The New You

A Girl Named Cecilia Hood And her brother Calum Hood are twins not identical twins doe go on tour and Cecilia Falls For Luke Robert Hemmings The New Bad Boy Will Hr fall For her too?..........


3. The Hell Hole And Dates

Cecilia's P.O.V

So after that crazy weekend it was Monday the worst day of school. I woke up to Calum yelling " WAKE UP!!" I got up went in the shower and did the mumbo jumbo shower stuff then I got out wrapped a towel around myself then I went into my closet and picked my galaxy tights and my t-shirt that's one of those shirts that has a football shirts that hang low and I got a bandana and went down stairs ate breakfast ( a banana ) and sang the banana song we'll yelled the lyrics then Calum came up behind me and scared me that cause mento scream " CALUM YOU BITCH! You made me drop my banana :( " " you remind me of Luke and Mikey oh and talking about them were going on tour " I frowned then he added " and your coming so go pack your clothes for six months " I screamed and grabbed my penny bored and went to school and then the whores of the school came and pushed me against a locker then Calum and his crew said " screw off you bitch " " oh hey Calum It was an accident " accidents happen " she added while kicking and stomping on my hand that I play my instruments with then the principle came out gave her detention and I got my early summer break with all my friends and after we got home we heard screaming which sounded like the boys me and my friends went in and we saw them fighting for the last piece of pizza so I grabbed it and ran into the backyard and climbed in my tree house and I heard they boys walking then they coming up the ladder to my tree house so I ate the rest of the pizza and they all looked at each other whispered something to each other.

Luke's P.O.V

We all whispered get her to each other so I went in first then she had something behind her and her friend Sam , kian , Jc and jenn had something behind them to so they whispered " Get em " they all shot water at us and Cecilia shot me and climbed out the window and onto the top of the tree house and onto a branch where they would call ' the corner ' so I climbed after her and all of her friends and Mikey Ash said " Oooh " and went into the house and Calum was somewhere in town until tonight so he wasn't here this is my time to ask her out so I got up there and asked and she said yes I kissed her on the cheek she said I missed I was confused then she kissed me on the lips and she jumped into the pool and I climbed down ( I'm not a pussy Lolz ) then i left.

Cecilia's P.O.V

So when the boys left me and jenn had a sleep over since she was coming on tour with us and I told her everything that happened and that night I blushed a whole lot and laughed.

We went into the boys recording studio in my basement We got up on stage and started to sing ' if I die young ' by the band perry and we didn't see the boys come in so they clapped I got scarred and I tripped over thee wire for the microphone and everything went black that's all I remember.

Ashton's p.o.v ( why not he does have a crush on jenn )

We all clapped then Cecilia was gonna come sit down but she tripped over the microphone wire and blacked out and me and the boys went to see her and jenn screamed grabbed the phone and called ' 000 ' ( pretend that's the number for the ambulance ) and they came and took her to the hostipitale and me and jenn stayed behind and watched movies I asked her out and she said yes and we makes out. ( Ew -Cecil's )

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