Dreams Do Come True (A Jatie Love Story)

This is a James and Katie fan fiction. Katie is always dreaming and wishing to be with James since she was 10 now that she is 18 Katie is ready. to tell him how she feels. Does James feel the same way ? What would Kendall think? But in the end Dreams Do Come True


2. This can't Be Happening to Me

James' P.O.V. Here I am in Katie's room hiding out. This can't be happening to me... I mean it is great the girl of my dreams just said she love me for a long time and what did I do I fucking ran out on her like a jackass getting neutered. I should've kissed her right then and there but, something is holding me back... Kendall my best friend. He is going to kill me if he has known that Katie has feeling for me , he would never allowed me to date with but I really want to. I stop pacing and sat down on Katie's bed and put my face in my hands. Why the hell i'm so tore up about this? I said through my hands. "Tore up about what?" Carlos said "Ahhhh shit !!!" I screamed and jumped up off the bed. "Damn it Carlos! ... trying to kill me." I said grabbing my chest. As Carlos coming out from under the bed "To my best friend of the whole wide world... Yes." he said chuckled he said as he slapped me on the shoulders. Really dude what got you so torned up about ?. he asked me I shooked my head Nothing Carlos ... it is my situation that I have to resolve I answered. Come on I'm your friend beside I'm not going to tell anyone about it. he stated matter-of-factly. I just sighed and walked towards him and sat down next to him. Come on spit it out." he coaxed me. " Fine ... there is this girl that I've been in love with since forever." I said . "So , Logan was right it is a woman that have your attention tooked these past few months while we're touring." he stated. "Yes, Carlos it is a WOMAN!." I said retorted back. Okay well get on with he said. We've been texting and twittering each other just as friends but we both be harboring secret feelings for each other... and she just told me that she loved me for the longest. I replied. Well that's great! ... did you tell her that you love her also? he asked excitedly. Wellll... that is the situation I ran like a chicken with my head cut off I answered. Dude you complete jackass!!! Carlos yelled at me. Do you think I know that... I just left her at the pool alone... feeling hurt or akward that i didn't say anything to her... I just left. I said into the pillow when i covered my face with it. Dude you have to tell her he said I don't know if I can man I said . You have to she took a risk on love and told you... you now have to meet in the middle Carlos stated . I wish is that simple but, her brother might kill me and he will ruined the face as I did my signature move. Come on dude stop being chicken and tell her he said as he nudged me. By the way who is this woman 's name? he questioned. It's Katie I mumbled. “What's that you just mumbled?.” he said. I said the woman is -- Don't!!!... we know it is Katie!!! What?!! I yelled Damn it Logan!! ! Carlos yelled at him Serves you right. Logan said back to Carlos. I looked at both them in shock. How do you like it so far my first book and all please comment and vote.
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