The vampire experiments *Competition version*

Logan is half human and half vampire making him an outcast in both societies. He is part of the vampire investigation team who are discovering terrible crimes which show ghastly experiments on both human and vampire. As more is discovered, the deeper the rabbit hole becomes, and Logan is starting to realise that the stakes are much higher than he first thought...


2. Chapter two

“Why do you take so long to come back from the dead? I have been waiting for over half an hour,” Brent moaned.

  He was sat in the transport vehicle on the bench that lined the van’s side. Logan was laid in the middle.

   “Fuck you,” Logan replied.

   “Wonderful first words when re-joining the land of the living.”

   Brent got up and hopped out of the vehicle, Logan followed a few seconds later. The vampire took off in the opposite direction at vampire speed and disappeared without a single look back at Logan.  

   Logan simply went in the other direction stumbling right and left like a drunk, his senses going haywire from blood loss and vampire venom as he headed towards his flat. That sat on the outskirts of a huge compound where the vampires lived. It was like a small town specially made for vampires. The closer to the centre you lived the more important you were to the vampire society and vice versa. He weaved through small streets between the plain block buildings. It was still night-time, therefore vampires were going about their usually business like any human in the daytime. Although some went out into the human world to grab a meal. Being one of the only occupants with a pulse and being so helpless caused unwanted attention from various vampires; who soon recoiled from him in disgust once they realised he was the hybrid.

   Eventually he arrived at the brown wooden door of his flat, he spent a further ten minutes brushing the silver key against the lock before finally slotting it in.

   He shivered. The apartment was freezing cold as no heating was ever fitted. Logan stood there for a moment thinking something was wrong and it dawned on him. The lights was on in the kitchen but he hadn’t been home all night. He managed to hear movement coming from the kitchen which confirmed there was an intruder.

   “Who’s there?” Logan called.

   A figure appeared in the kitchen doorway blocking some of the light. A blood-bag was held in one hand, she took the tube from her lips.

   “It’s just me, baby, did I scare you?”

   Logan smiled at her. “Not at all Ruby.”

  He stood there, admiring his girlfriend. Her curvy figure, her big, curly, brown hair with a hint of deep red undertones, warm chocolate coloured eyes, his gaze went to her full blood red lips that parted slightly, opening and closing until Logan realise they were shaping words.

   "Are you high Logan?" She demanded again.

   Logan was taken by surprise and stuttered a response. "N-no, no, nope, no way baby." She was suddenly beside him.

   "I can smell venom," Ruby said, taking his wrist and exposing the scarred skin. "You have been bitten, who by?" She asked in a softer tone, stroking the scar.

   "A girl."

   Ruby stopped stroking it and dropped his wrist.

   "A girl?" She said and added "what does this girl look like?"

   "She was blond."

   Ruby grinned sarcastically. "I'm guessing she was pretty too."

   Logan looked at her strangely. "No just some scrawny girl, are you jealous?"

   Ruby shook her head. "Of course not, you going out and coming back with a bite on your wrist from a strange woman, what do you think!" She turned away from him hugging herself.

   "Ruby, look at me," Logan said calmly, taking her into his arms. She tried to pull away but instantly crumpled into his arms. "I was with the investigation team, you knew that, I had to give a newborn vampire my blood. Brent wouldn't get a blood bag being the idiot he is, so I had to give up my blood." He holds her close, breathing in the scent of flowery perfume and sickly sweet blood. "What happened today Ruby? You’re very insecure.”

  Ruby wiped away the tears that had started to stream down her face.

  “Andrea,” she said, and sobbed even more.

  “That cow being up her own arse again, let’s sit down,” Logan said. They sat down on the couch and she rested her head against his chest. Wetting his shirt with ice cold tears, he whispered soothing words in her ear.

  “Forget what she says, we love each other and that is all that matters in the world.”

  “She said not only is it weird and unnatural to be in a relationship with a hybrid, but the fact that I am so much older than you.” Ruby looked at him sadly.

   “You look my age, I would hardly think you were old,” Logan replied.

   “I do not mean in my appearance, you know that, I mean in my mind, my soul. I am scared I am holding you back”

   “I don’t care about that, I love you for your mind, soul and everything that is you Ruby, and I wouldn’t trade you for anything. You are not holding me back,” he said all this with certainty.

   She moves closer to him, feeling the heat of his skin, the muscles under his shirt, and listened to the hypnotic beat of his heart.

   “I love you too, and I have been talking so much about my own problems and insecurities I forgot to ask you how your day was,” she said.  

   “I died today.”

   “Oh my.”

   “Yeah I was dead for over half an hour, I think I was drained of a little too much blood, do we have any blood bags in the fridge?”

   “No I had the last one we have some human food if you want that.”

   “I’m okay we’ll get some in the morning,” Logan yawned.

   “You are tired and thirsty, a little stressed too I think I haven’t helped,” Ruby said, she got up and moved to the other side of the couch. “Rest your head on my lap.” He did as she said. Ruby stroked his soft hair, studying his rough but beautiful features and the deep blue eyes gazing into her own. “Do you want a drink?” She asks showing her wrist.

   “Are you sure?”

   “I wouldn’t ask otherwise.” She giggles and places her pale wrist near his mouth. His fangs grew and he bit into her wrist, he drank the delicious, addictive blood feeling it set a fire in his veins. He pulled her arm closer, he breathed heavily through his nose, he couldn’t stop himself, vampire blood was all that existed, and he needed it.  Ruby carefully pried her wrist away, a smile played on her lips as she looked upon Logan who was smiling widely, his glorious fangs showing. His eyes seemed bigger and full of passion and hunger. Ruby leaned over and kissed him, tasting her blood on his lips, feeling the heat of passion light up in her own dead heart. 

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