What December Tells Us

Her name is December but she was born in August. She straightens her hair but it still gets frizzy. She’s in love with her best friend but he doesn't feel the same. She’s always talking but no one is ever listening. December’s life as a teenager is a struggle. And she just can’t wait to tell us all about it.


6. Chapter 6


I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect. They are much more interesting.-Marc Jacobs


"You look beautiful."


"Didn't your mother ever teach you not to lie?"


"I'm not lying. Look, I'm just trying to be nice here and ease my nerves but you're just making this that much more difficult. So please, just take the flippin compliment."


I just stared dumbly at him and took a sip of my Coke. "There's really no reason for you to be nervous. It's just me."


So here I am on a date with Milo; you know that one kid who came up to me randomly and started a conversation and just left? Yeah. That one. 


Don't get me wrong he's really cute and all but he's just...weird. He's like weird in the weird way, not the weird in the funny way or cute way. So far the only thing we've really talked about-well the only thing he's talked about- is his undying love for Spiderman and why you should only like him and no other superhero. Only just now did we steer the conversation somewhere else for once.


"That's exactly why I should be nervous. It's you. This girl I've had a crush on since middle school."


"I don't even know you."


"That's why we're on this date." He leaned back in his chair and waved his arms exasperatedly motioning towards the table in front of us. He really was something.


"I feel like I'm here against my will." I mumbled while sinking back in my seat.


"Oh don't be so dramatic. You agreed to this."


"Yeah only to shut you up!" It was true. He was more persistent on asking me out than I could probably handle. 


I was at school doing school things while my mind was preoccupied with the upcoming weekend even though it was only Monday at the time. AP History never kept me occupied anyways.


So there I was copying notes down like a maniac trying to fit everything in when I felt a light tap on the back of my head. I turned around and saw Milo already looking at me from a couple seats back pointing at the floor. I looked down and saw a crumpled piece of paper sitting next to my foot. It was then that I realized that this kid was turning my life into some corny love movie. So, to avoid that from happening at all costs I rolled my eyes and went back to taking notes. I heard him sigh dejectedly (and quite loudly) right behind me and yet, my eyes didn't falter once to look back.


Come Tuesday and I was sitting at the lunch table talking with Jackson (since it was the only time we could really talk these days) and he comes right up and makes himself comfortable right next to me. Too close for my liking.


"You never opened up my note in class." He pouted.


"There's a reason for that."


"I'm Milo by the way." He bumped his shoulder with mine and stuck his hand out to Jackson who awkwardly took it.


"I never asked." I kept my eyes anywhere but him.


"Well damn, I was just being nice."


"Yeah and you could be that somewhere else you know."


"God damn, I'd thought you'd be a little more nicer December."


That's when my head whipped up to be met with hazel eyes. "How the fuck do you know my name?"


"Um, you're in like every one of my classes and you told me..."


I ducked my head down a bit looking at the table feeling bad. It's not my fault I hadn't noticed him, he was quiet and I rarely pay attention to anything around me. But that doesn't mean I still don't feel bad about it.


"Oh, I'm sorry. Look I'll think about it okay?" I looked up and saw his eyes light up and that's when I knew I'd be hooked.


"Awesome! Okay, well I'll let you guys get back to your lunch. See you in Anatomy December." Jackson and I both watched him walk away and it wasn't until he was out of earshot did Jackson turn to me.


"What the hell was that?"


"I have no idea."


He left me alone for the next two days so I wasn't surprised when he came up to me at my locker on Friday with a single tulip in his hand.


"A tulip? Really?"


"I wanted to be original." He gave me a warming smile and handed it to me. I took it from his grasp and put it up to my nose. The sweet smell of the petals filled my senses and I found myself smiling. Despite how strange and annoying I think he is, a gesture this sweet would surely leave a small smile on my face.


"Thank you." I said quietly.


He reached up behind his neck and started to scratch the spot there, a nervous habit most boys seem to have. "It's no problem really."


I started to put my books into my locker and ready to leave when I noticed he was still standing there. "Um, was there anything else you needed or...?"


He looked flustered for a second and a slight blush started to blossom on his cheeks as he stumbled over his words. I found is absolutely entertaining.


"Oh, I um, wanted to um know if you thought about the date."


"Look Milo-"


"Please, I'm just asking one date. That's it. Just one date and then you can never talk to me again."


I looked at his handsome pleading face and started to wonder why I was even difficult with him in the first place.


"Fine. Just one date and then I'll never talk to you again."


So here I am on a date on a Saturday night not knowing how to feel about it. My emotions are mixed with him because I don't want to like him but I guess it's kind of hard not to. After sitting down and talking with him I've noticed we have a lot in common. But the more he talks the more I see Jackson in him. Is that weird? For some reason I feel like I'm almost cheating on Jackson by being on this date. 


But then I have to remind myself that he was never mine to begin with.


After dinner we went down to the pier and walked around a bit with only the soft glow of the waning moon to guide us through. I started to feel this anxiety bubble in me and my hands starting to sweat. I had to ask him.


"Why me?"


"What do you mean?" We had stopped walking by now and he was looking at me intently. I took in a deep breath of the salty air and started again.


"I mean, why are you so interested in me?" He looked down at his feet and then at the sky while thinking of an answer.


"Because you interest me."




"Because I've never quite met someone like you before. It's refreshing."


"I guess I could say the same for you." I murmured quietly. A small smile started to break out on his face and I started to grow accustomed to liking it more and more.


"What?" Now I was smiling too. Damn these nerves.


"Well would you look at that, seems like that you have some interest in me as well."


I felt my cheeks heat up slightly in an unattractive blush and started to shake my head playfully. "No! I never said that!"


"Hmm, seems to me like you did."


"Did not."


"Did too."


And that's how the rest of the night went; filled with playful banter and teasing. I hadn't felt that light and happy in a long while and for the first time in a long time, the aching in my heart I felt for my best friend could almost be ignored.






This is me profusely apologizing for such a long wait on this next chapter. And tbh, I don't know how to feel about this one since it's really awkwARD and weird. But that's just me. SO PLS DON'T H8 ME.


P.S I'm turning 16 tomorrow!!! AHH!!






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