Niall's cindrella

Niall's Cindrella


1. Niall find his Cinderella

One day Niall went out in the city he met a girl named Melissa she was from Ireland too but she didn't tell Niall yet she showed him places like museums, parks and she told him that she Irish and he told her that he's Irish too and they instantly bonded and he told about when he went to Washington dc and he saw museums,and defiantly the art museums and when he went to ocean city Maryland he went to go karting at speed world and how he went on the spider man ride at jolly Rogers and at the end of the day he walked he walked her home and asked if she would go on a date with him and she i would love to Niall. "i will pick you up at 7:00" how should i dress Niall? normal like ripped jeans and a cute shirt. Where are we going? It's a surprise! Tell me. Nope why? Surprise remember (laughs) Ok fine😑. And Niall went home and told the boys and Melissa called her friends told them she met nice,cute boy. He taking me out to a surprise date. Melissa's friend Linda she said "what does he want you to wear? Something normal like ripped jeans and a nice shirt. Where do think we are going? I don't know i did tell i wanted see that movie the maze runner with Dylan o' Brian maybe he taking me there. I think so too. Niall where are you taking her to see this movie maze runner with Dylan o' Brian. Why? Because she said she wanted to see that movie really badly but she never went to see it.

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