Hiding (Sequel to "Followed")

Sherlock mistreated Iris enough to make her turn to the side of his enemy, Jim Moriarty. She falls in love with him, only to be betrayed. Sherlock hears of the news and comes to save the day. Iris thought that Sherlock left her forever, could she be wrong?


1. A Relationship Not Meant to Last

        Three months after the incident with Irene Adler, or The Woman as she is called by Sherlock, I noticed a change in how I was treated by Sherlock. He did not watch me leave the flat or even enter the room. He would just stare past me. John knew how I felt. He offered that I stay with him and Mary at their house. I refused.

        "I already have my stuff settled here," I told John as he exitted the flat. I recieved a text from a random number, and answered it as I watched John leave.

Meet me at the park


I had no idea how to respond to the text, but I still answered it.

Be there soon


        I could not believe that I was going to meet a random stranger. I gathered my coat and sweater and headed out the door. I hailed a cab and told the cabbie my destination. I got out of the cab and checked my phone. I had an unopened text from the same unknown number.

Are you here yet? I have a surprise for you.


        I walked to a bench that had a man sitting on it. I sat down and acted as if the person wasn't there. The man turned and faced me.

        "Iris, I'm Jim," he said, his face was soft and sweet looking. I gasped as I asked how he knew who I was."I have eyes all over the city. I know who you are and who you live with. You live with the man that I want to burn. Do you know who you live with?" he asked, awaiting my responce,"No you don't. Yes, you do live with Sherlock, but do you know who he actually is? He is mine, mine to burn," I was interupted by Jim. I looked in his eyes. Could he have been lying? I wanted to stay with him, because I felt a shock of energy flow through my bones when he grabbed my hand and helped me up. He guided me across the park and pulled me closer. We reached the lake at the far end of the park. He had a picnic set up for the two of us. He helped me sit on the blanket set out on the ground. He sat next to me and pulled out a bottle of white wine. He looked around and grabbed me by the waist. I was pulled closer to him and he held me in a tight embrace, starting to look at me. His eyes flicked from my eyes to my lips. He place his hands around my cheeks and met me half way for a kiss. The kiss felt so passionate, so beautiful. 

        Then, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see that Sherlock was sitting beside me. He looked at me with eyes asking who I was kissing. I shook my head in responce. I turned to Jim, who looked away and tried to hide his face. Jim stood up, grabbed my hand, and pulled me into a run. We ran from Sherlock Holmes.

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