The New You

A Girl Named Cecilia Hood And her brother Calum Hood are twins not identical twins doe go on tour and Cecilia Falls For Luke Robert Hemmings The New Bad Boy Will Hr fall For her too?..........



I woke up to Ashton playing his drums in my room so I got up and tip toed from behind Ashton and tickled him then he screamed " HELP!!!" Then Luke , Calum and Mikey came and I didn't see them so they grabbed me and took me to the back yard and I managed to grab a water gun and spray the boys they dropped me in the pool then I did my morning routine and the vamps and 5 SOS went shopping and then Luke pulled me aside and said " why are you so stubborn " with a smirk and I just walked away and put my middle finger up in the air and just kept walking to the guys. Then when I got home I put my sweats on and a tank top that days 'Oh Cecilia Why Are You Breaking My Heart ' and invited all the Bestie's Sam , Conner , jc Jenn , Kian , Tyler Oakley and my bestie for life Savannah do when they got over we put white chicks on and I made a huge bowl of popcorn and when we were half way through the movie we heard a knock at the door and I yelled " ILL GET IT! " and ran to the door with Savannah and opened to see the boys from 5 seconds of summer me and Savannah we in short shorts and our tank tops and there was an awkward silence then Conner came and asked who it was in a deep darth vader voice me and Savannah laughed then Tyler came and fangirled for about a minute and them invited them in and we had a movie , karaoke , water gun fight , sleep over night and then they all passed out I woke up in the pool the next day I screamed and then everyone came out and laughed at me then I groaned then they all turned around so I grabbed my water gun and splashed all of them then said " Revenge Is A Bitch " and laughed.

A/n wat y'all think about this chapter comment like and don't be fussy I'll update soon

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