Don't Leave

Megan Waters is a 17 year old girl, trying to find herself. She has long brown hair and deep blue eyes. She is so called a 'Social Outcast' . But what will happen when she meets the school bully, Luke Hemmings? Will her life change for the better? Read Don't Leave to find out.


2. Why me?


Megan's POV

I groaned as I heard my alarm clock beeping. I was dreading school. I dragged my body out of bed, grabbed some jeans and a Nirvana shirt and made my way to the bathroom.

After I took a shower, I got dressed and tiptoed downstairs.

'Shit' I mumbled. I was going to be late to school. I grabbed an apple from the table , threw my backpack over my shoulder and headed towards the door.

My mum was already at work, so I had to take the bus.

I ran to the bus stop like a maniac. There were already a ton of students from my school on the bus. I walked in the bus, but I didn't get far. There were people in every corner and there was no space whatsoever.

" Get out of my way you bitch! " A voice yelled in my ear. It was Rebecca and her gang.

My body was already shaking. "I c-c-an-t" I whispered just loud enough for her to hear. I could see the anger in her face.

" I SAID GET OUT OF MY WAY!" She yelled louder this time. She shoved me to the side as she walked past.

My head hit something, but it wasn't the wall. It was something softer. I quickly picked myself up and turned to look at what I hit.



I'm screwed.

My life is over.


I stayed silent.

I didn't know what to say.

"Bitch" she said, shoving me to the other side of the bus. I hit another body, which quickly pushed me to someone else. Before I knew it, I was being shoved around the bus.

They were still pushing me around when the bus door opened to school. My head was spinning like crazy. I wanted to vomit.

The last thing I felt was the cold concrete ground. I was pushed out of the bus. But i was too confused to look who it was.

"Why me?"

I asked myself before everything started going dark.

Hey guys, sorry for another rubbish chapter. I couldn't think of anything. Please comment your feedback and maybe some ideas for the rest of the story. I'll probably introduce Luke in the next chapter, so stay tuned for that. Thanks for reading!


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