The New You

A Girl Named Cecilia Hood And her brother Calum Hood are twins not identical twins doe go on tour and Cecilia Falls For Luke Robert Hemmings The New Bad Boy Will Hr fall For her too?..........


4. Waking Up and party and trouble

Cecilia's p.o.v

I woke up and I looked around and saw Jenn and the boys sitting down and Calum and Luke were sitting beside me I sat up and Luke and Calum hugged me I panicked then I hugged back I had a cast on my hand I remembered what happened then I asked " where am I " they all looked at me and said " the hostipitale " I got up and un hooked all the machines and opened the door and walked out and into the elevator and went to floor one and walked and got my clothes and I calmly walked out and walked along the beach and there was sirens behind me I ignored it and I blacked out again I woke up in a strange white hallway and then I seen room 284 I went in and saw me laying on the bed and Luke talking to me then I poked him he didn't notice that I poked him then I fell into my body and woke up and Luke seen my eyes open he kissed me and I kissed back then I asked " could you get the doctor please " he nodded and went to get the doctor and he came back in 3 minutes with the doctor and he said I could get out the next day but I had to stay in bed I asked " how long have I been in a coma ?" " 5 weeks " I opened my eyes wide and my jaw dropped " Luke what about the tour " I said shakily " we moved it to this Thursday " I smiled " who made it this Thursday " " all of us " I smiled and I kissed his cheek he said " you missed " I was confused then he kissed me I smirked in the kiss and kissed back and he pulled away and asked " doc when will she be able to come back home " " today " I smiled and I got my clothes and went to change in the bathroom after that happened me and Luke went to me and Calum's place and I got home and once I got in the lights were off I turned them on then everybody jumped up and yelled " WELCOME BACK!!! " I was shocked so I just smiled.

••••Skip Party••••

Luke's p.o.v

After the party I carried Cecilia up to her room and laid her on her bed before I walked away from her bed she grabbed my hand and asked " Luke can you stay with me please " I smiled and nodded and took my shirt off and laid beside her and wrapped my arms around her and fell asleep

Cecil's p.o.v

I woke up with strong arms around me I turned around and seen Luke and poked his cheek and smiled and said " morning " " Good morn- " my dog came in and jumped on me before I could im finish " morning " I got up walked down stairs and seen every body passed out I laughed and took my iPhone out and took photos and grabbed a sharpie marker and drew a moustache on Calum a bow tie on Ashton and a unicorn on Michael I laughed and took more pictures and ate and got dressed. After they were all awake I gave Calum , Ashton and Michael a mirror and recorded their reactions they all screamed I ran upstairs and hid in my walk in closet then someone from behind me grabbed me I screamed and turned to see someone I never seen in a while his name was Jason he was my old boyfriend he abused me that's why I left him and said " hello love " the boys came in my closet and Adam pulled a knife out and held it to my neck the panic button was beside me I pushed it a minute later of arguing the police came in and Jason yelled a gun out and shot my arm and shoved the knife in my stomach before the police came and got him I fell on the floor and blood was coming out of me Luke tried to come to me but the boys held him back the ambulance came and put me on a stretcher and took me to the hostiptale and then I blacked out.

Luke's p.o.v

We heard a scream and ran upstairs into Cecilia's closet and her and her ex was in there he pulled a knife out and held it to her neck she pressed panic button and a minute later the police and ambulance came and Jason stabbed and shot her stomach I tried to go see her but the boys held me back me and Cal were crying they took her to the hostipitale and I ran to my car I drove really fast to the hostipitale and I told the person at the front who I was I went into the room after the surgery I asked the doctor if anything was wrong he told me " she's in a coma Mr.Hemming's I'm sorry " my smile faded I remember falling to the floor and hot my head and I blacked out all I remember.

Doctor Steve (why not he helps right )

When Cecilia and Luke Hemming's come in I do surgery on both and they get to go in about a couple days so once they wake up they get to go the next day.

Cecilia's and Luke's Pov ( what am I doing? )

Cecil's- I wake up in a white hallway and see Luke beside me so I try to wake him up but it doesn't work so I kiss his cheek then he gets up " Luke Where Are We ? "

Luke- " Luke Where are we? " " I-I don't know " we walk hand in hand around then suddenly we both fall I wake up and see Michael and Calum and ash beside me " SHES AWAKE GUYS CECILIA'S AWAKE!!!!! " " how would you know " Ashton says sadly I get up and walk to Cecilia's room and the boys follow she's awake I went to go hug her she hugged me back " I seen you in my dream" I whisper in her ear " I seen you too " she smiles then Calum clears his throat " sorry ". When me and Luke got out we get ready for the tour.

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