Twins // L.H


2. Chapter 02

Lukes POV

"Yes please." She smiled and followed me to our first period class. We walked down to the Senior wing and walked into Social Studies class. Everyone turned they head and watched Jesika.

"Hello Mr. Hemmings and" he paused looking at Jesika standing behind me.

"Hi my name is Jesika Bradway, I transferred here from North America." She handed Mr. Diforie some papers.

"Ah, Miss Bradway, please have a seat. Luke, could you let Jesika sit next to you?" He asked me

"Sure." I walked to my seat in the back of the room next to Calum and Ashton. Jesika walked behind me and sat in front of Ashton.

"Luke, whose the good looking lady?" Calum whispered in my ear.

"Her name is Jesika, and she doesn't like to be call names like that." I smirked at Calum and Ashton chuckled.

The period went by slow, Jesika was writing everything Mr. Diforie was saying. She looks like she is a straight A student. She caught me looking at her and she smirked.

"Caught you again Mr. Hemmings, what is it, the 10th time this period."she laughed at me and continued to write down things. Gosh, she is something else, she knows how to make a guy get embarrassed.

"Sorry Jesika-" she cut me off.

"You guys can call me Jes." She smiled and the bell rang.

"Hey Jes, what class do you have next?" Ashton asked her.

"Umm, I think English." She walked with Ashton down the hallway.

"Let me walk you there since I have every class with you." He smiled.

"Sure." She smiled Turing to her locker, 165. Mine was 160, Calums was 169, and Ashton's was 166, right next to Jes.

"Hey locker buddy." Ashton winked at Jes. She laughed and them somebody fell on her knocking her to the floor and her books.

"I'm so sorry love!" Michael tried getting up but Shawn WoodLock, shoved him again.

"What the hell is your problem!?" Jes started to get mad and got up. She got face to face with Shawn.

"Oh we've got a fisty bitch I see, and your the sexy new girl from North America." He smirked smacking her ass. She didn't even say anything, she just slapped him across the face so hard. He fell to the ground shocked.

"What and the fuck was that for!?" He screamed.

"For you touching me!" She yelled back picking up her things and helping Michael up. "Are you okay?" She asked Michael handing him his things.

"Yes I'm fine, thank you." He smiled grabbing his things. She smiled turning around to Shawn saying,

"If you ever touch one of my friends again or me, you'll wish you've never met me." She growled walking away to English.

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