The Creed: Whitness

Twins, supposed to be together forever. That is what Dark and Cloud thought when they grew up together until they found out that one of them is a Unmarked therefore a Whiteness that MUST BE DEAD. How would the other react


1. chapter 1

“Can you hand me that tool Brother?” Cloud asked as she was fixing a wheel off of her families’ wagon.  Her brother, Dark grasped the tool from the shelf thinking that there has to be a simpler way to do this task.  Cloud grasped the tool and started to work. Dark simply watched knowing the family religion is around and will do anything to get this set into the family’s way of baptizing both of them, Letting those two kill for the very first time.

“Are you ready for our first ever hunt?”  Dark nervously asked and Cloud smiled widely with anticipation.

“I can’t wait till we do our first kill brother. It would be the best thing that would happen to the both of us since then we can do the hunts while spreading the word of The Creed.” Cloud chimed as she gathered her dress to get herself off of the ground. She was definitely born to be a Creed girl. Charming, beautiful and ready to kill anyone at a moment’s notice or every day just like it was meant to be when the original Creed took oath.

“But what if we are not grand at it?” Dark chimed and Cloud quickly grasped his brimmed hat and ran off with it around the land that was part of the town that they lived on.

“Common Dark, that is foolish! We just have to find our own way of killing.” Cloud laughed as those two chased each other like children at play. Laughter was shared between the two children that they used to be before becoming the rightful age of their early teens, before then they were free to be molded into whatever their parents wanted them to be.

“Of course, our, own way.”  Dark was not being himself while he snatched his hat away from his twin sister and placed it on top of his head.

“Why do you place it that way?” Cloud asked not knowing what her brother and her parents knows.

“You would never understand, Cloud.” Her brother sighted hoping that the council and their parents wouldn’t give him the dirty dead that he doesn’t want to do. He stuffed his hands into his pockets like he normally would on the typical day between the two. The twins had been monitored and separated whenever they were thought of being too close to one another mentally or even physically for some reason. The only way that Dark knew this was that in the beginning he would get dressed in the same room as her to an extent and spotted that her marking was not on any spot of her body.

“Try me.” Cloud chimed and Dark was as nervous as ever thinking that there has to be some way that he would be called inside that way he would not have to unbutton his shirt to reveal his leader marking that their father has foretelling Dark’s fate. He kept dodging his twin’s eye contact thinking that if he told it would frighten her to where she would be marked as a witness. A witness that would be horribly scared forever and also be lucky to last their first year on the run since we are a vast colt.

“Well it is hard to explain….” Dark started thinking that he did not want to explain to his twin sister that she was not a Creed but a witness. He tried to swallow the knot that was forming in his throat and the tears from flowing down his cheeks thinking he was seeing a tombstone instead of his sister.

“Dark are you ok?”  Cloud asked as Dark wiped some of the almost escaped tears onto his sleeve. He never knew that he would have to say anything like this before.

Soon Dark heard the familiar call of one of the elders calling those two in. Dark wanted to think that it was just another training bit but he knew better than to think that. Dark felt all of his color drain from his face and every ounce of energy snuffed out.  He glanced over to the training aria to watch a group of children playing on the obstacle course for the beginning of harvesting their skills or the adults training with the staked and moving dummies to practice their cuts. Dark knew that each one of those children would not get to the age of forty if they did they would be very lucky to do that.  

“Come Dark, we should not keep the elder’s waiting.” Cloud chimed like she had forgotten the fact that she is going to be something that Dark never thought that he would see until he messed up and that was a witness.

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