The quest for the Lifstone

The dark depths of the dragons lair, the ever winter snowflake, the cloak of every mage, I have seen them all but I am going to face the hardest challenge that I had ever faced... The race before death takes me forever....

PLEASE note: some the events in here are through my eyes while I was getting my second heart transplant and are real only portrayed differently to match the book.

(Participated in NANo 2014)


10. chapter 10

“How much further?” I said as I sat down for a moment. It had been a few days and I was just looking at my death clock to see more of the sand had fallen to the bottom of the glass. I glanced to see Bill getting a bit of water from the stream.

“I don’t know Mistelle, we have to be close to Disastraprone by now.” Bill sounded. I huffed thinking that I was slowly getting depleted and tire much easier than I would ever think I would.

“I feel like we had been through this thing for years instead of just a few weeks out of the month.” I chimed while I got closer to Bill and splashed the water against my face to make me feel better and a motivator that I was still here and this was not a dream. I hate the fact that we had gotten turned around again and have to go back possibly find a town soon since some of our stash had depleted and I was not expecting this journey to be so long.

We fallowed the river while the sun batted down on us and the stream made the water splash onto my boots which made me feel less exhausted to where I was doingbetter than before but Bill had forgotten that I had slowed my walk down this much  and I was getting quite annoyed.

“Bill wait for the slowpoke!” I called out and he stopped in his tracks to look behind him. I was at least four trees back from him when he stopped. I ran up to him as he singled me to slow down and save my strength. He did this by putting his palm up and pushing it to the ground slowly.  I got his message and started to slow my pace to what I thought was a normal walk.

“Sorry.” He apologized as I met up with him. His face was a bit angry with an extra amount of understanding that I am trying my hardest. I felt like that I was going to be in trouble but it made me wonder something that I that I had been wanting to ask but had been embarrassed to do so.

“Have I really slowed down that much?” I asked wanting to hear the word no but am willing to except the truth if I needed to.  I waited for his answer that he was taking a while to ponder. 

“Well… To be honest you had, quite a lot.” He said looking closely at my reaction. In a way that he was hoping that he was not offending me at all.

“What do you mean?” I asked quickly but I knew that was the truth with my clock showing that I only have a small pile that had slimmed so much since we started. I grabbed it out of the bag since it was my turn of holding it and held it in front of me.

The blackness of the sand filtered to show me the truth. Every kernel was like a stab inside as my heart started to beat a little quicker wanting to know the undeniable truth, I’m dying. Sadly the sand stopped filtering itself to show that there was only a small bit that made me drop the glass.

“How much longer?”  I asked myself and Bill picked up the glass. His face was saddened as he started to grab the bag away from me.

“Let me carry the bag Mistelle.” Bill chimed as he slid the bag off of my shoulder and a cold breeze came through the trees.  I stared to see some magical ice cluster around my feet. I immediately looked up to see that there were cold imps that were in the trees.  I grabbed my sword thinking cold imps should not be out in the fall unless there were only one reason and one reason alone that they are out and playing. The first frost should come soon.

“I can carry it Bill.” I suggested and Bill looked at me in question as he handed me back the bag.  I didn’t say thanks as I reached for a potion. I looked on the labels and I found the one that was labeled Warmer on it. I chugged it down thinking it should help me from this first blast of cold. I glanced around seeing more and more of these imps and now a few fairies were out to bounce on the leaves to help the last of the leaves fall to the ground.

“Winter is coming early this year.” Bill observed and I felt like I was not ready for the winter at all. I grabbed a charm that was an eagle on it in bright bronze and black with a red crystal for the one eye. I looked in the back of the eye and murmured the spell.

I could see some fall fairies and winter Imps everywhere I looked and my happiness fell to despair. I slowly handed him the charm and he was stunned to see so many of them out at this time since they don’t like to be seen that much.  I start to sit down as Bill was like he was in a trance as he walked up and knelt down next to a tree that was a bit away from us and grasped a winter imp by the ears and picked him up.

The little imp wiggled in Bill’s grasp that I knew was a bad idea though the ash would be magical and has a good chance that could be of use with my bounded clock.

“Don’t worry Icy, we won’t kill you. We just want to ask a few things that’s all.” Bill asked and the imp grumbled something in its language.  I felt the urge to get to the point of getting directions while Bill had the look of something different was on his mind like time was fading fast for the both of us.

“Ser vin sugra kim.” The imp grumbled in its language and Bill glared at it as if he knew what the imp was saying.  I am glad that Bill knows the Imp language since it has been a few years since I had practiced.

“Versog,” Bill answered and set the imp down. The little imp settled down he looked at Bill like he was questioning whether to leave or not. Bill smiled kindly and I felt like he was solidifying friendship but he was taking too long and I know that most Imps, whatever lands they are from, knows the human English well enough to answer my question swiftly.

“Where is Disastraprone?” I growled trying to get to the point. I started to pull at my sword a little to be sure that the Imp didn’t’ have a chance to grip it out of my holster and use it against me. Bill glared at me with possible disaster since I had lashed at the Imp without any thought of consequences.

“What are you doing?” Bill whispered at me while he grasped my arm in warning.

“Trying to get answers.” I snapped and he shook his head.

“Not the right way Mistele.” Bill said and I huffed knowing that I had just done wrong.

“I do apologize; I am in a bit of a rush.” I said and the Imp coughed his head to one side in question once when Bill set the imp down. I slowly let the air out of my lungs and the imp must have read my mind by what it said in English.

“You need a disaster. Stopheart spell has caused you stress, not good.” The imp chimed and I was shocked that the imp knows this. I knelt down wondering how this Imp knows this till I looked closer at the Imp and it wasn’t an Imp at all but a lighten troll with large ears. The hair was very thin on this troll and the skin was white as snow to where it was in my mind that it was easily mistaken as an Imp.

Trolls are very different than Imps. They are more serious than the Imps that some people might mistake them for. Trolls usually have more hair than the Imps but that isn’t always the case with some forms of trolls. However, trolls are more plant and nut scavengers than the Imp counterparts and a lot kinder than the Imps. The eyes of a troll are a bit more open to the world than a good portion of the Imps which I failed to notice.

“I had been through it myself; you know there are several others that had been through this path.” He chimed and I was blown away that there was others that I might had known that was inside of Kegraw let alone outside and sometimes I forget about that.

I forget that I am not the only one with misfortune and sometimes it was worse for the other person than I had at the moment. But this time I was traveling to a familiar place but the hands had changed since the time we gave them that Clove. 

That is what is scaring me the most since the Battle of the volcanos took the last ruling monarch to live with the gods. Then the nearby armies that were trying to get the ever fertile soil during the short peacetimes, attacked the town but instead of Kegraw sitting on the sidelines we jumped into battle with Disaprone to defend them and as an offering into our outside kingdom realms.  The person that received the Clove wasn’t the best person since I had a few scuffles with her in the past since she is way more high and mighty than most people.

“You have?” I questioned in a little kid tone that made me almost wonder about what he had to say as his story.

“Yes long ago and please call me Lif.” He chimed and I smiled it is nice that there was someone that was a recipient of a Lifstone.

“Mistele.” I chimed as I shook his hand. “So what is your story?” I asked in the kindest manor that I could muster.

“Mine is that I was truly sick and sleeping most of the days away other than meals so a questmaster I hired helped me out. Though it wasn’t easy as tell him where to go but it was his death that saved me all honesty.” He chimed and I looked away thinking that it was the truth a Lifstone has to make out of a tragedy of natural disasters.

“So I guess that I am going to do the same or?” I said and Lif smiled at me.

“No, make your story a little better than mine. You are still young and stronger than most remember that.” He chimed and I felt better than when I first heard what he had done.  It reminded me of Gragan when he said that final statement.

“I will, so what do you think I should do?” I asked knowing that the trolls have a small sense of seeing the future. Lif glared at me with eyes of mystery and question.

“That is for you to see Mistele. Our paths won’t be completely the same. “ Lif said and I should have known that since nothing can happen twice in a timeline no matter how messed up it is.

 “I see but we still need directions.” I chimed and Lif smiled showing his white teeth.

“Disastraprone is a long journey away though it would be your best bet for a Lifstone, I should know.” He chimed. I glanced up to Bill and he was smiling at me.

“We will get there sir, thank you.” Bill said and I couldn’t help myself and hugged the little beast. He returned the embrace and it felt fine and that I actually met someone that had been through what I am going through.

“I will be thinking of you and I am happy that I had, or at least Bill had found you.” I chimed and the troll looked saddened.

“The stone hasn’t been found in a while so it might be harder than ever since it has to be perfect.” Lif chimed and I nodded but soon another flash of pain surged through my chest. Every pulse was needles piercing my heart and I was trying my best to stay strong.  I didn’t feel it getting faster but yet it was like it was trying to let me fall behind and say no more excitement. I was starting to fade to tiredness when I couldn’t at the moment. My body and mind got heavy all of a sudden as I knelt to the ground in agony.

“It can’t keep up.”  I called out and Lif looked at me saddened like he had just seen me die a little. “Stopheart spell.” I said and the Lif looked away.  I settled myself onto the ground with Bill’s help.

“Forever slumer curse. That is what I had.”  Lif said and I felt let down that his story was completely different than mine.  My face drooped a little as I felt a tear escape me of sadness that I thought that I had found someone that I could compare what I am going through other than Bill.

“Mistele, what’s wrong?” Bill asked and I glanced at Lif with something that I wished that I wouldn’t say but my tongue lead the way for me.

“I was thinking that we would go down a very same path bit I guess you were right Lif, nothing can be the exact same, nothing could happen twice. Just like a storm.” I breathed and Lif looked like he had failed on his mission. I felt bad and the darkness started to swirl around me as I started to mentally lash at myself for saying such a thing. Every word was supposed to be a thought bubble but it failed.

“Lif, Which way is it to Disastraprone?” Bill asked and I didn’t realize he was reading my mind. I felt his arms around me which made me feel better since he seems to be the only onto that knows what I am going through in deatail at the moment.

“It’s over the lava range to the west of Tsunami valley, and the eastern blessed ocean or should I say cursed.” Lif said and I looked at him with sorrow that I had written him off as someone that wouldn’t help us or sympathize with me..

“I know, Disastraprone it had always been cursed except when we gave them the clove of Fortune” I sighed and wishing that I was not a part of that ceremony of long ago.

“I heard of that, I didn’t think it was true that Disastraprone was thriving.” Lif rambled and I looked away remembering what I had done and suggested as a kind thing.

“It is and we are going to it.” I hushed and could barely get the words out of my throat.

“I wish you both luck, all the luck in the world.” Lif whispered sadly and I hugged the troll for the last time. “I will be thinking of you, both of you.”  Lif chimed and I felt happy again and ready to conquer this spell.

“I will be thinking of you as well.” I chimed and held Bill’s hand. He glared at me with amazement that I was doing this while something was eating me up like I was wishing for more time for us to compare stories.

“Will you like to go with us?” I asked and Bill glared at me. I shrugged my shoulders thinking that I am going to hear about this later but Lif was perplexed about the question for a moment.

“I rather not Mistelle, you have someone more than what you expect as support  since I had almost no one you have someone to help you.” He said and nodded at Bill. Bill glared at him as we seemed to get closer to each other, Bill and I.

That one sentence opened me up to something that I never noticed in a long time since the beginning. This is my battle and my battle alone, Bill is nice to have as a backup and a grand friend but he can’t be my crutch in the end. At least I am reminded that I am not the only one around the lands that had needed the Lifstone just will have a hard time getting it.  But once I do I know that I will live just like so many others.

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