Cassie’s Unhappy Valentine’s Day


1. Prologue

I sat there, my head on the table, the news in the droning on in the back ground. At five minutes past seven, all of our nerves are frayed. I feel someone's hands touch both of my shoulders. I'm about to jump and backhand who ever it is, but they say, "Easy, Bear.". 

"Zane, you know not to sneak up on me," I breathe, leaning my head back against the head rest.

"Sorry, Bear," he says, massaging my shoulders and then kissin my forehead.

When Zane didn't sit in the chair next to me, but instead headed towards the door, I remembered that he had to go and check on Jackson, our dog. I want to begin whining and ask him to stay, but I know he loves that dog as much as he loves me. He turns around quickly and walks back over to me, kissing me one more timem on my forehead.

"I'll be back as soon as I can, Bear," Zane says, heading out the door, giving me the three finger salute from the Hunger Games. 

I nod, my attention suddenly on the weather.

"It's going to snow again tonight and what melts is going to refreeze. To the people that have to be out, this news station asks that you becareful," the newscaster says, which causes me to think of Zane.  

"He's going to be okay, Cassie," my friend, BJ says.

"We all know Zane, Cassie, he's a tough son of a bi-," Reagan, BJ's sister says.

I nod again, listening as the pager goes off, kicking us into our EMT modes. Regina, Zane's mother walks in, no emotion on her face.

"Let's go," I shout, my firefighter training and my EMT training kicking in. BJ, Reagan and Regina join me in the fast paced jog to the ambulence. BJ, jumps in the driver seat, Regina slides into the passenger seat and Reagan and I are in the back.

This is going to an interesting night, I thought to myself as the bay door opened and we set off into the night.

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