Dreams Do Come True (A Jatie Love Story)

This is a James and Katie fan fiction. Katie is always dreaming and wishing to be with James since she was 10 now that she is 18 Katie is ready. to tell him how she feels. Does James feel the same way ? What would Kendall think? But in the end Dreams Do Come True


5. Please Give Me Time To Explain and A Chance To Make It Right

Katie's P.O.V. Here I am walking along the beach getting my feet wet while Camille is trying to assured me that I did the right thing about telling James how I feel. I can't get men these day when a woman tells a guy how we feel they run I choked up as I angrily wiped the tears that is threatening to come out my eyes. I don't know how James could be so dumb about love but, Katie you need to give him a chance to explain. she reasoned with me. I think that is a great idea James interrupted us. I got startled at his voice and I looked at him . He looked so timid with a lot of things on his mind. Hey James... Camille greeted him Hi Cammie he greeted back at her. Did you bring the car here? she asked him. Yes I did he answered as he shooked the keys in front of her. Thanks as she grabbed the car keys. “Katie remembered what I said let him give you and explanation... don't give up on him I think he does love you. she whispered to me. James and I stood there in silence until Camille drove away. I turned to look at James. I folded my arms together. James... You have explaining to do I said to him. Wow... right now I feel like Lucille Ball to your Ricky Ricardo he chuckled as he rubbed the back of his neck. Except that Lucille Ball has sense to say I love you back. I retorted as I continuing walking in the water. Ouch that hurts he stated as he tried to catch up with me. Kit Kat stop and listen to me as he grabbed my arm turned me towards him. Okay I replied. Well... to start off I'm sorry for running away after you told me about your feelings for me... I didn't know what to do? or how to handle the fact that it came from the woman of my dreams. Geeze, I should had did the opposite instead of running like a coward - More like a douche bag I interrupted.again with retort . Now that definitely hurt the most... you promised that you listened to me. he said. Yes... of course I did I agreed with him. Awesome, so now you use your bottom lip and married the top lip and opened your ears He retorted to me. I was taken aback what he said to me and I was turned on about him being a little aggressive. Sorry... Proceed I said urging him to continue. Thank you. he sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck. As he dropped his hand back to his side. He looked at me and my head was down looking at me feet in the water. Katie ... look at me please he said in a mere whisper. I raised my head to look at him and my breath caught in my throat as he gaze into my filled with love. Katie I apologize for running away... the real reason is that everyday and every night I had wish that you had said the very same exact words to me but in reality I had knew it was never going to happened. he said as he reached for my hands and interlacing his fingers with mine. Once it did happened I got scared and ran from you... and not just you me and of course Kendall. he said. OK, I'm going to stop you right there Jamie. I interrupted him. Number 1, when in due time we are going to face the fact to tell Kendall if we decided that we are going to be together...besides Kendall is not here we are... #2, I'm An adult I make my own decision My brother can't tell me who i can or cannot date. I stated matter of factly. What about me? he asked in wonder What about you, Jamie? I question him. When we do date each other I can't promise you that I'll break your heart or hurt you. he honestly said I let go one of his hand and touch the right side of his face. A wise woman told me If you really love someone you would laid down your life and you take big risk and leap of faith to leave a big impression in their hearts I know that I ready to take that leap . I said as I moved my hand down his face, his neck, his check and back to his hand and grabbed it. I gazed into his hazel eyes, my eyes started to welled up . I love you James... I love you so much it hurts. I always has been...always wish I was those girls that you be going on dates with, wish I was those girls who you always be kissing...and I dream that you be mine James... I love you. I gave him the most heartfelt truth. James was speechless for a moment as I started to lose my nerves. Until he opened his mouth. Katie, I love you too. he replied I blew out a breath that I didn't know I had. I have loved you since you were just Kendall 's little sister and I have love you now that... (as he opened my arms apart to check out body and gave me a sexy smirk and winked )you have grown very nicely and beautiful . I should confessed that I purposesly sabotages you date because I was jealous that you were with them and not with me- That was you all this time. I shockingly interrupted him . Yes...because I was insanely in love with you.he agreed with me. We are together so I ready to take this big leap with you and when the time is right we go tell Kendall about us together. I just smiled at him Say it again I asked him. He chuckled I love you Katie Knight. I jumped into his arm and capture his lips with mine. James kissed me back eagerly, running his fingers through my long brown hair as I sunk my nails into his shoulders. I giggled against his lips before pulling away. “Eager? ” “ Just a little, ” he replied with a grin. “ But I think you are too.” “Maybe you're not a dumb as everyone thinks.” He pouted at me. “ Gee, thanks, your confidence in me is overwhelming. If you think I'm dumb, maybe I should just go - ” “No!” “ Really? Why not? ” “ Cause I love you, ” I said, pouted back. “ I love you too, ” he told me, slipping his arms around me, and I laid my head against his chest. So we now are together secretly... when will it be the right time to tell Kendall? he asked me. “ Give our relationship 3 or 4 months to tell my nero minded brother... I just want to be selfish and enjoyed us for a while. ” I smiled at him and he laughed and hugged me tighter. I leaned back to look at him “You know during those the will be a time of making love. ”I said playing with his shirt and caressing his chest. “ Wow Katie you are definitely killing me. ” he groaned as my hands travel lower “ What mini James wants to come out to play? ” I said in my sensual tone “ Ahh Kit Kat there will be a “huge” situations” he groaned out to me. I smiled mischievously at and leaned back in and whispered seductively in his ear making sure my lips brush against his ear. “ There isn't a “huge ” situation that my two “lips” can't handle I said seductively whispered as I gently sucked on his neck . As his whole body shuddered in response as I attempted to play with his belt. Mmmm... Katie he moaned out my name as he grabbed my ass. I leaned back and watched his face in pure pleasure. Then, the little Katie inside of me. push him into the waves. James came sputtering up and his face was in shock. As he wiped the excess water of his face. Seriously he said in a smoldering tone as I laughed at him. You know the water is fine... you should get in with me he playfully suggested. No!! I laughed excitedly moving back. Come here you little tease as he started chasing me he said running after me. Never you can't take me alive I said laughing I gave it a good 10 ft ahead but I can't win with his long legs he eventually caught me around my waste as I screamed in delight. He picked me up bridal style and threw us both into an on coming waves. As we sputtered up I splashed him and he splashed me back. I told the water is fine he replied. Oh shut up and kiss me I said as I grabbed him around his neck as he eagerly capture my lips his as our tongue duel against each other tasting of salt water. I never thought we would be this happy How do you like it so far my first book and all please comment and vote. the next chapter would be a love scene but fast forward 3½ or4 months this where Kendall find out about them.
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