Dreams Do Come True (A Jatie Love Story)

This is a James and Katie fan fiction. Katie is always dreaming and wishing to be with James since she was 10 now that she is 18 Katie is ready. to tell him how she feels. Does James feel the same way ? What would Kendall think? But in the end Dreams Do Come True


13. Back At One

James P.O.V. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We done finishing recording for our album for the day and we are set to leave. Gustavo came busting in with Kelly trailing behind him. Dogs before you leave next week I'll be calling you separately for singing a solo song or duet it is your choice he told us in always yelling tone. Gee Gustavo could you just lower your voice... we are here in good distance... you don't have to shout Kendall stated as he put his finger in his ear to stop the ringing. Okay fellas you are dismissed Kelly quickly jumped in cutting off what Gustavo would say. As Logan, Carlos,and Kendall got up to leave. Carlos looked back at me to see me heading towards the piano. Hey are you coming? he said Ahhhh... No you guys go ahead I'll catch up later I replied as I start playing with the piano keys. Just give Kendall some time he would eventually Come around. he stated. Really... because all day I felt ice cold from him. I scoffed as I stop playing. Listen to me he can't stay mad at you forever... you knew each other since kindergarten... you been through bigger obstacles than this. He stated matter-of-factly. Yeah, you're right I agreed with Carlos . I'll see you later man. as he patted on my back and ran out the door. I just shooked my head and started to play Beethoven. I was so into the music I didn't heard anyone come in as I felt someone hands covered my eyes and the smell of jasmine. My whole body tensed up as the person leaned and whisper against my right ear. Guess who the person said seductively as the person kissed my neck and traveled up and sucked on my earlobe. As I smile at the familiarity of the voice as I moaned Katie. She giggled as I gently took her hands that covering my eyes and kissed each of her hand. As she rested her arms around my waist and sat next to me. So how are you holding up? she asked me. I'm alive if that what your thinking I replied. And you I asked back. Couldn't stop thinking about you she answered honestly. Me too I agreed I quickly stole a kiss from her lips . As she smiled. Then, I started thinking about Kendall she sighed. I know it's hard on you... and don't like your brother being angry with you... heck I don't like as well. I stated as I rubbed her thigh. I know you do...but Kendall has to see that you James make me happy and more in love with you every waking moments. she said to as she captured my lips in a heated kiss as our tongue duel for several moments. I moaned against her lips as I broke the kiss. We have to stop before we get caught. I warned her. Okay she whimpered sadly. I was wondering if you like to sing a duet with me he asked me. Katie was taken aback with my question. Rrr-really she replied timidly. Yes... I'm serious. I heard you sing before and you sound amazing and I'm not saying because I'm your boyfriend. I honestly stated the facts. She playfully pondered the question I had asked her. Then a small smile played on her lips. I'll take that notion is a Yes. I smile at her. Yes I'll sing a duet with you she agreed. As I did a fist pump as I celebrate. She just shook her head and asked me What am I going to do with you? I know your going to kiss me I answered smugly. Katie just giggled and grabbed my face and capture my lips her's and I kissed her back happily. So are you ready to go? she asked me breaking the kiss. Not quite... because I have something I like to do for you I suggested Really... what is it? she questioned I want to sing to you I answered You're going to serenade to me... how romantic as she quickly peck my lips and sat in the chair at the side of the piano facing me. As I started to play the piano It's undeniable... that we should be together...It's unbelievable how I used to say that I'd fall neverThe basis is need to know, if you don't know just how I feel,Then let me show you now that I'm for real...If all things in time, time will reveal... Yeah...One... you're like a dream come true...Two... just wanna be with you...Three... girl it's plain to see... that your the only one for me...Four... repeat steps one through three...Five... make you fall in love with me...If ever I believe my work is done... then I start Back at One (yeah)So Incredible... the way things work themselves out...And all emotional, once you know what it's all about babe...And undesirable... for us to be apart...Never would of made it very far...Cause you know that you've got the keys to my heart Cause...One... you're like a dream come true Two... just wanna be with you Three... girl it's plain to see... that your the only one for meFour.. .repeat steps one through threeFive... make you fall in love with meIf ever I believe my work is done... then I start Back at One...... Say farewell to the dark of night... I see the coming of the sun...I feel like a little child... whose life has just begun...You came and breathed new life Into this lonely heart of mine...You threw out the life line... just in the Nick of Time..... One... you're like a dream come true Two... just wanna be with you Three... girl it's plain to see... that your the only one for me... girl and...Four... repeat steps one through three Five... make you fall in love with meIf ever I believe my work is done... then I start Back at One. When I was done Katie has tears in her eyes as she got up and walked over to me and kiss me. That was beautiful she complimented me. Thanks I said as I kissed her again I met the words I sang to you. I said to her. I Love You, Jamie I Love You too, Katie Come on lets' get out of here. I said Yeah lets go she agreed as we got up to leave. We turned around to see Kendall standing there. I hope you like this chapter Please vote ,comment and follow. Back At One Lyrics Brian McKnight
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