What December Tells Us

Her name is December but she was born in August. She straightens her hair but it still gets frizzy. She’s in love with her best friend but he doesn't feel the same. She’s always talking but no one is ever listening. December’s life as a teenager is a struggle. And she just can’t wait to tell us all about it.


4. Chapter 4


Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn't the way they actually are. -John Green


Jackson and I had decided to settle our little dispute over a nice cup of coffee at our oh so favorite cafe. And this time he promised he'd actually show up. I don't know what I plan on telling him because I sure as heck won't tell him the true matter at hand here. That would just lead to complete devastation. I do know that I'm going to apologize to him though. He at least deserves that much.


A topic I know will be brought up is her. Something I want to avoid but is too inevitable to do so. I want to be happy for him, I really do but it's just so hard when I'm so in love with him but someone else gets to take it all away from me. So yes, I naturally do hate this girl. This girl I never met and I never want to. If I ever do though, lemme tell you, World War three just might start-


"Hey December." I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard his voice. My head whipped up to be met with his kind smile. I smiled back but it immediately dropped when I noticed someone standing next to him.


"December this is my girlfriend Zariella. And Zariella this is my best friend December." He was smiling like he was proud of something while looking between us. I knew Jackson was looking at me expectantly so I gave her a tight smile and a small nod. Whereas she gave me a warmer smile and engulfed me in a hug. I was so taken back that I literally gasped out loud. I didn't know what to do with me still being in an initial shock so for majority of the time, my arms were just hanging loosely by my sides making no effort to touch her whatsoever. Her whitish blondish hair was all in my face and I could smell the nicotine from the cigarette she probably smoked right before she got here.


"It's so great to finally meet you! Jackson has told me so much that I feel like I already know you."  


"Yeah well...here I am haha..." She finally let go and looked at me and smiled before going back to stand next to Jackson who put a long arm around her shoulders. I'm pretty sure I was just staring dumbly at Jackson still trying to comprehend at what just happened and soon enough an awkward silence had fallen upon us. Thank god he noticed it.


"So! Should we take a seat somewhere?"


"Well we didn't come here to exactly stand now did we?" Jackson just rolled his eyes and lead the way inside. He grabbed a smaller table that was sitting right up against the window where you could see everyone shopping and being busy with themselves.


"Ok so I'm going to grab us the drinks. December you want the usual right? And Zariella you want a shot of espresso?"


We both silently nodded our heads and he gave us a thumbs up while stumbling over to the counter. I couldn't help but giggle at his clumsiness.


"So um December, how long have you and Jackson been friends?"


"Since birth."


"Wow, that must've been so much fun having him be with you all of your childho-"


"What do you want from him?" I seriously couldn't take anymore of this acting nice crap. And there was no need to beat around the bush either. She looked taken back and a bit hurt by my sudden question but I couldn't care less.


"What do you mean?"


"Why are you even dating him? You guys are nothing alike! What's the point?"


"Look December, I get that you're his best friend and you want what's best for him but I really do like him. Like a lot. I've had the biggest crush on him since 8th grade. I just never thought he'd like someone like me. So before you're anymore of a bitch to me, just know that I won't do anything to hurt him."


I didn't respond because 1.) I didn't know how to and 2.) Jackson was walking back to our table. 


At this point I don't know if I should hate her even more or respect her. Either way, it wouldn't do me any good.

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