The quest for the Lifstone

The dark depths of the dragons lair, the ever winter snowflake, the cloak of every mage, I have seen them all but I am going to face the hardest challenge that I had ever faced... The race before death takes me forever....

PLEASE note: some the events in here are through my eyes while I was getting my second heart transplant and are real only portrayed differently to match the book.

(Participated in NANo 2014)


2. chapter 2

I awoke on some white sheets and some sort of Spellbound standing right over me. He had midnight blue hair with black tips and gray colorless eyes. The Spellbound’s ears were normal but the face had slight hints that it was magical being. I started to panic a little since I was not expecting this person to be right above my face and chanting hello till I opened my eyes completely.

“She is alive the girl that I brought you is alive!”  The Spellbound called and I heard footsteps coming my way.

“Where am I and who are you?” I asked in panic thinking that I was still in that Wizard’s dungeon.

“I’m Bill and you are home?” He chimed.

“Yes she is home Bill, thank you for saving her and notifying me since was in the room next door. “ I hear Gragon say and I felt more at ease since I hear his old raspy voice that I have heard ever since I was little to become the girl that I am today.

“Grag?” I weekly chimed and he came to me and leaned over me.   His white hair showed his age though it had some gray in it but not much. His face was never touched by age other than a few places. His robes were lively as a peace of his normal self to hide his dull personality.

“Hush, Mistale, save your strength.” Gragan slowly and softly whispered and stroked my short hair giving me a sense of security. I placed my hand on top of his when he stopped at my cheek. I could see the stone walls and the wooden beams that stipend the ceiling with the potions and ingredients everywhere for easy find and use.

“But I had failed I must…” I tried to say but all of a sudden my chest tightened to where I couldn’t breathe and felt my entire body tense. There was unbelievable pain that sent my mind into a top like motion trying to think of ways to suppress the pain but nothing was working for me as I started to wine and wince in pain. Unfortunately, the pain intensified if I moved but thankfully my chest loosened up a little at a time and I relaxed.

“What was that?” I asked and Grag looked like he had just seen me die. He quietly moved to his stash of ingredients to use and made me a potion silently not telling me what’s in it or what he is doing to make it.

“I found you almost dead like this.” The spellbound chimed happily as if it was a good thing that I almost died. I was frightened by this news because I had never been close to death before and now here I am at its doorstep waiting for it to take me in but I refuse.

“With what?” I asked almost sitting up but there was a stinging pain that I never felt before as if it was a burning knife and I fell back onto my fluffy pillow that I could tell was from my own bed.

“Stophenhara. A slow and deadly spell that could take hours to days to kill a person. In that time it slows a heart and gives the person terrible pain that could collapse the mightiest Wizard-knight.” Grag explained and he lowered my shirt to reveal my chest to show the bright blue and red marking that was pictured like a fireball but smaller as burnt skin was inside this marking as well.

I starred at this for a while trying not to cry thinking that this could not be happening.  The thought that I was facing something that not a lot of people face was making me special but I was not sure what my fate was. I wanted to change this direction that I am going for right now. This was more and more becoming an out of body experience while my mind raced in circles to try to comprehend what to do next as I watch Grag started to poor the potion onto my chest.

I felt the warm liquid on my body as it seeped into my skin. The part they never tell you while lying in a healing wizard’s presence is that it is kind of intimidating to a normal person since there is cans of body parts for experiments that I never understood but I always ignored it.

 “How long do I have?” I asked sadly as a tear escaped me and The Spellbound wiped it away and I glanced at him.

“We... don’t... know…” The Spellbound squeaked out of his voice. it was like I was dying and those two are planning my funeral when I am right here and kind of fine.

“Then I should get going NOW! I am wasting time laying here and replay the sadness for everyone else that comes in here!” I yelled as I slowly jumped out of bed faster than what that Spellbound could ever catch me. I raced out of bed and quickly slid on a short  knee length red dress that must had been made for me and my leather that is made out of black saber tooth cat pelt.  I was glad that my old outfit serviced and placed it on gingerly. My wound still stung but not as bad as when my body locked up.

“Mistele, I encourage you to stop this instant!” My old guardian tries to encourage me to stay and I was way to determine to do so. I could see the furiousness that was gathering in his eyes and I was not going to let that stop me until he uses a spell to stop me.

“I am dying Gragan! If that is not good enough as an excuse than I don’t know what would!” I called and found my sword by the door like I had entered the place on my own power.

“But you will just get weaker!” Grag called out and The Spellbound touched me on the arm.

“Please stay, I had seen this before.” He chimed and I ripped my arm from his grasp. I started to walk out of the place until I heard the words that I didn’t want to hear. “They died because they didn’t wait for the original wound to heal.”

I stopped in my tracks and glanced around thinking that this has to be a joke but I must listen in order for a way to get out. “Really?” I asked and The Spellbound guy looked like he was about in tears.

“It was one of my friends that worked for that Wizard that you were fighting.  He was trying to escape and was scared to where he ran after he woke. The spell went into effect because it knew that my friend was scared, lust like that spell wants to feed off of because the body can become its host.” HE started to ramble and I looked away thinking that I am starting to be foolish though my hourglass is dropping sand and I have a hole in the side which makes it run faster.

“But there isn’t any more time I must leave.” I said as I tore open the door and started to walk through. Sadly my escape was cut short by something hitting me in the back and making the world turn black ones more as the only words that I hear is from Grag.

“This is for your own safety.”

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