Callie Jones hates life,she is a teen flight risk who is damaged but maybe all that's missing is love.
What will happen when school starts back and new kid Trystan Clark starts her school


1. Who is he?

Callie POV

Monday morning.Great.I would rather lie in my bed doing absolutely nothing all day,where did the summer go?Plus I don't need school I'll be gone from this hell hole before the years over.

The bell rings and I'm walking through the school doors,I have to admit I look pretty cool.Black ripped skinny a with my checked shirt,black lippy and so many layers of black eye liner.Goth looks good on me.My long black locks are tied up in a messy bun and as I walk down the hall everyone moves I know they are scared of me I mean look at me.

Third period now and I'm sitting in the back of my biology class with my earphones in acting like the furniture.Mr Harkins rolls on about "mutations" I mean what the fuck are they!

The door chaps there stands Miss Mclaggan the schools secretary with this green puss filled wart on her face.What even is she.My eyes are taking of guard when I see this 6 foot geek with black hair standing behind her."Hello Sir this is Trystan Clark and he will be joining your class for the semester"Mr Harkins nodded and then pointed to the seat next to me.Why me I do not share my work bench with anyone!But oh he's getting closer and under those glasses there is one hot guy,lucky me I think.

"Hey"Trystan says as he sits down beside me.I nod at him,you see I am the school bitch."can I look at your textbook I don't have one yet"I push the book towards him."Thanks"

The class ended."Sorry I never caught your name?"Trystan says as I pack up my things"it's Callie"I say."So Taylor I don't have any friends yet so could I maybe sit with you at lunch?"I laugh"you can join me I guess but I don't sit,I stand with a roll up in this hand and a lighter in this one"I reply,he nodded "sure I can do that." I smiled.We walked out of class together,it felt good no one ever spoke to me or looked at me the way he did.

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