The vampire experiments *Competition version*

Logan is half human and half vampire making him an outcast in both societies. He is part of the vampire investigation team who are discovering terrible crimes which show ghastly experiments on both human and vampire. As more is discovered, the deeper the rabbit hole becomes, and Logan is starting to realise that the stakes are much higher than he first thought...


3. chapter three

Logan woke up to the loud knocking at his door. He groaned and felt Ruby move away from him to get up.

   “Leave it Ruby, I’m sure it’s nothing important stay in bed with me,” he said, tapping the space beside him.  He fully opened his eyes and saw she was mostly dressed.

   “I cannot stay Logan, I work at the hospital remember,” Ruby said, as she tied her hair up.

   The knocking became more insistent.

   “You’re taking your time, you wanna stay with me,” Logan said teasingly. He grabbed her hand, pulling her towards him and kissing her full on the lips. They parted and she disappeared. He heard the door being open.

   “Is Logan here?” the arrogant voice of Brent rang out.

   “Oh no, bloody Brent,” Logan thought, and pulled himself up from the bed and grabbed some clothes.

   “He is resting, no thanks to you,” Ruby said, scowling and folding her arms across her chest. She felt Logan wrap his arms around her waist, the heat of his body. Her scowl slipped as her mouth curled up into a smile.

   “You’re needed,” Brent said sharply. He was glaring at the display of affection. “We have important business concerning the Troy case.”

   Logan was too busy nuzzling Ruby’s neck making her giggle. He stopped to glance up at the vampire whose eyes were almost popping out of his head in anger.

   “And jealously,” he thought smirking. “I guess I could cope with this important business but the nurse here needs to do one last check,” he said, and kissed Ruby fiercely before letting her go.

   “Have a good day baby,” Ruby said softly, turning to Brent she said “If there is a repeat of yesterday’s event I will rip your tongue out.”

   Brent seethed with anger but kept his mouth shut as they watch her go.

   “She means it too you know” Logan added. Brent simply shoved him into the flat and growled.

   “Get ready mutt.”



They drove to the one of the main buildings in the middle of the vampire compound, the big, ugly building that had barb wire wrapped around the top like ribbon.

   A guard greeted them, a tall woman who was looked terrifying and her eyes monitored your every movement. Clearly someone you didn’t want to get on the wrong side of.

   Logan tried to smile politely but she simply ignored him. She walked into the building with Logan and Brent tailing behind. The two vampires shared that annoyed look of why can’t we do vampire speed? Oh wait the half-blood can’t keep up. Logan did want to be as fast as the vampires but having humanity had its limits.

   They went down the hallway that was plain and painted a harsh grey. There was a lift and they bundled into it.  It reminded Logan of those old-fashioned lifts as the wire gates were drawn across. It even had to be operated by hand to give it a juddering start downwards.

   Finally it clattered to a stop at the basement level. The guard pulled open the door and someone was waiting outside in the corridor. Logan could see the dark suit, the smell of leftover blood particles on the material, a certain old perfume dyed permanently on fabric.

   “Wait I know that perfume,” Logan thought, and saw the familiar face with the scruffy beard watching him. A handkerchief was poking out of his breast pocket.

   “Hello father,” he said to the vampire. They were both a splitting image of each other with the dark brown hair and blue eyes.

   “Logan,” he said warmly, and in a second embraced his son.

   Logan felt a little uncomfortable, he did have a decent relationship with his father but when your father was a high-ranking vampire, head councillor becoming all emotional in front of Brent, well there will be no shortage of insults later.

   “I do miss you Logan, you should visit me more often and bring Ruby, how is she?” he asked eagerly in that let’s catch-up son tone.

   “High councillor Isaac Septson, I think there is important business we need to attend to like the Troy case,” Brent said with a hint of impatience and superiority although he had no authority. He even gestured to move forward.

    Isaac narrowed his eyes at him and said “I understand Brent the urgency of this business. I understand why it is important to you, however the girl is not talking any time soon.”

   Logan was alarmed by this and demanded “What do you mean the girl is not talking any time soon?” He grabbed Isaac’s arm tightly to get his attention.

   “She is alive if you are implying she is dead,” he replied, and removed Logan’s hand from his arm. He moved forward without any explanation down the hall.

    They came to a door with a mesh square so you could quickly observe who was in there, it was like an interrogation room and designed to make the person feel uncomfortable after a while in there. Logan knew how it felt having been in there a few times himself.

   “I think I should go in there myself,” Logan suggested.

   “No,” Brent said.

   “I don’t know about that,” Isaac added, peering into the room. The girl was sat in the chair still shaking but from stress this time.

   “Please let me go inside,” he pressed. “I am the one who saved her, gave her blood-“

   Brent laughed sarcastically, he ignored him.

   “You know this could work, all of us go in and she will clamp up I know it.”

   “Logan she cannot talk,” Isaac said.

   “Does that matter? She will write or something to communicate to one person and I think it should be me.” He watched his father frown the lines appearing between his eyebrows as he thought about the situation.

    “Perhaps it would be better,” Isaac muttered.

   “You can’t be serious?” Brent exclaimed. “Sending in a mutt.”

   “Watch your language,” Isaac said sharply, standing close to Brent who glared back at him. “Do not question my judgement or insult another vampire or hybrid or a fucking pixie at any point especially in my presence, do I make myself clear?”

   “Yes,” Brent grumbled.

   “Ten minutes on your own,” Isaac said to Logan, opening the door.

   Straight away the girl’s large eyes locked onto Logan with the familiar hungry look but her nose scrunched up when she could smell his vampire blood as well. She grabbed a near-empty blood-bag to stop herself pouncing, squeezing it tightly in frustration at her lack of control and disgust at herself.

   “Hello,” Logan greeted carefully, and he stayed by the door.  His heartbeat was paining her enough without going nearer to her. She dropped her eyes to the ground and he noticed markings on her neck like scorch marks. “I think you need another blood bag there, I’ll get you one.”

   He went over to the wall and pressed his hand upon it, a blast of heat radiated through his hand and he quickly removed it. A section of the wall protruded out with cold mist escaping it, hung in neat rows were blood bags. Without hesitation he got one and pushed it back into the wall. The girl had appeared beside her hand resting on the wall where the blood bags were, he saw her nails were long and sharp. Her eyes were drawn to the blood bag.

   “Here,” Logan said, holding it out to her. She grabbed it and ripped it open, drinking loudly. He rubbed his wrist remembering the feel of her fangs and his blood draining away.

   “The human blood tastes a lot better than mine doesn’t it?”

   She ignored him too busy drinking.

   “Please sit down and we can talk,” he said, and gently place a hand on her shoulder. She flinched then allowed him to guide her to the chair. It was more for his benefit than hers to sit down, his legs complained if he stood up for too long, another limitation of humanity.

   “I’m sure you remember me, I never got a chance to tell you my name Logan,” he said it politely trying to keep her calm.

   Still clenching the blood bag she wrote on a blood splattered sheet of paper. Maddy.

   “Good we know each other by name now, is this the first time you told someone your name?”

   She nodded and wrote I trust you.

   Logan smiled. “Good you should trust me, I want to help catch the son of a bitch who been doing all this and you can help me.”

   Maddy finished the blood bag and started to claw the table nervously, she had already made some progress.

   “I know it is hard to discuss this and it is quite distressing,” Logan said. “Tell me what happened to you, I can see someone has frozen your vocal cords, perhaps someone by the name of Troy?”

   She went very still at the mention of the name.

   “May I check your neck?” he asked.

   He waited for her to nod before he advanced. He saw the red streaks on her neck had appeared in the past day and were fresh. He was certain he didn’t see those markings before, some sort of witchcraft had been used on the girl. He moved away from her wary all of a sudden. Why was she left alive? Why did she survive when all the rest were killed? The girl who could not speak, probably does not know much and therefore would be taken into the heart of the compound.

   Logan began to laugh hysterically seeing the girl become terrified at this display of temporary insanity. How could he had been so stupid, the girl was key piece in the game, a way to get into the most secure location.

   Something pierced his ears as a screeching alarm sounded, he covered them as his eardrums throbbed in the pain. Maddy’s mouth was wide open in a silent scream having collapsed to the floor, rocking herself.

   Gunshots were heard in the distance.

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