Dreams Do Come True (A Jatie Love Story)

This is a James and Katie fan fiction. Katie is always dreaming and wishing to be with James since she was 10 now that she is 18 Katie is ready. to tell him how she feels. Does James feel the same way ? What would Kendall think? But in the end Dreams Do Come True


7. Secrets Comes Out Part 2

This is the continuing of Kendall's Point of View. I updated on the computer but it didn't show up on the create menu. I would of add this story to chapter 6... so this would be Chapter 7. ***************************** I did... she yelled What do you mean? I asked her folded my arms. She means she loves me, Kendall... James interrupted as I watched Katie walked towards James. And I love her James said as he wrapped his arms around my sister's waist. You don't know what love is James... you are a womanizer.I questioned him. That is so unfair Kendall... I know what he's used to be she said back Yeah I dated women that are vain ,dumb, ...and whatever but I wouldn't do that to Katie...she's different from the others. he said truthfully I was getting agitated How long has it been?... - Kendall could you at least wait until they get dress... I'm started to feel uncomfortable. Carlos interrupted me. I agree with Carlos Logan piped in. I just standing there looking at my sister and best friends. Fine I finally said I wait for you in the living room which give me all good reason to asked you two that you help them keeping this secret from me. I pointed at Carlos and Logan. Yeah ...whatever Logan said as he opened Katie's door After you Carlos said behind me. As I walked out of her room. We will calm him down I heard Logan said to them. As I started to paced in the living room. Logan closed the door. Dude... what the hell ? Carlos asked me getting pissed. Oh No! ... you don't have the right of getting pissed off at me... I do I stated back. I can't believe you two kept this from me... two of my best friends I replied. Yes you have a right to be angry at us...- Logan agreed. But, it doesn't change the fact that you punched James in front of your sister none the less. Carlos said truthfully. He was on top of my sister's naked body...he was too. I reasoned with them. Well duh they did have sex with each other last night. Logan stated the fact. Uggh... don't remind me I face palmed. as I sat down on the stool. Fine then don't bring it up Logan retorted. Listen, Kendall... yes we help James and Katie get together and we kept it from you we are sorry about it but I don't regret it. Carlos honestly said to me. Yeah. I agreed with Carlos... I never seen Katie so happy and James is that reason. Logan stated matter-of-fact. In my head I know that they are right but I just don't know. Just think about...you do want Katie happy don't you. I just pondered the thought of Katie and James. Then, the door opened to Katie's room. As I see James and Katie in the doorway. We will take it as our cue to leave Carlos said popping up from the couch. Yeah I have to meet up with Camille anyways as he followed Carlos out the door. As they left it was just the three of us. Let's get the show on the road. How do you like it so far my first book and all
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