Dreams Do Come True (A Jatie Love Story)

This is a James and Katie fan fiction. Katie is always dreaming and wishing to be with James since she was 10 now that she is 18 Katie is ready. to tell him how she feels. Does James feel the same way ? What would Kendall think? But in the end Dreams Do Come True


3. This can't be Happening Part deux...

Katie's P.O.V. This can't be happening I said to myself. I finally told the man that I am in love with him and he completely runs off and let me here in his dust. Son of a Bitch I said to myself. Gawd I feel like crying right know ,felt humiliated why does love got to be so hard. I really need to get out of here. As I got up and grabbed my stuff I quickly left Palm Woods ... got in my car and headed to the beach Trying to stop the tears forming in my eyes. As I pulled up to parked I see Camille and Logan packing up their picnic basket and blanket. Hey Batie - Bear! he greeted me. Hi I sadly said Katie, what's the matter she asked me. Can we talked in private... please I suggested. Of course she said as she got up and walked with me. I finally told James how I feel I blurted out. Really... I'm so proud of you Kat she excitedly said while jumping up and down. Yeah, then he up and left me alone. Wow I can't believe that... it doesn't sound like James. Camille said. Well it is true... I shouldn't have told him I said sadly. He doesn't feel the same way about me. I cried. As Camille wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. I really begged to differ Logan interrupted us. Really sweetheart girls need privately. Camille stated. Listen, Katie he is still head over heels in love with you he stated matter of factly. How can you be so sure? I asked him as I folded my arms together. Easy... Carlos and I have known that you and James has feeling for each other, the way you secretly stared at each other when nobody looking, you get touchy feely with each other, secretly checking each other out without each of you knowing,and last but not least James has been following you on your dates. he stated. James followed me on my dates. I repeated the last one. Yeap... he's the one that been trying to sabotage your dates so you don't move on without him. Logan said. He's the perpetrator that causes my date to go south... because in his own way he loves me I said questionly. Correcto mundo he agreed with me. It is still a funny way of showing it I said. I know sweetie but you need to still talk to James she suggested. I know ... so you and Carlos know I asked Logan. Yeap... the only one that doesn't know is your brother Kendall he said. I rolled my eyes and sighed Don't worry Batie - Bear this is between you and James... Carlos and I is not going to tell Kendall. he stated again. Besides where Carlos anyway ? Camille asked Last time I checked he asked me on my phone saying he left something in my room. I answered. Oh nooo... the bet Logan yelped as he start heading for his car. Logie - Bear where are you going? Camille yelled right after him. Don't worry I make sure James drive his car so you can drive it back. he answered back. And Katie, wait for James don't loose hope. he said as he sped away. I don't understand men I said Don't worry you get use to it Camille chuckled and hugged me.
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