The quest for the Lifstone

The dark depths of the dragons lair, the ever winter snowflake, the cloak of every mage, I have seen them all but I am going to face the hardest challenge that I had ever faced... The race before death takes me forever....

PLEASE note: some the events in here are through my eyes while I was getting my second heart transplant and are real only portrayed differently to match the book.

(Participated in NANo 2014)


17. chapter 17

I felt the wood and water hit my rump as the guards threw me outside. The dark chains disappeared in a smoky vapor. I immediately got to my feet and charged at the door. I slammed my fists into the door thinking that I had done wrong.  “No!” I yelled before I started pounding on the door. “Let me in! you have no idea what you are doing?” I called out as I heard Bill beside me.

“Mistele stop. Look what you are doing. Is this what a respectful Myter dose?” Bill tried to pull me off of what I was doing but it didn’t work.

“No but they didn’t treat me right either. At least they can give me my sword back!” I called out and banged on the door. I saw something fly in the air and it was my sword being thrown off of the castle roof platform.

 I saw the light bounce off of the mettle as it was flying into the air. Every circle that it made in the air made my heart sink lower and lower as all I knew that I could do was watch the poor blade land wherever it was going to land.  I could see it go into the moat and I would have to dive in afterwards. Thankfully, it landed by the moat. However, it landed into the ground like the world saying that I was expected to die. I walked over there with a heavy soul that had been threatened for the last time. I grasped the hilt and pulled it out of the ground.  The dirt stained the blade like my purity but unlike dirt I cannot wash it off.

“Thank you” I snarled up at the castle and Bill hustled beside me. I walked into the town and then the thought hit me that I just extinguish the potential other than searching the outside aria for a way that we might strike up a trade with Dsastraprone.

But then I remembered my death clock I glared at Bill hoping he got my death clock. It is something that I can’t think of going around this world without. “You have my death clock right Bill?” I asked and Bill nodded as he got out my clock time was short on our part. I felt disgusted at what I had just done, Time had slipped away so much while I am just making things worse with my actions. I tossed the clock to the side like it was nothing. Bill quickly went after it but I blocked his path. “Leave it.” I said and Bill looked at me with eyes of a child but I knew he was still concerned.

“I don’t care anymore about that thing it was just something of a torment.  Something that kept my mind away from the chance to see something different than just the worse.” I said and his eyes widened as he went over to the death clock. 

“But it is your drive.” He said and tried to hand it back to me but I refused to hold it. He quietly stuffed the clock into the bag. I glared at him since I can feel the anger that he is swirling in his own wind and using my embers of what happened earlier to start a flame inside me.

“I can think of more things to drive me to the end instead of the fear of dying!” I yelled and walked off. I needed space from him for the moment, a change of scene for a moment. Something that would get my mind off of this death clock stuff.

 “Mistele!” Bill called and I turned back at him which made him quickly stop in his tracks. The darkness that was swirling in my mind was starting to eat at me so much.

“I don’t need that clock anymore!” I called and casted a random spell at him which stopped just short of hurting him. He stared at me stunned while I was extremely tired and made my way to the ground. “I mean look at me Bill, I had been facing death all my life and it takes me till about a month ago to be even MILDLY afraid of it. Now it is running my life! I don’t want it to be any more than something that is a faded memory of what I had done.” I cried and Bill cocked his head a little.

“Are you giving up on me? IS that it?” Bill argued and that sent me over the edge I was not willing to admit anything and he completely missed my thought and that is why I normally say nothing about what I feel because it seems to always blow up in my face.

“No, I mean I have a life that I miss.  I want to get back to that life and I don’t need a clock to remind me what was there.” I said but I wanted to say something else to Bill because it was more than the past that I want to return to. I never told Bill this but I like him, like really like him. He had been there for when I needed him and he was around, his antics make me laugh and also find ways to annoy me. I like him to where I want to say that I love him though I know I can never find the correct words.

 “What if you forget?” He asked and I glared at him coldly, even colder than before since I was still felling my emotions trying to take control inside. Bill was looking at me with curiosity like he knows that I am debating on something by the way that I am acting but I can’t blow the one thing that I don’t want Bill to know because I am not sure how he would handle it.

“I can never forget the greatest moments of my life.” I chimed and Bill was very confused. I started to leave the castle a bit more joyfully than when I was kicked out of the place.

“What if it is different than what you remember? What if it changes?” Hear him behind me but I didn’t say anything since I wanted him to chase me for a bit.

I started to have a good time and ran through the city while I heard Bill chase me though the city. I felt the fun and excitement between us as I dodged people and weaved through bright old buildings. My heart was filled with excitement and for the first time in a while I started to laugh. The high pitch laugh that I had missed so much while I looked behind me and Bill was doing the same. We looked like a couple that I wished that I had seen in the beginning. The fact that I was so blind is sanding in my eyes as we stopped when my chest suddenly tightened without any warning. Bill wrapped his hands around me and I knelt down as I wondered why I was like this.

“Are you ok?” He asked and I nodded quietly.

“I will be.” I huffed. I wished that the moment didn’t happen as my chest was tightening up as if a corset was wrapped around the inside of me and around my breastbone to where I felt the constriction of my body saying that was it for a few moments.

“That is good to hear that you are ok because look!” Bill chimed and there I saw something that I had never seen before, a sunset that was just over the city walls of disastraprone.

We had gotten so far as the outskirts of the city. The lights were just being lit of the city being granted the light of night and not just the colors of just flame in the warning spectrum that these people had seen for years.

“This place is so lovely now.” I said then I remembered that I had to destroy this place a little bit in order to save myself.

“Are you still going to swipe the clove?” Bill asked and I knew that he was hoping for me not to say that I was going to do just that.

I wished that I didn’t have to choose but I knew that someone would have to die for me. I glanced at Bill thinking that the sad thing is he didn’t have to go through this with me and yet here he is taking every step with me. “I don’t want to kill anymore; it is time that we move our such a little bit outside of Disastraprone but first. “ I said and found some vines. The tracker had been bugging me off and on with it pulling on my neck. I cut the vines down and felt that they were dry. I made some loops and inserted the tracker inside the extra loop and tied it off at the rest of the bands that I had around my head.  I quickly made another for Bill and his reaction was that for a painter to put on canvas.

 The sunshine in his face when I placed the band on his head and tied the tracker to his band was priceless. The smile and the eyes of relief was clear to me that he was having the same pain that I was having just like mine.

“I call it the Tracker jacket.” I said and he nodded.

“This would help everyone in Disastraprone and it is made by someone that was given a quest for her life.” Bill complemented and it was the best thing that someone had said to me.

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