Dreams Do Come True (A Jatie Love Story)

This is a James and Katie fan fiction. Katie is always dreaming and wishing to be with James since she was 10 now that she is 18 Katie is ready. to tell him how she feels. Does James feel the same way ? What would Kendall think? But in the end Dreams Do Come True


10. Leaving Everything On The Table

Katie 's P.O.V. **************** We will leave you three to hash it out. They said as Carlos and Logan left us. It was just Kendall, James, and me. The tension between us is so thick you can cut it with a knife. So how this happen Katie ? Kendall asked me. It happened about 4 months ago. I replied. So you kept this secret for about 4 months from me... why? he asked in bewilderment. We we're both afraid of your reaction so we decided we date secretly? James this time answered Kendall. That is the most stupidest solutions you came up with Kendall stated as he rolled his eyes at us. Hey!!! I said as a put my hand on my hips. It is the greatest idea I have made I said back. What that there is a 50/50 chance that everything goes okay and I won't get mad... and the other 50% it might goes bad. Kendall retorted at me. Thank God it didn't... we are more in love then ever. James retorted back at Kendall as he wrapped his arms around me. Kendall saw that movement and huffed ,then started to pace back and forth in the livingroom. How 'bout this do you know it 99.999% that it will affect the band either way. Kendall stated to us. No!!! I said back You see this is BAD!! he agreed No...no I'm not agreeing with you about James and I relationship. I corrected him. You can't be serious! he whined as he face palmed. You are damn right we are serious about us. Besides, the band is not affected Carlos and Logan new that Katie and I are in love with each others... - They help us confront each other about our feeling Well Camille... but only one whom seem affected in a bad way is you and only you. I said interrupting James as he gave me a reassuring squeeze. My mind right now is discombobulated about everything that has been going down. Kendall sighed as he leaned against the wall. Babe, you have to shower and get dress for the recording studio. I told James. He looked between me and Kendall. Are you sure you'll be alright? James asked. Yes I'll be fine... I know how to handle my jerk of a brother. I reassured James. Hey!!! I'm still in the room .Kendall said loudly making his presence known. We both looked at him and James rolled his eyes and shaked his head. James leaned down and quickly gave me a peck on the lips as he headed towards the bathroom. Really, you trying to make me sick Kendall said disgusted. I just walk over to him and punch him in the shoulder hard. Owwwwwwwww....Katie... geeze!!! Kendall said touching his left shoulder. That for barging into my room without knocking first. I hit him again harder than before. Ouch!!! he answered back. That's for giving my boyfriend a bloody lip.I yelled at Kendall. Geezus... Katie, I'm going to be black and blue. he replied as he rubbed his left shoulder. Good... take it as a lesson learn. I said back as I turned around and sat on the stool facing Kendall. I'm just looking out for you. He replied. I'm a grown ass woman I can take care of myself I said matter -of-fact. I know but your still my baby sister he mumbled. I know I replied but you have to let me find out on my own, let me make my own mistakes. I told him. He took a deep breath and let it out in a rush. Then, sighed I think about it... I don't know... Katie seriously James. Kendall cried out to me. I just chuckled James is the best and beautiful mistake I ever made.... #2: Stop your pitiful whining it doesn't look good on you I said giggling. Then, I heard James came out of the bathroom wearing his robed. Hey bathroom free James said to me Thanks Babe as I got up and went to the bathroom. Leaving Kendall and James alone.
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