Steal My Girl

What would you do if you were Emily Tomlinson? The unknown sister of Louis Tomlinson? The sister who kept herself a secret from almost everyone because of your mother's past?
What would you do if you were Harry Styles? One of the most famous pop stars? The guy who is best friends with the rest of One Direction and in love with Louis' sister, who only them, along with a few other people, know about?


2. Tour

*Louis P.O.V*

It was official, I couldn't sleep. I've woken up three times now and haven't been able to fall back asleep. Am I just excited about Emily? I don't know. I let out a heavy sight and grabbed my phone, dialing Eleanor's number before putting it up to my ear.

Ring, Ring, Ri--

"Hello?" She answered yawning. 

"Hey babe, did I wake you?" I sat up from my bunk.

"Yeah, but I need to get up anyway. It's like, ten in the morning here. Did you need something?"

"No, just wanted to hear your voice," I smiled. "Did I tell you that we are picking up my sister this morning?"

"No, which one?"


"Oh, the one you won't tell me about?"

"El, you know why I can't. It's up to her to tell you if she wants to..."

"I know, I know. It's just, I wanna know things. why she was put up for adoption. Why she is such a big secret. Those kinds of things"

"I know, it's just not my place to say."

"I'm sorry for bugging about the sister topic... Why are you up so early, anyway? Aren't you, like, five hours behind me, time wise?"

"Yes, but I kept waking up. I guess I'm just nervous about seeing my sister."

"That could be it. But hey, I gotta go hon. Perrie is bugging me to get ready for breakfast, but I'll talk to you later?"

"Yeah, that's fine, love. I love you."

"I love you, too. Bye!"

"Bye babe."

*Emily's P.O.V*

Normally, I wake up to an alarm. Not today. Today I woke up to my nose being poked over and over again, and when I opened my eyes, I wanted to scream. I open them to see Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall, and Zayn standing next to my bed, hovering over me.

"Wake up sunshine!" Louis yells.

I groan and pulled my covers over my head just to have them ripped right back. "What the hell?"

"Time to go!" He yelled again.

"I don't recall my alarm going off--"

"No, it did," Zayn laughed, "you just slept right through it."

"And us moving almost all of your stuff into the bus," Liam laughed.

"You're kidding, right?" I asked sitting up.

As soon as I sat up, all the guys eyes seemed to lower. I looked down and saw that you could clearly see my black lace bra. My loose tank top didn't do a good job of covering anything. When Louis looked back at the guys, he followed their gaze and immediately got pissed.

"Seriously, guys!? That's my sister!" He stepped in front of me to block their view. They shuffled slightly, each mumbling stuff under their breath, before, one by one, they went and grabbed more of my things.


Since I had slept through my alarm, and the guys taking my stuff to the bus, we didn't leave my house till 12:15. And that was only after Louis scolded them for staring at me. He gave them each the lecture about how "I am his sister and that I am off limits" and "if any of them try anything with me, he will have their ass." I don't blame him though. I'm not really looking for someone right now. I couldn't even have a relationship with any of them, even if I did want to. Louis is my brother, Liam is dating Sophie, Zayn is engaged to Perrie, Niall is like my second brother, and Harry is a complete jerk to me half the time. One minute, he will be my best friend, and the next he'll be ignoring me and wanting nothing to do with me. Why? I have no clue.

"So, where is my bunk?" I ask as I step onto the bus.

"You get the tiny room in the back that has two spare bunks and a bit of space. It's not all that big, about the size of a walk in closet, to be quite frank, but we figured it would be better than you having to have a single bunk and your stuff scattered all over the bus." Louis said, walking towards the back of the bus. I followed closely behind him till we were in my little room he just told me about. When we walked in, my stuff was piled up on the top bunk and in the far corner from the door. They attempted to give me space with all my junk but it didn't work out that well. Who am I to criticize though? They were nice enough to bring all my stuff here while I was asleep and they are being nice enough to let me stay with them for the rest of the tour.

"I love it," I smiled.

"Well, good, because it's gonna be your new home over the next few months. Now, get ready, we are going out for lunch." Louis said smiling in return before turning and leaving me to myself.

Time for tour, I guess.

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