The quest for the Lifstone

The dark depths of the dragons lair, the ever winter snowflake, the cloak of every mage, I have seen them all but I am going to face the hardest challenge that I had ever faced... The race before death takes me forever....

PLEASE note: some the events in here are through my eyes while I was getting my second heart transplant and are real only portrayed differently to match the book.

(Participated in NANo 2014)


13. chapter 13

I glared at him as we walked through the crowds looking for the head guard. There must have been something going on since there were lights and streamers across the buildings. The brightness and the dull made the town feel mixed with pass and present.

I felt lost here and wanted to run away so much into the sea that was nearby to drown myself since I am about to do the same here. The people were cheerful and dancing to where I felt horrified and wanting to do more as one came up to me.

“Ah the Myter Mistele! Tis wonderful to see you again!” The person chimed which made my stomach do summersaults inside as I nodded.

“I need to see your queen.” I said and the women nodded and spun around in her bright dress to rush off to get a guard for me.

I walked slowly to the castle with the pain of the tracker surged though me. I placed my hand over the wound to hopefully ease the pain.  But all I got was a firestorm in its place.  I knelt down and screamed in pain thinking why I went through this until I saw a guard.

The guard had the same tracker as me as he passed and it reminded me that I am not the only one here so I should just pipe down and keep a level head. Better said than done.

I stood up and Bill offered me another numbing potion and I gulped it down like it was candy. I felt fine for a while and I wanted to see her in haste as I rushed up to the steps. The thump of my boots on the steps themselves made me think that I had to be in a dream but I am not as I tried to push away the leftover pain that the potion had yet to get to.

“Are you sure you want to still go through with this?” He asked and I thought that was the dumbest thing that anyone had ever said to me. I glared at him with fire that I hadn’t had since I got through those gates.

“Why do so this is the final stretch? We had gotten this far.” I chimed as I finished up the steps as my chest tightened a little but I ignored it completely. Every step was me getting closer and closer to the end and then I get to the castle doors.

The doors were massive and looked quite heavy to me as I slowly knocked. The sound vibrated throughout the arch that was around   the door itself. I stepped back wanting to give the person room to open the door or at least see me.

“Ah Mistele, What can Disastrreaprone help you with?” he said and I huffed slowly since I should had known that the message had yet to get to the central part of the castle.

“I need help...I am, well.” I said and I pulled down my cloak enough to show my scar that I had gotten when I was hit with the Stropheart spell.  The eyes of the guard widened and his skin color drained from a dark brown to a pure white as the clouds.

“Come in please you have to there is nothing going on and you need medical attention.” The guard rambled and all I could do was to roll my eyes and be thankful that they let me in. Bill fallowed me inside and the guard stopped him.

“He is with me.” I said and the guard glared at me, puzzled. I looked away thinking that this is a little embarrassing that I had to admit that Bill was with me as he came into the doors joyfully.   Every skip made me think that he had to be full of adrenaline as I slapped my palm on my forehead and shook it. I thought that Bill had never been in a castle before while I watched his every revolting move. I grasped the collar of his shirt and planted him next to me. The joyful look on his face was clearly that of a child’s, full of wonder and amusement that completely sickened me.

“Are you sure?” The guard said and I let all the air out of my lungs before speaking again.

“Unfortunately.” I huffed. Bill must had herd me while the guard sowed us the way. Bill’s eyes were wide as we walked through the place and saw many unfamiliar things that I know were all a mix of past and present.  Soon Bill and I were walking side by side and it gave me a chance to speak to him about how to act in a castle.

“This place is amazing Mistele. I never knew that you can go into such exquisite places.” Bill chimed and I thought that there had to be more to it.

“Have you ever been in a castle before?” I said and he looked puzzled. He tilted his head a little and gazed into my eyes.

“I have just not this grand.” Bill said. I glanced around and could see the crumbled walls and disaster ridden arias wondering what his thing with darkened arias is that I will never understand.

“Then act grand since I had yet to meet the new queen.” I snapped and it must have jarred something in Bill’s mind in a way that it told him that I was right.

The stained glass that lined the windows were broken in some arias but then there were most that were like they had been rebuilding for a while. The rugs on the stone floor was a blood stained red and the armored men that were supposed to be knights lined the halls on their platforms and almost in attention.  I glanced at each one while Bill was still trying to take the scene of this castle and so was I. The place had deftly redone nicely since I had been here last and that was when Disastraprone was living up to the town name.

The place was as marvelous as the outside and I knew that I had to keep my composure for a while before next thing I know I had lost all of my right mindset of being presented forth to the queen. I double checked my state of mind as we saw the archway that should house a door but all that is there is scorched wood that had been reinforced with pure gold that worked marvelously together.

The queen, once when we opened those old and newly reinforced doors, was sitting in her throne much too large for her backside but perfect for her size and made her look smaller than I bet she was. Her brown hair and red eyes was the two things that I first noticed. Her eyes glowed as beacons suggesting that she is in fact a mystical being or at least an inheritance of them. Her ears were pointed which suggests elf but she could be a mystical being.

“Come in Mistele, word had gotten around that you were in Disastraprone!” The quean chimed and I knelt in front of her while Bill looked dazed.

“My lady.” I chimed before I gazed at Bill. I can see that he was having trouble deciding on what to do. I immediately pulled down his shirt. Bill toppled a bit before kneeling before the queen. I settled myself down thinking that Bill only had been in front of very few houses of royalty that prefers to have the highest manners set before whoever was sitting at the throne, thrones, or people around them.  He glanced at me with a childlike look that told me that he was at a loss on why I had done that but I ignored him as I started the conversation over again.

“My lady, I come with a personal emergency and I had travelled from my homeland of Kegraw to come and ask you something.” I started politely and she started to sit up from her chair.

“Oh? Do tell. I am all ears and happy to assist in any way needed since I know the history of our kingdoms.” The queen said as she sat up from her seat. Her eyes fluttered of fire and wanting to know the latest of what I had gone through.

“I need to take the Clove of fortune for a little while till there is disaster among your people.” I got right to the point. I glanced up as she bolted from her chair. Her dress was very long and black with a touch a silver and gold like she was queen of something grander.

“I beg your pardon?!” She screamed and I was baffled that her voice could be so shrill and scary. Although I should have known that she was going to react like that since I just had asked to take the kingdom’s most prized possession.  I felt my heart race in fear as I jumped up from my place but I held Bill down thinking that if anyone should be punished here it should be the one who spoke.

“I had been struck by the Stopheart spell during a different quest! I need help and this is the only place for miles and miles that has the Lifstone or at least I have a grand chance of getting me one.” I explained myself and pulled down my neckline once more. “I am not lying.”

The queen looked disgusted at my, now, partial scar. The thoughts that I knew that were racing through her head had to be that of someone that was disgusted and at the same time absolutely mortified by the way it looks. Her eyes flashed this time in fear as I heard the sound of gaging come from her mouth but she must had caught herself and regained her composure.

“I am sorry to hear about your injury but I will not let you have the Clove.” The queen chimed and I was shocked to hear that she was not willing to help me at all.

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