Dreams Do Come True (A Jatie Love Story)

This is a James and Katie fan fiction. Katie is always dreaming and wishing to be with James since she was 10 now that she is 18 Katie is ready. to tell him how she feels. Does James feel the same way ? What would Kendall think? But in the end Dreams Do Come True


9. The Next Level Part 2

This chapter here is James point. of view after he and Katie made love for the first time. Way before Kendall. barges in. It might be a short one it not. Just a warning. :-D ******************************* James's P.O.V. Here I am sitting here in the middle of the night, catching my breath after second round of making love. As I looked left from me seeing Katie sleeping form. I smiled to myself. she is officially mine as I Well hers. When she told me she is ready to take it to the next level... believe me I was scared shit out of mind because all of these thoughts ran through my mind. What happened if I'm not good enough?... or am I'm that good in bed? I scoffed to myself. Usually most girls I dated usually do anything for me because... Well I'm rich and famous. Everytime I leaved them I still felt empty or used Yes that is an correct terminology. ..They used me to make themselves famous and sometimes the situations get bad for me. I couldn't trust or loved them because they don't like me for being me and what I really am but, not Katie... she's real and had my back before I was famous. Yes I'm not smart but had great looks out of the band. She made feel special... she value my opinions and ideas even though sometimes it sound dumb or not. Heck, she could have any guy she wanted out of the whole world. She chose me... me I silently chuckled to myself . She made me the most luckiest guy in the world. I want the whole world to know that I James Dylan Diamond is head over heels in love with Katie Denise Knight. I caress her arm as she whimpered incoherently. I smiled even bigger. I raised her left hand and kissed it softly. As I gently and quietly scooted out of bed. I snucked out of her room and quietly used the bathroom to flushed the condom down the toilet. I wash my hands and used the bathroom and washed my hands again. Then, headed to the kitchen to get some water and a late snack. On the way there I went to get my pajama bottom to cover my boxer short from my room as I quickly put it on and opened the freezer and decided to make a sundae. I took out the ingredients and made it quickly and quietly as I can... not disturbing Katie in the next room. As I ponder about how great my life is going to be for now on but then I started to think about how I'm going to break the news about us to Kendall. I took a bite out of my sundae wondering his reaction going to be ...I know he going to be upset but with time he just have to face it and understand that my love for Katie is pure and real ...and show him that she is not like the other girls I've been with. Then, I heard the bedroom door open and shut. I raised my head to the right and saw her standing there with my T-shirt on. Wow she looked sexy.I mentally said to myself. Like what you see she smuggled at me. Yes, I do I agreed. She giggled at me. Bring your sexy self over here. I said seductively. You walked her sexy strut towards me. As I turned halfway in my chair to received her as she stopped in front of me. She is standing between my legs. She wrapped her arms around my neck as she leaned in and I met her half way and we kissed. Mmm... she moaned against my lips. I smiled against her lips. You taste like ice cream. she stated Yeah made me a sundae I agreed as I picked up my spoon and took a piece of my ice cream on the spoon. I thought that only women make themselves sundaes after a good bout of love making. she asked me. No, what you say it's true but I was hungry need a late night snack... you want? I replied and offered her last bit of my ice cream. Yes please. she nodded and I fed it to her. Mmmmm... that's delicious she said licking her lips. I hungrily capture her lips with mine. As she eagerly kiss me back with the same amount of roughness. As our tongues duel with each other. I groaned against her lips as she rake her hands through my hair. As I felt myself growing hard. Look like Magic Maslow is on the raise. She giggled at me You bet I am I agreed with her,as I kissed her with each word. Are you going to do something about it? she whispered seductively. I growled and picked her up and kissed as she straddled my waist. I carried her to her room for round three. ******************************* 9AM Katie's room Katie and I were cuddling up against each other sleeping. The sun broke through the window. It woked up Katie up first as she stretched and yawn. She looked at me and she kissed me all over my face. I started to mumbled something as she kiss me again. Katie I rasped as she grabbed my penis. She giggled as she Peck me on the lips Baby I need some energy... some nourishment.. food I whimpered. Mmmm... but I have all the nourishment you need honey she suggested as she brazenly grabbed my penis. I growled as I flipped her over with me on top as I kissed her hungrily. She kissed me back in the same vigor. You are going to be the death of me Katie. I rasped as she bucked her hips against me. I groaned at the contact. As we about to started round 4 Kendall barges in. Hey Katie... - he said and stopped mid sentence. Katie and I yelped and I quickly scrambled off her lucky for me I still had on pajama bottom but for Katie she was naked. It happened so fast Kendall tackled me to the ground and got one punch across my face (which I deserve ) . Not the face I yelped as I raised my arms to covered my face on blocked his blows. Katie tried to get him off of me and couldn't so screamed for reinforcement Carlos and Logan as they came running in. They picked him off of me as Logan hold him back and Carlos helped me up. We argue with Kendall secrets came out but not the way Katie and I expected it. As Kendall left with Logan and Carlos as they waited for us to get dress and give Kendall an explanation. Carlos and Logan said they would help Kendall see logic. I hope it work. Katie ran to me and hugged me. Baby are you okay? She asked me worriedly. I'm fine I gave her a reassuring hug. We hugged for a moment and she reluctantly let me go. As she used her robe to dabbed the blood away. It doesn't look like you need stitches She checked it out and gently kissed me on the lips. Well this not the way we planned about us coming out to Kendall as a couple. I said I know... and I'm sorry for him she agreed apologetic to me. He doesn't know boundaries she said to me. No it's my fault I didn't locked the door. I said matter-of-fact Well he now so it is no use to keep stalling she said as turned around to leave. I caught her arm. Baby before we do this I have to let you know something.... I said to here. Yes babe it is best sex of my life she half joked and half serious. I chuckled good to know... but whatever the outcome I still want to be with you, you are right this is our lives and nobody including your brother is going to tell us other wise. I said truthfully. Katie smile and jumped into my arms as I laughed and hugged her back. I still want to be with you too.she said back as we let go of each other. Besides with or without his blessing you are mine forever and what happened last night I don't regret it... it was special for the both of us. I said to a smiling Katie. Same here Jamie getting choked up as we took each other hands and headed out of Katie's room to a facing Carlos, Kendall and Logan. The next chapter is going to be Katie's point of view.
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