Blood Red Leaves // Short Story

A short Gothic Story. One Chapter long


1. One Chapter only

I walk through the crowded school hallways, music blaring from my headphones. I don't think I even know this song but the constant and sudden beat changes with robotic sounds actually make me feel rather comforted. The final school bell rings and within seconds everyone is out the school doors and making plans of what to do for the two week autumn break. I sigh and turn around, remembering that I forgot my extra pair of glasses in my locker. After breaking my original ones a few times too often I decided it would be best to always have an extra pair with me. I look through the window next to my bright orange locker and notice that the sun is already setting. I quickly get out my key not wanting to waste another minute of precious daylight. The glasses are found quickly and I shoulder my bag before making my way down the hallways once again. I turn the volume of my music down a little and as I walk I can now hear my sneakers squeak against the linoleum floor. 


 The big entrance doors come into view as I notice fall leafs covering the grey floor. As I get closer I notice that all the leafs are coloured blood red and the temperature drops to a minimum. Pausing the music I take out my headphones and stuff them in my pocket. I furrow my brows remembering that outside school we have only pines and not a single leaf tree. I sigh, fog building in front of my mouth and bend down to pick up a leaf. I grab a rather big one and as my skin touches it, it feels like silk. I stand up again and suddenly the leaf liquifies and soon my hand is fully covered in blood. With my eyes wide I start screaming and try to get rid of the blood by shaking my hand and wiping it into my trousers and jacket. 


   I quickly run to the exit doors but when I try to open them, blood runs down its sides and makes it impossible to move it. Panicked I look around and notice that all the leafs are gone and are replaced with pure blood. I run through it, towards the other exit by the cafeteria. 

    As I reach the cafeteria I find it pitch black and a strange smell that reminds me of sour milk and a sort of petrichor like smell hits me. Not daring to go inside I turn on my heel and run straight into a big man. I shriek loudly and push him away from me, running down the hallway I came from. Taking a few turns in random directions I notice that I am totally lost even though I have been in this school for more than five years. Suddenly everything seems new and unknown and the only thing I can think of is that the man is after me. I hide in a corner and see if he followed me. Just down the dark hallway he stands and looks for me. Taking a deep breath I tip toe around the corner and as soon as he’s out of sight I start running again. 


 Soon I hear heavy foot steps echoing behind me as I sprint down the dark and empty hallways of my school. I run as fast as my legs can take me, not daring to look behind me as I search for an exit. I turn at every corner I come to and climb every stair that is in front of me. The loud steps are no longer behind me but that doesn’t stop me from running. I find myself trapped in a dead end and only then I notice a little door, hidden between a wall of lockers. Pushing it open with ease I step inside and see a big staircase leading up. I quickly close the door behind me and climb up the narrow staircase until I reach another door, a little bigger and heavier than the first one. 


 I close my eyes and crawl threw the door, my legs too tired to carry me any more. Cool air hits my face and I dare to open my eyes, revealing an amazing view of a forest, fields and the town I live in. I take off my shoes and stand up, the cold stone of the school’s rooftop gently healing my wound feet and I sigh with pleasure. I look to the sky and stars as beautiful as diamonds greet me. I slowly walk towards the edge of the roof and take in the beautiful view once more. The heavy door behind me flies open and the big man, that I met in front of the cafeteria, stands in front of me. 


 My jaw drops open and I look behind me, looking for something that could protect me. But all I find is and empty parking lot a lot of oak trees. As I look back the man starts to come towards me and as I try to back away I almost step into nothing due to the fact that I am already on the very edge of the roof. I furrow my eyebrows and look behind me once again. I relax and smile, completely turning around now. I can almost feel the heavy breathing of my opponent behind me before I jump of the roof. 

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