The vampire experiments *Competition version*

Logan is half human and half vampire making him an outcast in both societies. He is part of the vampire investigation team who are discovering terrible crimes which show ghastly experiments on both human and vampire. As more is discovered, the deeper the rabbit hole becomes, and Logan is starting to realise that the stakes are much higher than he first thought...


1. chapter one

The metallic air of blood stung his nose but was strangely intoxicating to Logan who was enjoying the night sky. The stars could be seen twinkling in their millions instead of disappearing due to light pollution. He leaned against the cold warehouse wall and glanced over at the vampires, those stark white skin almost shone against the dark sky. The blond one saw him watching and snapped.

   “Quit staring mutt!”

   Logan bared his fangs but that caused the other vampires to sneer.

   “Aww look, he thinks he’s a real vampire, not some half-breed shit.”

   “At least I have my good looks and not have to compel people to like me, can’t say the same to you Brent” The insult hit the blond vampire’s vanity hard and he flew at Logan. He caught him by the throat and pulled it to the side. His fangs elongated and brushed against the skin lightly.

   “You half human, vampire thing! I can still drain your blood,” he snarled.

   “It will taste bitter compared to human blood,” Logan replied through clenched teeth.  

   “I know you hate it, it is painful for you like a human except you feel it with vampire senses. I will drain you so slowly and-”

   “Brent we can enter,” Another vampire Harley said in a fed-up tone, twirling a lock of her brown hair in between her fingers. Brent glanced up at her and nodded, he loosened his grip. Logan gasped for air and rubbed his throat in annoyance.  

   They entered the warehouse. It was fairly large with white plastic sheets that were hung all over the place, some falling down revealing charcoal forms welded to metal chairs. No doubt were these vampires subjected to the sun. There were others, who could be compared to paper bags of brittle bone with tubes dug into their wrists, and hooking them up to medical equipment. The floor was streaked with fresh and old human blood. Logan covered his mouth to avoid throwing up, not that the vampires had problems with their gag reflex. Although they all wore the same grim look.

   “Looks like a slaughter house just like the other ones,” Harley noted. “Reeks of our favourite vampire Troy’s experiments again.”

   “We are no closer to finding evidence of Troy being here, that will put him on a trial in front of the vampire council,” Brent said angrily, and kicked a piece of medical equipment across the room, it hit the wall and shattered loudly.

   “I wonder why,” Logan thought, rolling his eyes. He slipped to the back of the warehouse to investigate in a quieter area away from the all high and mighty group.


   It came from behind a blood-splattered plastic sheet. He paused and cautiously stepped forward. A shadow shifted behind it. Was it Troy or an accomplice of some kind?

   He drew the sheet back quickly and was startled to see a girl. No older than sixteen, covered in scratches and bite marks, she instantly bared newly formed fangs, but not to intimidate more in hunger. Her dirty blond hair hung over half of her face and was stiff with blood. She was crouched on the floor.

   Logan kneeled down and said softly “Hello little one.” She stared at him with big hazel eyes.

   “We have a live one,” he said loudly, and the other vampires appeared behind him. The girl retreated further away, hugging her knees to her chest and burying her face.

   “She is hungry,” Brent observed taking in the girl’s sickly, thin frame.

   “Well no shit Sherlock,” Logan muttered, and Brent glared at him.

   “Open up a vein mutt.”

   Logan was shocked by the suggestion and shook his head. “No, can’t you grab a blood bag or something? You know what it does to me,” he protested.

   The vampire’s mouth curled up slightly. “Open up a vein or I will open up one for you.”

   Logan scowled at him before pulling up his jacket sleeve. He drew the nail of his index finger across his wrist leaving a thin line of red blood. He turned to the girl, who was instantly next to him, staring at the blood hungrily.

   “Go on drink.”

    The girl needed no encouragement and seized his wrist. She bit into the soft flesh, he winced at the fangs sinking in. She began to drink, the sound of her gulping audible. Logan struggled to breathe and collapsed onto his side, the vampire venom had started to attack his system causing him to shake, all colour drained from his face, his heartbeat slowed to the point it was going into a similar state to cardiac arrest. He barely felt the vampires detach his wrist from the girl and dropping it. They talked soothingly to her, taking the girl into their arms in comfort and leading her away. They left him.

   Logan tried to get up but was paralysed. A few moments passed and he managed to grip his bleeding wrist, which was already closing up due to his healing abilities.  He stared at the assortment of stains on the wall in front of him, feeling his heart regain its old rhythm. Carefully he pushed himself up into a sitting position and noticed Harley watching him.

   “I see you didn’t want to help,” Logan said icily.

   “You seem to be handling the situation fine by yourself,” she replied, crossing her hands over her chest.

   “Well I don’t need your help anyway!” he growled, standing up quickly, rather too quickly. For a white hot explosion blazed across his eyes, his heart ceased to beat, he fell into Harley’s outstretched arms that caught his dead body.

   She pushed his head up and looked into his glazed eyes that held no glimmer of light in them.

   “Logan’s dead,” Harley shouted, and Brent appeared beside her.

   “Again?” he sighed.

   She nodded. He carefully took the temporarily dead Logan from her, and back to the transport vehicle.


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