Dreams Do Come True (A Jatie Love Story)

This is a James and Katie fan fiction. Katie is always dreaming and wishing to be with James since she was 10 now that she is 18 Katie is ready. to tell him how she feels. Does James feel the same way ? What would Kendall think? But in the end Dreams Do Come True


8. Finally Taken it To The Next Level

Katie's P.O.V. ************ ~ Chez Mazarin's ~ I can't believe it is been 4 months already. I said unbelieving. Well believe it sweetheart it's our 4 month anniversary... we are celebrating it in style. James happily said as he reach for my hand and brought it to his lips. I never know that Mr. James Dylan Diamond has a romantic bone in his body. I said in wonderment. Gee, don't sound so shock baby he said sarcastically he chuckled. Are you sure this is too much... - Hey honey there's nothing to much for my girl he interjected assuringly. I just smiled and blushed as I finished off my chicken alfredo. There is one thing I like to talk about he asked me. Fire away cowboy I smiled and winked at him. He just blushed and chuckled. We need to tell Kendall the truth about us. he said in a serious tone. As I reached for both of his hands and gave a reassuring squeeze. Yeah... I know I have been thinking about that for a while now. I agreed with him. Really?... - he questioned me. Yes really. I reassured him. So when is the best time to tell him? he asked as his thumbs move softly across my hands. As I pondered that question for a moment. Tomorrow... Wednesday I mean I replied. Wednesday... why he asked in bewildered as he took a sip of his water. Did you forget sugar lips... you have to go to the recording studio to put down some tracks on your new album with the boys I said. Oh Yes that's right... I totally forgot about it he mentally kicked himself and face palmed. I just giggled he is so sexy when he does that. We don't want him mad at the recording studio as I finished off my wine. Yeah your right he agreed with me. As we sat in comfortable silence for a moment. I just sat there stealing glances at James until he caught me. A slow smile crept across his face. I just blushed and looked down at my hands. What's on your mind? he question me. Nothing I just said No it is something important... so tell me he coaxing me to spilled as he took a drink of his wine. I want you to make love to me I blurted out. Which cause James to choked and spit up his wine. Omigosh baby... are you okay? I asked worried. As he grabbed for his dinner napkin and brought it up to his mouth to silence his coughing fits as he nodded. Here drink some of my water I said handed it to him. As he quickly reach for it and gulped it down. It seems to silence his cough for a bit. Could you repeat that he questioned me again. I just looked into his hazel eyes. I want you to make love to me... I want you to be my first James. I repeated myself. He started to breathed raggedy. I know his adrenaline is pumping. Katie... are you sure? he asked me in a serious tone. James... you love me so much that I love you just the same...these past 4 months I learn something new about you. I honestly said to him as I grabbed his right hand. Really, what is he asked in wonderment he took a drink of his water. Well your sweet and thoughtful, smart, you have a beautiful heart inside and out, and I could go on and on. I replied to him. James has a smugged look on face. Well that's a given he agreed with me. Yes, and it also the way you make me feel so special when I'm with you... everytime you look at me it seems that I'm the only one for you... - You are the one for me he interjected as he reassured me. Yes I know babe... and your very patience with me. which made me love you even more... that when I made my decision I want to take this relationship to the next level. I said reassuringly as I squeezed his hand. He was silent for a moment... then he smiled at me. Then he raised his hand to the waiter. Check please he said to the waiter. As the waiter brung our check as he opened the book and place a 100 dollar bill. James... please say something I asked worried as he gently move back my chair as I stood up. He took my hand and left the restaurant. Jamie I asked in a mere whispered. As he stopped and turned around facing me and reached out grabbed me by the back of my neck and kissed me roughly as I eagerly kissed him back in equal manner. As our tongue duel for dominance for several moments. Then, we need time get some air. When James broked it and leaned his head against mine. We breathe each other in. Okay...let do this before I have you here in the parking lot and give the paparazzi something time talk about he suggested while wrapping his arms around me. Ohhhh!!!... kinky I whispered to him smiling. Minx he chuckled as he lead me to his car and opened the passenger side door I got in. He quickly walk around the other side and got in as he put the key into the ignition. We drove off nearly missed Kendall and Lucy by seconds. ******************************* Palm Woods Hotel As we arrived at the apartment I took off my shawl and draped it over the chair. I turned around to look at James. He was standing just checking me out. I smiled and reached my hand out to him. He met me half way and tooked it. He gazed into my eyes. Are you sure your ready for this... you know there's no going back he asking me even though he knows the answer to the question. Yes I'm sure I reassured him. As he leaned in capture my lips with his softly as our tongues duels this familiar dance. He moaned when I raked my nails through his hair. His lips left mine and travel down towards the spot underneath my ear Ahhhh... James I whimpered his name He just grunted turning him on even more. James... I whispered as I took off his jacket as it fell to the floor and rubbed my hand on his chest which I received a groan from him. As his lips traveled down from my neck to my chest. He reached around my back and pulled. down the zipper to my dress as it puddled around my ankles as I step out of it. He pushed me against the island which cause me whimpered. James I moaned as I fumbled with the buttons on his shirt. Then the he'll with it as I aggressively pulled his shirt apart as the buttons pop off hid shirt. Damn baby you really want some he said all smugged. You better believe it. I giggled. He helped me take off his shirt and quickly pulled flushed against him feeling his hardness. Is that your cell phone or you just happy to see me.I giggled. Extremely happy to see you He answered. I felt him grow even harder as my hips bucked against him Katie he said in a strangled moaned . Baby I said as tried to get his attention. He looked at me through heavy lidded eyes and tried to capture my lips with his. I quickly pulled back. Oh baby don't tease me he whimpered. I'm not... I giggled I want you to take me to bed I suggested as I reached down and undid his pants. He growled and attacked my lips as he picked me up bridal style and headed towards my room as we enter the bedroom he kicked shut my door and place me back down on my feet as I kicked off my heels while not breaking the kiss. I grinned at his lips and pulled him towards my bed. I pushed him down and straddled his lap. He groaned and grabbed my ass. Has anyone ever told you that you're sexy? Cuz you are. I try I said, laughing and smacking his hand away. He managed to flip us over. You are so beautiful he whispered. I just pulled him down for a kiss. He groaned against my lips,and kissed against my jaw line. Mmmmm... he kissed across my collarbone, causing me to shudder. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer, bucking my hips. He nearly yelped in pleasure. Shit... Katie... Shit... I furrowed my eye brows at him in response. What's wrong? That felt so good Katie, he replied, grinding his hips down into mine . Ahhhhh... James, I groaned, tossing my head back. You have to many clothes on he threw back a grin So do something about. I giggled in response. Challenge accepted as he reached around my back and unhooked my bra and tossed it on the floor. My top half exposed for his eyes as he stared down at me and hungrily licked his lips. I started to blush. As leaned down and suckled my right breast as he massage the other one. Ohh...James I yelped as I put more of me inside his mouth. He just looked up at me and threw me a grinned and went to my left breast and started suckling and massage the right one. Tossing my head side to side I moaned. As his lips traveled down my stomach and spending his time down there. My body started to shake and twist. Too much pleasure but it felt so good not to stop. When he reached my thong I felt his hot breath as looked up at me. Just do it I whimpered. He just smiled and hooked his fingers underneath the elastic band and tugged downward. As I lift my hips to help him take it off. I thank God that I had a Brazilian wax. As he caress me and played with my clitoris. I started to moaned and sobbed his name as a bucked my hips for more. He grinned slyly at me as he move is finger inside me. Omigosh... James I sobbed even though it hurt a little he didn't went all the way in though as I raised my hips to meet his finger thrust Which that move made him insert a second finger. Oh Baby... right there that's my spot. I whimpered. As he inserted a third finger as he started thrusting hard hitting my g- spot. Jaammmees... I moaned out. Does that feel good. he asked me. Yes... I felt myself coming soon and that is when he stop and pulled his fingers out. I groaned want it back inside me. Patience sweetheart he said. As he got up off of me and pulled his boxer short off. Omigosh... James I said as I looked at him from head to toe and back at his erected penis. What's the matter? he asked as taked out his wallet a condoms as he put on my Knight stand and tear opened the other one with his teeth. I was a little taken back...as he sheath himself. You are so huge I said truthfully. He just chuckled at me. Really how many inches are you? or you sure you can fit inside me? I started to rambled as he laid back on top of me and capture my lips with a kiss. Our tongue duels with each others as the question dissipate to the back of my mind. He broke the kiss when I started to moan. He braced his arms next to the side of my head. Do you love me? he whispered to me. Yes I replied as I breath heavily Do you trust me? he said in a mere whispered. Yes I answered as gaze into eyes Believe when I say your body can take a 11½ inch cock. You'll be sore but you'll be singing my praises. he grinned and winked at me. I don't understand ... I thought that I'm already doing it. I asked honestly. He grinned and gave me a quick kiss I'm just getting started. he promised me as he kissed me again. He grinded his hips back down into mine once more. I bucked against him again which made him groaned out. His hand roamed all over my body and so was I. Then his hand started to travel as he ground his hips into mine while simultaneously pressing even harder into my clitoris. James!! I cried out as I rolled my hips against his. James pressed his fingers deep against me while grinding into my hips. James!! I cried,breaking the kiss Hmmmm? Please! Please what? Make me yours I said truthfully He growled at me. Okay. as he wrapped my legs around his waist. Okay did is the hard part he told me. I giggled I thought you already did. Minx he whimpered. This is going to suck I told him again. Yes probably, He agreed. Again you never know. you might actually enjoy it after the initial pain is over anyway. he added. Okay she said He aimed his hips,and directed himself into my entrance, moving just inside. James. I whimpered Are you Okay? No,but just do it quickly . Okay he agreed, and kissed my forehead, before steadily moving in. He continued to move in me, until I felt the very tip brush up against my wall. He was there. Once he pressed forward, I would officially no longer a virgin, by most standards. I'm there he kissed my shoulder. Are you OK? Okay as I can be,I said with a strained smile. He pushed forward until I felt my hymen break. I yelped and sunk my nails into his back. James, I whimpered as I started to cry on his shoulder. He clutched me tightly. It's okay, he whispered. It's okay... I won't move... I'm here... I've got you. he said to me. It hurts I sniffled I know, he murmured, trying to stroke my hair. It will pass...Just relax, breathe...Katie... breathe...Just hold on to me. he reassured me. I started to relaxed. Sorry, I think you can move now. I know this has to be hard for you. No pun intended!! .I said quickly. He had to grin at that one. Don't worry about it,and even so,that was very punny since the last one before. I flexed my muscles and grinned back How's that?. He groaned at the sensation around his cock. Oh Katie that was amazing. He gently began to move out, then slide back in,getting a slow rhythm going. My face scrunched up. Mmm. Is that a good moan or a bad moan? he asked worriedly, immediately pausing what he was doing. It is not exactly bad,it just - It hurts. Is it okay to move again he asked me. Mhm. I winced a little when he moved. Are you okay he asked alarmed. Ooh, Yeah... ummm... just... it's not...exactly... comfortable... I said truthfully. Do you want me stop? I shook my head and let out a breath. No it's okay. Are you sure I can move he asked me. Yeah I'm sure. Your 're going to have to move at some point. He know it was true. He could feel the pressure building All right he agreed reluctantly, and slowly pulled out and pushed back in. I close my eyes and whimpered softly. He immediately froze. I opened my eyes. Seriously? Seriously what? Are you going to stop everytime? I understand that. I smiled reassuringly. It's going to hurt this time though. There's nothing you can do to change that. He sighed and kissed me softly. I'll be gentle he told me. Okay.I said before kissing him again. He pulled out, keeping his pace delibrate and slow, then gently pushed back in. My nails dug into my shoulders as I squeezed my eyes shut with pain. He kissed me again, and continued to move in out, picking up the pace gradually. He groaned. I looked at him Are you okay? I asked him. He blushed. Yeah I'm good. Awww, your blushing! He blushed even more. I am not! Yes you are I giggled and moaned out. Ummmm... Well,it's hot in here, he said defensively. Yeah, I grinned. It's real hot in here. It is he cried. My grin widened. I know. I was talking about the actual heat... although... Although what? I whimpered He grinned back. Between the two of us, I think we add about twenty degrees to the temperature. I blushed. He smiled in success and continued to pump in and out of me,still being extra careful. Oh god your so huge. I panted. He blushed even deeper. What? I prodded N-nothing. It is kind of hot... when you talk like that, he mumbled out. Dooley noted I said as I groaned as he kept hitting my spot. I smiled at him and looked down. I turned red and quickly looked back up. He tried to keep from smiling, but it was hard for him... know that fact that I'm being cute. He looked down knowing what he's going to see. Still, it was pretty surreal to see our bodies connected like that... it is kind of... you know... erotic. He looked back up at me and I was still blushing. He continued keeping the pace as I moaned, whimpered, panted, and sobbed, encouraging him not to stop. God you are sooo tight... you feel good around my dick. He licked around along my ear lobe . You will feel soon good you won't believe it. I can do things you can't even imagine. he promised me. I raised my hips to meet his thrust as we both groaned from the new sensation. He kissed me down my jaw.And you are so wet down there. Oooh, I moaned as I tossed my head to the side. He kissed along side of my neck. I love being inside you he murmured I can't believe how good you feel. he told me. I moaned again and arched into him.J-james I stuttered You're stuttering. he commented mildly, licking across the path he just kissed I gasped again, bucking my hips while I looked at him wide eyed. Oh Katie get groaned. I tightened my grip and bucking my hips again, moaning as he started to thrust harder. Uhhhh... Hmmmm...he replied James I moaned. Ahhhh... Fuck... Katie he groaned. I whimpered and pulled him into a kiss Mmmmm ....he moaned into the kiss. Your... so...amazing he punctuate each words with his thrust. I just moaned and my muscle clenched again. He groaned as his muscle spasm slightly. I love you. he said I love you too James I panted As he pistoned his harder making the bed loudly creaking. James baby don't stop I'm so close.... Ahhhhh. I whimpered. Hmmmmm.... Ahhhhh... sh-shit... Mmmmm ....Unhhhh... Unhhhh. he moaned and grunted. Come for me he whispered in my ear as he play with my clit. Oh my Gawd.... Jjjaaaammmmess!!!! I came so hard squeezing and milking his dick. As he kept thrusting prolonging my orgasm. It took him seven thrust and he came harder than me Ohhhh... Kkkaaaatttiiieee!!!! he shouted. Which cause me to orgasm again Jjjaaammes!!! I shouted back. As he still kept on thrusting until we came down from our high he collapsed on top of me. We fought to breathe as I relished of my feel of him. He weakly lifted his head and I kissed his sweaty forehead and the we quickly kissed. He gently pulled out of me and rolled off me as I quickly cuddle with.He wrapped his arms around me. That was amazing I said breathlessly. Thanks he chuckled slightly. How was I?I asked him You are amazing... perfect even. I just smiled and laid my head on his naked chest. I love you James I said affectionately. I love you too he reciprocated. As we fell asleep in each other arms. ******************************* that is it for this chapter the next chapter would still be the finally taking to the next level chapter but in James point of view after they finished making love maybe while the finish round 2 . How do you like it so far my first book and all please comment
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