Steal My Girl

What would you do if you were Emily Tomlinson? The unknown sister of Louis Tomlinson? The sister who kept herself a secret from almost everyone because of your mother's past?
What would you do if you were Harry Styles? One of the most famous pop stars? The guy who is best friends with the rest of One Direction and in love with Louis' sister, who only them, along with a few other people, know about?


1. What!?

"Hello?" I yelled through the house as I walked through the front door. I waited a few seconds before letting out a heavy huff, rolling my eyes, and stomping off to my room. I dropped my purse on my desk chair and myself in my bed. Closing my eyes, I let myself start to fall asleep. Just as I had started to drift off, my phone rang.

"Ugh," I groaned grabbing my phone off the nightstand. When I looked at the screen, I saw my brother's name and one of the many random selfie's he has sent me. "Yes?"

"EMILY!" He screamed.

"Oh good god Louis!" I yelled back yanking the phone away from my head.


"Does this does news include me finishing my nap and you not screaming?"

"No, it more or less involves you packing up everything you own and finishing the tour with me and the guys!"

"What!?" I asked shooting straight up.

"Yeah, you are finishing the last four months of the tour with us!"

"What do you mean? How did you get my adoptive parents to consent to this?"

"I don't have to. You are 19 and can make your own decisions. It's not like you like living there anyways, and its about time the public met my other sister!"

"Well, that's great and all, but what if the press starts to wonder why I was given up for an open adoption when I was born? We can't just tell them the truth."

"We will have management figure all that out. Right now you need to get packing because we are gonna be there tomorrow morning!"


"Umm, didn't I just say that?"

"Yes but that's a lot of work to do in just a few hours!"

"Well, get to it!"

Before I could protest and ask for even just one more day, he hung up the phone. Knowing my brother, he was probably gonna tell the rest of the guys and my phone is gonna be bombarded with their text's in an hour. At the most.

I let out a frustrated sight and got up. Standing at the foot of my bed, I looked around the room with my hands on my hips, trying to figure out the easiest way to pack all of my crap. The easiest way will probably be to get all of my bags together and put as much of my little things in there as possible, before grabbing my suit cases and packing all my shoes.

It took me the rest of the day to finish packing and by the time I was completely done, I was exhausted. My whole body was sore from moving and lifting so much but it is definitely going to pay off in the end. I'll be out of this horrid house and with my real family. Not with two fake parents who only put up with me. Everyone knows that they could care less about me and only took me in for the money that was offered to them.

I know nothing about how that all came to be except that my biological father didn't want me and made my mom put me up for adoption. From what I know about him is that he came from money and paid my adoptive parents a lot of money to take me off of his hands. I still don't know if my mom wanted me to go but I will find out soon, right?

The only person I became close with here in America is my adoptive brother. He helped make me who I am today and I am happy with who I am. I may not be your typical girl and I might be a little odd to most people but I could care less what people think of me. If they can't accept my tattoo's, piercings, heavy makeup, and weird clothes then they can eff off. They are still going to be working their 9 till 5 jobs everyday while I am making it big as a dancer.

I was interrupted from my thoughts when my phone went off, signaling that I had received a text message. I picked up my phone and saw that I actually had about 8 messages.

From: Louis

Better get packin!

From: Harry

Can't wait for my best girl-friend to join us on tour!

From: Harry

Wait- now we have to give up our back bedroom with the two extra bunks for you!... damn.

From: Louis

Are you packing yet?

From: Louis


From: Louis

Fine, ignore me!!

From: Liam

Louis told me to tell you to stop ignoring him?

From: Liam

Oh, and that we are gonna be there early tomorrow so you 'better be awake'

I rolled my eyes at how many messages I had gotten while I was packing all day and at how annoying my brother was being.

To: Louis

I'm not ignoring you. I was packing all day but I'm going to bed. Night.

To: Harry

Suck's that you gotta give that up haha oh well. I'm going to bed now, night.

To: Liam

Thank you for telling me Liam, I wasn't ignoring Louis though. Just been packing all day. I'm gonna goto bed now though. Night.

I put my phone on my empty bedside table and plugged it in before crawling under my covers and going to sleep. Tomorrow starts the beginning of a new life for me...

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