The stone looked perfect until I started to rub it gently. The pestles fell off the rose like my hopes with this and smashed into the bottom flames. The flames lifted to where I could feel the heat of life wanting to escape. Soon the stone was too hot for me to hold and I dropped it.

The sound of the stone braking and shattering into pieces made me think of one item that I haven’t looked at in a long time. I knelt at the pieces of stone and grabbed the shards in haste. “This can’t be happening! It was perfect!” I cried as I could feel tears of anger stroll down my cheeks.

“Mistele, that Lifstone would only last a short while, you would only be searching for another one afterwards.” Bill explained as he stared at the same shards as I was.

“But as normal, we were so close.” I said and he looked away. I could see the stress of seeing me this way grease across his face. I finally tossed the shards aside. I looked up at Bill and asked him the one thing that I would never thought of asking. “Can I see my death clock?”

Bill was silent and saddened that I had asked for my nemesis once more. The cold bars of the Death Clock reminded me that my time was running shorter and shorter. I tried to remember my room or something for inspiration since I had become weary.

“Mistelle, don’t focus on that... you have other things to look forward to.” Bill said and he tried to take away the Death Clock but I still had a magnificent grip on it. We tugged on it back and forth like little kids. Childish fight that should had never happen as we bumped into the stand and landed within the shards.

“Let me see my darkness!” I cried and Bill’s hands started to glow. I had never seen that before to where it started to scare me. I pushed him back and he faltered backward to another booth. 

He let go of the glass and used his hands to balance himself on the booth that, unfortunately, was a booth that was selling sparklers. The booth caught the flames from his hands quickly as a slew of colors erupted into a rainbow explosion with the smell of smoke into the air.

“Oh, no.”  Bill said as he quickly ran toward me and I grasped his hand while he passed. I could see my Death Clock in the past but I was focused on finding cover first. It can’t completely time my death, can it?

We hunkered down a few blocks away as the rest of the sparks caught fire. The flame concord the booth and the charm station next to it. Mystical lights became rockets in the blue sky and I felt like a child once more but this time in a good way. The blasts were cannons in the daytime sky while the colors were almost choreographed to a spectacular performance.

 I glanced over to Bill when the last of the items started to go off and he had the look of complete horror while I saw it as something hilarious. I started to laugh out loud while he moved his facial expression from horror to a question without a word.

“That was amazing Bill.” I said and wrapped my arms around him. I had completely forgotten about the Death Clock until he said something.

“The life of a spellbound for you. At least it got your mind off of the…” He laughed and I went into panic as I jumped out of our hiding spot of a few crates and rushed to find the Death Clock.

I could feel the dust of ash and other mystical powers cling to my boots and leggings with each step. I knew it had to still be in tacked since I am alive and I accidently kicked something that was like my Death Clock.

I bent over and I could feel the ash that cleaned onto the mettle as the rest that couldn’t hold on fell like a waterfall. I was pleased that it was still intact but there was something else that I needed to confirm. I wiped off the ash that was on the true hourglass portion and the black sand looked about the same as last time on the top section, good.

“It looks fine Mistele.” Bill said as he caught up with me and I started to clean the Clock better.

“I’m glad since this is what is keeping me going.” I lied but Bill doesn’t need to know that.

“How? This is the enemy?” He cried and I was smiling at him since I had faltered to my old obsession.

“Not anymore, I am tired of waiting and looking. I think I should accept my fate and whatever comes, comes.” I chimed and it must have not sounded right to Bill because it sounded like someone else to me.

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