The Pain Game

Lucas and Edward are best friends, but total opposites. Lucas is a part of a fight gang called "The Painers" and Edward is a part of a gaming group called "The Gamers". Both groups are against each other and play deadly tricks one each other. Despite what happens, Lucas and Edward sword to always be best friends. But when both of the 2 become owners of their groups, their relationship slowly disappears. But when both of them take it too far, the consequences put both of them in danger.


1. Starting at the bottom


I never understood why he would go to the opposing group. Yes he wears nerd glass. Yes her dresses like a nerd. Yes he looks and smells like a nerd. No he is not up for the challenge, but I think he could have handled it well. He had to pick The Gamers. As a part of The Painers, I have to make sure I have a tough attitude, no matter if I watch a sad movie. I don't know if joining The Painers was a mistake, or not. But the first meeting in tomorrow and I am freaking out. What if I am not good enough for these people. What if these people punch me in the head before I step foot in the door. But more importantly, what will they do to Edward.

The poor thing is just a small, weak, nerdy 15 year old. As for me, I am a tall, strong, smart 15 year old. I try hard to act older by lifting up my posture and hitting on the older ladies, but damn they are hard to get. Never mind about my strong love life that clearly is gong good.

I woke up and smashed my alarm clock. Whoops! Shit! It was broken. I cannot believe I actually broke it. What a total mistake. I stayed up almost all night thinking about tomorrow. I wonder how tonight will go. I felt powerful, but also bad because that was 20 shitty dollars of my money I had to use. I could punch my dad in the teeth for only giving me $20 I mean an extra $2 dollars would have gotten me a better one. But no I have to do what he says. Since mom has no god damn control on anything...

I took a deep breath. I was getting way to angry over an alarm clock. It was good for The Painers, but bad for my everyday attitude. I got up and slumped to the bathroom. I got into the shower and started practicing my punches on the wall. Thank god  the bathroom is not beside my dad's bedroom, I am only shaking my bedroom. My dad would kick my ass if he heard all this noise. When I got out of the shower, my knuckled were bruised. It hurt like hell but I still continued on with my dad. I brushed my teeth and then walked back to my room.

Since clubs started in the winter, and it was like below 100 degrees out there, I put on a t-shirt that said "UMAD?" and I put a red hoodie over it. I put on a grey beanie on my head, and let the front of my hair stick out. I put on some nice blue jeans. I wonder what Edward was going to wear. Probably overalls and a dress shirt. Whatever he wear, I will not judge. He is a nice guy, and nobody sees that but me.

I sighed and walked out of my room and downstairs. My dad was still asleep, thank god. I walked to the cupboard and pulled out some Cheerios. I grabbed some milk from the fridge, make my cereal, and walked to the dinning room to eat it up. It tasted bland, but I did not have much time. The bus would come in 20 minutes, and I still had to pack my stuff. So I did. I finished my cereal and packed all of my stuff.

When I was all finished, I put on my shoes and walked outside to the bus stop. I waited there for 5 minutes, a long 5 minutes I could have used to quickly get online XBOX to see if I had any messages from Edward. The bus finally came and I slowly got on. I found a seat in the middle, and sat there. I kept the seat warm so that when Edward got on, he would be nice and warm.


I made sure that my glasses were perfectly in place. I waited at the bus stop, calculating how much time I could have had to send a message to Lucas on my XBOX. I could have hacked a game by now. I waited forever it felt like, but forever was only 300 seconds. A message to Lucas would take 120 seconds, logging into my hacking program would only take 5 seconds. Picking a game to hack would only take 10. And then putting it on HWA mode (Hack While Away) would only take me 60 seconds. I sighed and waited.

And then it got here. The yellow paint was bright and bold and I could see Lucas waving at me. I smiled and got onto the bus. The bus driver nodded and I nodded back at him. I walked to where Lucas was sitting and sat on a nice warm seat. It was relaxing and very nice of him to do that for me. I smiled at him and pushed my glasses into my face. Lucas smiled and held a fist int he air. Tomorrow will be the first day of our groups. I am so excited to be a part of The Gamers but I am sad that Lucas choose The Painers. Oh well. We are still best friends.

"Good Morning Mr. Hacks," Lucas greeted.

"Good Morning Mr. Punch," I replied.

We laughed. I wonder how The Painers will treat Lucas. Will they see him as a good person like I do, or will they beat him up? What about me. The Gamers could hack and break my computer and ban me from the hacking system I use. That would be horrible. Hacking and gaming is my life, I had to make a good impression. 

"Excited about The Gamers?" Lucas asked.

I nodded and smiled.

"What about you?" I asked

He nodded and put a fist in the air. We both laughed really hard. And that is how the whole ride went. It was full of laughter and question. No matter what would happened, we will always be best friends. We promised that when we signed up for the groups. Even though these groups go against each other and they play dirty tricks on each other, we will still be friends even if we are forced to do something to each other that is really bad. We are forever best friends no matter what happens.


When we reached school, Edward and I got off the bus and walked to our first class. We both had History first. It was a long period but I survived it. I wanted to burst with all my energy that I had. I was getting more nervous but more excited about tomorrow. The possibilities are endless, and anything could happened at any time. But as the day went on, I actually started to get more nervous then excited like I was. I was starting to get very curious and I could not wait to get out of Geography (the class before lunch).

And then it finally came. I rushed out of class and ran to the cafeteria, where I met Edward and...2 other guys. They looked like replicas of Edward. One had short blonde hair and big thick glasses. He had freckled everywhere and was wearing overalls with a black t-shirt under it that said "H0W AR3 Y0U?" The other looked a bit better. He had red hair and blue eyes. He did not have glasses, but he had that nerd feeling. It was like he hacked your brain to make him look better then he actually was.

I walked over to the table they were sitting at and joined in the conversation. I did not miss much I guess. The second I sat down, they all went quiet, even Edward. It was pure silence at the table, until finally Edward greeted "Hey Punchey!" I laughed. The other nerds did not laugh with me. Edward was smiling at them. He looked at me and winked. It was time.

I nudged the nerd sitting beside me and he flew off of his chair. I laughed with Edward. He was on the ground looking at me like I was a monster. I smiled at him. "Dude I am kidding come sit," I explained to the poor boy.

"Did it hurt?" asked Edward.

"Indeed. %89 percent of my body hurts," the nerd replied.

The nerd was not that tough I guess. He wiped himself off and joined us again. He smiled pulled out a phone from his overalls. It was the iPhone 6. How could he get that. Of course he hacked. I laughed in my head, but kept a surprised look on the outside. 

"What is your name?" I asked.

The nerd across from me smiled and replied "Landon!"

The nerd beside me replied "Alphie!"

I smiled and looked at Edward who had a very amused look on his face. I could tell that these guys just became friends, they are probably a part of The Gamers. Maybe I should go find a friend from The Painers. But I decided not to. Edward was good enough. He was more than good. He was great!


I sighed and looked at the board. Yes I am nerd and I love school, but I do not like P.E at all. I wish I had it with Lucas because then he could help me out with a lot of things that I am not good at. Such as jumping jacks, running, push ups, throwing the ball, dodging the ball...pretty much everything. But of course I have to be with a whole bunch of muscular gym junkies. They all have abs and pecks that bulge out of the tightest muscle shirts that I have ever seen in my whole life. They also wear the baggiest shorts because that must be popular. I just wear a t-shirt and some shorts, preferably ones that go to my knees and not my ankles.

In gym today we did volleyball. I sucked at it. I could not bump the ball at all, nor could I volley or serve. So when we started to play a game today I was on a team with kind of sort of gym junkies. We were against big ass gym junkies who I swear pump water into their abs to make them look that big. I sighed and let the game go by. Everyone had to serve it to me because I was the weak one. And after 5 minutes, the game was 24-0. The match point was coming up and I knew we would lose.

I sighed and watch as Jimmy (a gym junkie on the other team) spiked a bad ass serve. It was so powerful, if it hit the net, it would have broken it completely.

"SHIT!" someone yelled.

"GO FOR THE BALL EDWARD!" some else yelled.

Who said it? I do not know. But I looked up and the ball was coming right for me. I panicked and did not know what to do. I closed my eyes shut and whacked something. I opened my eyes to see the ball miles behind me. Everyone laughed. I felt like a total douche bag. I totally messed up the game.

But then someone yelled "Give him another chance!"

I looked behind me and saw nobody who could have said that. Jimmy shrugged and someone rolled the ball to him. My palms started to sweat and I started to shake. I was shaking everywhere, because I would be the world's lamest person if I missed this. I may be a nerd, but I am not at all lame. I took a deep breath and rolled my shoulders. I kicked my feet and got into the proper position. Jimmy rolled his eyes. I could practically hear them move. He might as well have said it. Whatever.

Jimmy spiked it really hard. It went so fast I had no time to think. I closed my eyes and whacked the ball. I waited a couple seconds before opening my eyes. I almost closed them again. I almost passed out. It was over the net, and on the ground. Nobody went for it at all. Nobody at all. They were too amazed. I could not believe I just did that. The scorekeeper changed the score to 24-1. Jimmy thawed and walked over to the scorekeeper. He whispered something to him. And then the score was 25-24. I won.


(How did you like that guy? Please tell me if I have any spelling errors because I will gladly fix them for you guys. Thank you guys for reading! Happy Reading!)




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