The quest for the Lifstone

The dark depths of the dragons lair, the ever winter snowflake, the cloak of every mage, I have seen them all but I am going to face the hardest challenge that I had ever faced... The race before death takes me forever....

PLEASE note: some the events in here are through my eyes while I was getting my second heart transplant and are real only portrayed differently to match the book.

(Participated in NANo 2014)


12. chapter 12

I see the moat that is my ticket to get a crossed. There were statues of two fairies that were a bit off of from the path. One was on a pedestal that had vines and flowers engraved on her pedestal as the other was on top of a stone flowering rock as both were wearing a bark tied dress that was created when they were. There stonework was made by an expert but I didn’t pay much more attention to them as I want on to what I wanted to do

“Hey you Mistele!” I hear one call me but it took me a minute since I thought they both were statues in front of this massive wall that had holes in it from attacks and disasters.

 “Are you talking?” I asked thinking that Grag didn’t mention the farriers that would meet me. The gray statues of the two farriers looked at each other and then started to giggle a little.

“Of course we are talking Myter. I had seen you come from afar.” The one with the ball said as she rubbed it and the ball reflected my image back and I was stunned that the town had gotten that majestic.

“But how?” I asked and the one with the ball wiped her ball with her hand that didn’t have the foreshadowing ball and started to slide off of her base. The other one forced a bowl towards me. It reminded me of everything that I had done as the reflection showed the thing that I didn’t want it to show.

“The…”  Bill stared to say but I immediately scorned him for almost reminding me. I felt the flame of getting my stone and ending this long quest once and for all as I tried to push open the gates at the end of the downed drawbridge.

I looked behind me as Bill came forth and he had the look of caution as a wave of anger rushed over me. The flame was engulfing what I was as I stormed to the fairies. I never felt anything like this since I never had a door not open in my presence before. The darkness of being so close was blinding me until the other fairy blocked my path with Bill being backup. 

The fairy that was originally standing with a bowl that was a shell that was full of trackers that was required in Disastraprone. These trackers are the only thing that the people of Disastrabrone can see whom is dead and who had yet to be accounted for.  The yellow probe flashed in my hand as the fairy with the bowl placed it there. I looked lost since it is a newish requirement. I wasn’t sure what to do and I knew that Bill had no clue as well.

“You have to place them inside your neck.” The fairy said and the other one nodded as she placed her ball on the pedestal and flew up to our level.

“Inside my NECK?” I screamed since the idea, of all things, grossed me out and never wanted an experience like that. Even though the part of being a Myter has its troubles of buses and other events that would put a person reaching for the nearest waste bucket or running to kneel in front of a hole.  I had one of something similar before and I did not have a good experience since the pain was unboreable like a knife wanting to go deeper and deeper into me though I know there is nothing there but a wrap.

“That or no entry Mistele.” The fairy that left her pedestal said as she flew up to me as her stone like hair and flowers unrealistically blew in the air. Her dark eyes of stone looked nothing that I had seen before as they were as soulless as they are forgotten, never worn by the weather since the gates have a curfew at nine.  Her wings showed the end of veins that help her fly wherever this one wanted to.

Then her friend fallowed as she took her kneeling in air position and closed her eyes as she was offering the trackers. I huffed while I seriously thought that this had to be the most awful thing that I could think of as the fairies put some sort of liquid over my head and I immediately had to sit down as they manipulated me to insert the tracker till the finally I started to feel what they were doing while Bill stood from his tracker insert and I can see a small yellow wire out of his neck but it wasn’t much to where no one would see it and that is where the pain came into my life that I had never felt before.

I felt the fire and knives pierce my neck as the pulsating pain flew through like the spell that started this in the first place. The burn of whatever they used on me was making it feel like they had cut through the bone and tissue ever so slowly till they insert was big enough for the tracker to be placed into my neck. I cried and screamed which felt weird to me since I never truly do that anymore since the pain was that horrific as the memory was engraved into my mind as the stoned Faries looked at me like they had heard this type of sorrow before.

Tears streamed my face like a waterfall as Bill handed me a heath potion and I hoped that it was one of the strongest ones in the bag while I chugged it down and threw the glass against the stone pedestal as the glass broke like some of my own dignity did.

I wished immediately that I never had to do that but I knew better than to retaliate and refuse. I glanced up and choked on my own tears as Bill wrapped his arms around me in a embrace while the slow creaks of the gates opening to reveal something that I hadn’t seen Disastraprone see in years.

The dull colors still resembled the past but the town looked much more impressive than it ever had. The buildings were tall and sturdy instead of the patchwork that most of the buildings had while the people were practically dancing in the streets while there was a calendar that said that it had been several years since there last disaster of any sort. The clock looked like a shine but I felt ashamed that I was going to bring more pain to these people. I hid my tears thinking that these citizens that are around me are having a grand time with their merriment that I was speechless.

“I can’t believe that I am going to steal the clove Bill.” I huffed seeing the world that I had created with the clove. The joy of peace was overwhelming as a few people were starting to notice me.

“It is only temporary.” Bill reminded me though I know it had to be more than that if I am going to get the Lifstone.

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